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Well. To be honest: no more words, we’re just proud to be live on Android. So just follow this link; and go out in the streets this weekend. Keep on pushin


Into the App – vol 3

We keep pushing the skateboarding experience. We received tons of feedback to make the app cleaner, to have less features, so that you can enjoy content faster. We heard you and today we’re proud to introduce our new interface!

Everything’s only one click away. We look forward to enjoying all your content. Keep on pushin’ folks.



Oh… and if you’re wondering what sandwich and burrito mean, update your app and give it a try. We’re always happy to engage the Krak family, so please feel free to send us any feedback. Cheers guys.


Exploring new cities

Every week we’re gonna highlight new features of the Krak app that may interest you for your skate sesh. This week, we focus on exploring new cities.

skate peeps

The thing about skateboarding is that it totally redefines the way you see a city, the way you travel. We all remember being new in town, looking for spots to ride and peeps to be with.

So how do you do to find amazing spots in a new city? Do you prefer to go to a skatepark to meet new people or to enjoy the street on your own?

With the Explore button, KRAK is offering you the possibility to see where the good spots are, with photos and videos uploaded directly by the Krak community.


We went to Paris the other day and this is impressive how the Krak community added so many great spots! And the sweet thing is that they are still so many ones coming! Barcelona would be no different, we’re mapping it right now!

PARIS spots

So now tell us, how do you explore cities? Even more important, how can we help you with the app?  You’re also more than welcome to email us, whatsapp us, snapchat. We’re serious man, say hi and come for a high five!

Share pictures of you discovering new cities & we will add them to this article!

Into the app – vol 2

Yo folks, you should have received a notification today. Something like this:


Yep it’s kinda party time, BIG update has been released. There are some cool perks inside but let’s focus here on a major change: the uploading process!

1st step hasn’t changed: you got a sick content you wanna show it so you click on that little (magic!) sign ‘+’ at the bottom of the screen and then on the camera icon, you choose your filter and => you’re at that page:

app screen upload


Here is the news: now you’re able to upload right away a content without a spot attached to it.

Which means that if you click on the ‘upload’ button BANG your video / pic is instantaneously right up in the air with no spot. Why’s that?

While some people love the fact to map their city and create some spots we’ve to admit that skateboarding is way way wilder than that. For ex. look at those next 2 pics. First one by Aldeanda; second one by Felix.

nowax  hand

Our question has been: does it make sense to attach a specific spot to them? It’s skateboarding related for sure which means it makes sense to have them in the app. But because it’s more artistic and/or general, you don’t necessarily want to attach a spot to them.

Our solution has been simple: let’s people choose. Now each time you wanna upload some content in the app, you have the choice: map it or not.

If you don’t care about the spot

It’s damn simple: you click on the ‘upload’ button and it’s up.

If you care about the spot

Click on the ‘map’ button and here you are:

2 ways now:
– if the spot is on the list (ie it already has been created by someone), you just need to click on it
– if not you have this little sentence at the end of the list (like in the following screenshot), click on it

Then you’ll get a pop up like the following one, it will send us a direct message and we’ll be able to create ourselves the spot. Give us as many details as possible to make the process easier. Then we promise to do it in the next few hours max (yep we don’t sleep a lot, we’ve a hell of a passion for this!).

If you care about the spot and YOU wanna create it yourself (yep we love surprises, so it’s possible)

In this case: krak in first! Which means that before uploading your content, when you click on the button ‘+’ at the bottom of the screen, click on the ‘pin’ icon (versus the camera one). You’ll get that page:


And from there, if you click on the sentence at the end of the list, you’ll get that:

new spot

Here you’re able to create your spot as usual. And then you can upload your content and attach the spot you just created to it.

Well we’re dying to discuss w/ you if you have any feedback / questions so please, feel free to reach us. Instagram, twitter, mail whatever you want (mine is:

Cheers folks, and keep on pushin’


Into the app – vol 1

At Krak we’re deep believers in Design. Isn’t it awesome to have a clear and simple app for skateboarding pictures and videos? We truly aim at offering you the best experience possible so we have been working hard on new features that totally transform our world into an amazing playground for skateboarders.

#1 Explore

You may have noticed a new “explore sign” on the home page. This is the most exciting feature ever! Go find out new spots and identify clearly if it is street, park, shop or private spot thanks to their pictograms. You are now able to check a spot and vizualise real pictures shot by the Krak community. This is powerful and priceless. But wait ? Yeah the app is free!

spots map explore


#2 Add favorite spots to your Wishlist

We all dream of skating golden spots like West LA Court House, Venice Skatepark, Stoner Plaza, Republique…but even more to find the sickest spot ever downtown. Timing here is everything but Krak has a solution for you: Create a wishlist and save the spots you wanna krak later!

  • Go to Menu > Wishlist
  • Create a new wishlist by giving it a name and adding a caption
  • Now you can just save any spot you find on the app.

wishlist 2

Thinking of riding some ledges after school/work?
The app locates all the  spots around you, you can easily identify the street spots and add them to your wishlist.

Looking for skateparks near your holiday house?
Check it out easily on Krak and add them to your wishlist.

You just saw a kickass vid on the app and love the spot?
No worries, just save it for later.

You asked, we did.

#3 Create your Crew

Clearly, this is your area! You build your own crew, include your homies and show to the world how cool it is.

Make the most of it in 3 simple steps :

  • Go to Menu > Crew
  • Follow a crew or Create one by using the “+” button!
  • Ask friends to join the crew: with the search bar for existing Krak users, otherwise bring them in!

So who’s gonna be the most badass crew on KRAK? Can’t wait to see and write about it soon! Stay tuned here in the mag…


Last but not least, you can now shout out loud what spot you are riding at the moment thanks to the KRAK IN feature. As soon as you kraked in, a message will be displayed on your feed. Easy to invite homies to join for a skate session.

kraked in page

Yeah…it is true you can totally KRAK THE WORLD now!