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  • Turbo Wheels - Julien Bachelier
    Box, Mag

    Introducing Turbo Wheels

    Wheels are crucial to your skating. Period. And choosing the right hardness according to your style and preferences definitely takes some time. When we talked to Julien Bachelier (Antiz founder and now…

  • Pindejo x Lucas Beaufort x Krak Collab Pin
    Box, Mag


    A collab’ always feels special right? We were so down to have teamed up with artist Lucas Beaufort and Mikendo, founder of Pindejo for a special project. If you’ve been part of the…

  • Filmbot - Marty Murawski
    Box, Mag

    Filmbot x Krak Griptape

    For the most consistent among you, you may remember our Q&A with Mikendo Stanfield – mastermind behind Filmbot with his partner James Sawyer – back in the KrakMag print issue #4. Yep, back…

  • Charles Collet. Photo: French Fred
    Box, Mag

    Behind the lens with French Fred

    Fred Mortagne is a self ­taught french director and photographer, with his work focused mostly on skateboarding. His graphical and geometrical photography is almost exclusively shot in b&w, and focuses more on…