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Event, The Roll In

The Roll In #2 @ Balargue

Last friday was the  second edition of our video event “The Roll In” at Balargue skateshop.

This time the event was focused on showing the younger generation classic videos. The Baker Bootleg was a good choice, since the Baker 4 premiered recently.

After the screening, we picked out the lucky winners after a good old classic lucky draw in a beanie, and we even threw a few prizes away.

Thanks for coming!

Join the club to see what is happening skate-wise in your city.






“Encore” by Primitive skateboards

Primitive skateboards just got its new 46 minute long video out, straight to YouTube.

Most of the pro and amateurs have a full part, but the video also showcases new talents like Spencer Hamilton, who was recently added to the squad and Giovanni Vianna, with a full part to introduce him as the new Primitive rank.

The video ends on a high note with a part of the brazilian skater Tiago Lemos, who decided that he would pop higher and slide longer than anybody else right now.

Enjoy, and if the weather allows it, go skate!


Cosanostra skatepark birthday


The Cosanostra skatepark is celebrating 20 years of indoor skatepark, crazy sessions, art exhbitions, contest and much more…

Come celebrate with them on Saturday the 23rd of November, and enjoy a free session, some food and drinks, concerts…

Happy birthday Cosanostra skatepark, and to many more years of supporting parisian skateboarding!


Boof – A british vision of Paris

The british filmer and traveller James “DJ” Davidson went to Paris for a couple of days earlier this year. With his mighty VX1000 in his hands, and a crew composed of parisians and british friends, he managed to put out 5 minutes of good skateboarding around the capital. Five minutes in five days, that is  a good ratio if you ask me! So here is Boof (a reference to Boom?), a british vision of Paris.

Here is a list of a few spot shown in the video, available on the Krak map ( Available on our app ) :


       📍Léo Frankel

📍 Jussieu

📍 Creteil pyramids


📍 Quai de la gare



Session, Spot

Krak Session – Street Trash DIY

Lost in the middle of the woods in the (quite far) southern Paris, Street Trash is well knowned DIY spot, which location is still kept (fairly) secret by its creators. We got the chance to skate it with them, and it is definetly a harsh spot: rad transition, crusty concrete and pool coping!


Here is a few photo of locals. Go out there and pour some concrete!


Skate at your own risk!


BS hurricane – Guillaume Guénée


Special set up for a special spot!

    Local boss at home



Event, Spot

Krak report – Cosalloween

Like every year on Halloween, the Cosanostra opens its door for a night session. This year the skaters even got the chance to celebrate in the new pool built for the VPS a few month ago, thanks to rather cold but dry weather.

Enjoy the video report and join us to keep tuned about skate events in your town!


Strobeck’s Candyland

A Chadourne video last week, and now a 30 minute project by Strobeck straight to youtube?!

We are definetly spoiled with motivation before the beggining of winter, to say the least.

Enjoy 30 minute of classic Strobeck, with the now world-famous “head to toe” filming, for the opening of Supreme San Francisco.

Nice to see the tribute to Pablo Ramirez (P-spliff), a notorious GX1000 skater who died earlier this year and was already an SF local, and the new Supreme team member : Kader Sylla.