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Barcelona: its historical street scene

The Krak team is exploring the world (whaat? yep we’re working hard to build some cool stuff for all of us!).

Our very first 2015 stop: BARCELONA!

The best street scene worldwide? Sounds like it! It’s only been couple of days and we’re like kids tracking their old idols, jumping around when we coincidentally encounter a legendary spot. It’s so inspiring to be here. So many peeps skateboarding everywhere, rails, gaps, ledges every 10 meters, WOW! We’re already on dozens of ideas to make you smile, stay tuned amigos!

And as usual we’re dying to hear your thoughts! What’s your fav skate spot here?



Limited collector T-shirt / Santa Monica Triple Set

You’ve been waiting for it? We’ve been too!! We’re excited to introduce you to our very first, limited edition, Krak t-shirt, branded in L.A.! Hurry up, you just have 3 weeks!

Capture d’écran 2015-01-20 à 12.08.17

This design takes inspiration from one of the most iconic skate spot in Los Angeles. Remember having voted for your favorite? On Dec 14th, YOUR #1 was Santa Monica Triple Set!!

100% made in Los Angeles

designed & manufactured! –

Soft & resistant material, perfect for your skateboarding sesh (we’ve tried it on & it’s our favorite by far!)
American Apparel designs: boys (triblend) & chicks (tank).
25 USD each + delivery

This campaign starts today and will be running during 3 weeks only.
Limited edition.

How to get your L.A. tee?

  • Paypal / Credit Card >> Online
  • Cash >> Meet-the-Krak-team! Come for a high five, here is our schedule:
    • Los Angeles: from Thursday 18th December to Sunday 21st December. Call/sms/whatsapp: 310.382.6865
    • Lyon: from Wednesday 24th December to Thursday 8th January. Call/sms/whatsapp: stay tuned!
    • Paris: from Monday 5th January to Thursday 8th January. Call/sms/whatsapp: stay tuned!

Any question, contact Mathilde at:

 Merry Xmas everybody and keep on pushin’!!!



What’s your favorite skate spot in L.A.?

We are curious. Who said too much?! We’re dying to hear about your opinion on that easy, simple, straight-to-the-point question: “what is for you the best skate spot in Los Angeles”? The most iconic, legendary, emblematic skate symbol of L.A. The one that made & makes L.A. the mecca of skateboarding. Well, you get the point.

We’ve introduced some of them but this is an open list where you can happily bring up yours! In fact, we really much encourage that.

Because we love suspense and because we love surprises even more, we’ll be preparing you something rad for Xmas… On December 14th, midnight PST, we shall pick up the top of the list…

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