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The Roll In #2 @ Balargue

Last friday was the  second edition of our video event “The Roll In” at Balargue skateshop.

This time the event was focused on showing the younger generation classic videos. The Baker Bootleg was a good choice, since the Baker 4 premiered recently.

After the screening, we picked out the lucky winners after a good old classic lucky draw in a beanie, and we even threw a few prizes away.

Thanks for coming!

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Krak Report – Tattoo Convention, Brussels

Last weekend in Brussels took place the Intenational Tattoo Convention at Tour & Taxi and for the third year in a row, local hero Bart Rampelberg managed to include a miniramp sesh to the show! Riders came from all around Belgium to get some cash for tricks from Bart or simply to ride the miniramp!

Here are 2 pictures from our friend @Marsters

Damien Delsaux

Rafael Witkowski

Bart would like to thanks Vans, Emerica, Thrasher Magazine & Transind Distribution!


Cosanostra skatepark birthday


The Cosanostra skatepark is celebrating 20 years of indoor skatepark, crazy sessions, art exhbitions, contest and much more…

Come celebrate with them on Saturday the 23rd of November, and enjoy a free session, some food and drinks, concerts…

Happy birthday Cosanostra skatepark, and to many more years of supporting parisian skateboarding!

Event, Spot

Krak report – Cosalloween

Like every year on Halloween, the Cosanostra opens its door for a night session. This year the skaters even got the chance to celebrate in the new pool built for the VPS a few month ago, thanks to rather cold but dry weather.

Enjoy the video report and join us to keep tuned about skate events in your town!

Event, The Roll In

The Roll In BLRG

Last friday Krak and Balargue teamed up for their first parisian edition of their video screening event : “The Roll In”.

Hope you enjoyed the Snack video as much as we did, along with the lucky draw, beers and other gift we had in stock for you guys.

We thank you all for coming as many, the shop was full!

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Event, Spot

Krak report: 5T X Vans @ Republique

Last Saturday the boys from the “Cinquième terrasse” (also known as 5T) held a hectic best trick contest at republique. With the help of Vans they set up a kicker next to a picnic table and blasted some music for one of the best Saturday afternoon at Republique!


Here is the video report of the contest. As for the afterparty, you’ll excuse us for the lack of media but just know that it was intense, and that what happens in a Vans X 5T party stays at the party.

Event, Kraker

Greetings from Holland!

A few weeks ago, the guys from SKATE48 organized the CreatingLines2018 in Rotterdam, a pretty big event with picture/film exhibitions and talks about the Holland Skateboarding History. As we are trying to keep track of Skateboarding History ourselves here at Krak, we can only salute this kind of initiative!
SKATE48 was already such a good concept! The guys were making a 2 days event with skateboarding, filming, photography and music every year for the last couple of years and it was even including a street video contest!

This year, they managed to raise almost 2000 euros for Concrete Jungle Foundation and their current project in Luanda, Angola, the first skatepark in the country.

Despite the shitty winters, cobblestones and high THC levels, Holland has a really rich Skateboarding History, a great number of talented skaters and a lot of motivation! We love to see the work of Sami El Hassani and Mr ‘Memory ScreenJan Maarten Sneep with their Bombaklats soldiers! Most of the guys in this crew are pretty famous! Some are pro like Rob Maatman (Frank Skateboards), Daan Van Der Linden (Anti-Hero Skateboards) or more recently Nassim Guammaz (Element Skateboards).

Tim Zom is also part of the crew and is a major Rotterdam and Holland character and if you never heard of him, I highly recommand you to check out this movie about his life:

It all reminded me of that edit I made back 11 years ago (fuck I’m getting old!) of the Vans World Championship that took place in Rotterdam in 2007. It was a crazy weekend of skateboarding and such a pleasure for the eyes for me who was for the first time filming on the course of such a big contest. Arto was there, and he won the contest! David Gravette was there too, Adam Dyet, Mark Appleyard, young David Gonzalez, Curren Caples and Axel Cruysberghs, the flip guys on tour basically along with lots of Euro dudes coming from everywhere, Belgium, Holland, England, France, Spain, Portugal..


Agenda Long Beach – Part 2: FTC

Established in 1986, FTC is the brainchild of Kent Ueyhara. Kent started out selling skateboards in the original FTC (Free Trade Commission) sporting goods store (owned by Kent’s pops) on Bush Street, before moving FTC first to its Shrader location and then to FTC’s Haight location in 1994. With San Francisco emerging as the ’90s mecca for skateboarding, FTC has long been associated with SF’s iconic spots like EMB, Hubba Hideout, Pier 7 and more through its iconic videos (Penal Code 101A, A Fine Line Between Love and Haight, Finally), and played a significant role in shaping and influencing the aesthetic and evolution of modern skateboarding. With franchises in Barcelona, Tokyo and Sendai; and with Western Edition Skateboards under the FTC family umbrella, the FTC brand has an enviable global reach with it’s carefully chosen collaborations as well as easily recognizable aesthetics and well thought out designs. I had the opportunity to spend some time at the FTC booth at Agenda 2015 Long Beach, and got to check out the upcoming line.

Lucas holding it down in the FTC booth. The Western Edition Route series decks for John Igei (green) and Jabari Pendleton (black) can be seen hanging up behind Lucas.


As expected, FTC’s upcoming line is amazingly clean, with the characteristically recognizable FTC logo interpreted creatively on each piece. Some of my personal favorites were the following two renditions of the classic FTC logo t-shirts.

IMG_5864 IMG_5863

Lucas walked me through their upcoming line and he and Kent also talked about some upcoming pieces that you’d definitely want to keep an eye out for. One of those pieces, the Hosoi Skateboards x FTC collaboration “Haight” Hammerhead t-shirt was especially cool, and definitely brought back that late-80s/early-90s vibe where transition skating was huge.

Lucas with the Hosoi Skateboards x FTC collaboration “Haight” Hammerhead t-shirt.


Another unusual item in the line definitely worth checking out is the FTC x Mac Dre t-shirt. Definitely needs no explanation here, but I bet these will sell out fast!

Lucas and Kent with the FTC x Mac Dre t-shirt.


I also got to pick up a copy of the FTC Chaodown DVD as well as hear about the Pier 7 DVD that will be dropping really soon, with apparently a whole load of unseen footage from one of SF skateboarding’s most formative and progressive periods. Remember all that epic Lavar, Stevie, Marcus, JB, Brad, Rob, Henry and Enrique footage and many more SF heads? You know I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of that  that! If it’s anything like what I’m hoping for, it’s gonna be crazy!


Thank you Lucas and Kent for taking the time to talk to me about FTC’s and Western Edition’s lines, everything’s looking really good! – HK



2015 Agenda Long Beach – Part 1: Dwindle

The 2015 Agenda Trade Show Long Beach took place on 8 and 9 July 2015 at the Long Beach Convention Center. This is the go-to event in the Action Sports retail calendar and the Long Beach stop (alongside the New York and Las Vegas) is the biggest one attracting over 500 exhibitors.

In Part 1 of our Agenda coverage, we feature the Dwindle booth. Dwindle is home to Almost, Blind, Cliche, Zero, Enjoi, Darkstar, Tensor, and Andale. They definitely had one of the bigger booths at Agenda with upcoming lines for each of the brands within the family on full display.


Hot off his win at BATB 8, Sewa Kroetkov was also at the Dwindle booth to check out his new “Shades” series graphic. There was even a screen showing a replay of BATB 8 Finals Night!! That was an epic night indeed! Congratulations again Sewa!!


Blind had a full lineup of boards on display. The boards in the row behind Sewa from left to right: Sewa Kroetkov “Shades” (8.25″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave), Kevin Romar “Shades” (7.75″ x 31.1″, WB 13.8′, mellow concave), TJ Rogers “Shades” (8″ x 31.6″, WB 14″, mellow concave), and Cody McEntire “Longhorn” (8″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave).



Almost’s display featured a nice mix of boards from the Lucas Beaufort series (Top row, left three boards, Youness Amrani, Willow and Daewon Song in Impact Support construction), the Remix Dude Impact Light series in Impact Light construction, (Top row, 4th and 5th from left) with Willow (8″ x 31.6″, WB 14″, mellow concave), and Daewon Song(8.25″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave). And of course with the DC Comics tie-up, the Batman Splitface in Resin -7 construction (Bottom row, left two. Willow, 7.75″ x 31.1″, WB 13.88″, mellow concave; Chris Haslam, 8.375″ x 31.8″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave), and Joker Splitface in Resin-7 construction (Bottom row, right two. Rodney Mullen, 8.125″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave; Daewon Song, 8.25″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave).


Cliche’s upcoming line was a real standout and many thanks to Al Boglio for taking the time to talk to us about it.

Al Boglio walked us through the upcoming Cliche line. Thanks Al!


The Swanski (Pawel Kozlowski) series looked really amazing (4 boards in the middle in picture below)! All in Resin-7 construction, with from left to right, Joey Brezinski (7.75″ x 31.1″, WB 13.88″), Lucas Puig (8.125″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″), Daniel Espinoza (8″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″), and Flo Mirtain (8.0″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″). All in Resin-7 construction.


The Damo and Darren (Aussie Beavis and Butthead) series is pretty epic, and in the photo below (left two boards) we have the Sammy Winter (8.25″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″) and Andrew Brophy (8.125″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″) both in Resin-7 construction.


Last but definitely not least, Cliche is putting out a really sick Mr Men collabo that you should definitely keep an eye out for. I was really hyped on the Mr Clumsy crew-neck sweatshirt!




The legacy of Zero continues under the Dwindle umbrella of companies, and they’ve got a solid upcoming line of boards dropping in the fall.


As you’d expect from Enjoi, their upcoming line of boards retains the playfully irreverent themes that have become their signature.

From left to right, we have the “how-to” series with Louie Barletta (8.25″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave), Wieger (8.375″ x 31.8″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave), Jimmy Carlin (8″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave), Ben Raemers “cat collage” (8″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave), Cairo Foster “kitten dreams” (8.125″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave), Zach Wallin “skill saw” (8.25″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave) and Nestor Judkins “Presidents” (8″ x 31.7″, WB 14.25″, mellow concave). All in Resin-7 construction with the exception of Zach’s board which is in Impact Plus construction. Really dug the “Presidents” graphic series in particular.


Darkstar also had their upcoming line on display in the Dwindle booth, and pictured in the photo (left wall top row) below we have the “Crash” series with Pierre Luc-Gagnon (8.125″ x 31.8″, WB 14.25″, full concave), Greg Lutzka (8.125″ x 31.8″, WB 14.25″, full concave), Ryan Decenzo (8″ x 31.6″, WB 14″, full concave), and Cameo Wilson (8″ x 31.6″, WB 14″, full concave). The row below features the Power Deal boards in the Rasta and Fade series.


Tensor and Andale Bearings


Tensor Trucks and Andale Bearings also presented their lines in their booths, and we understand that Tensor is working on a new baseplate design that will drop pretty soon. Andale had their ABEC 5, ABEC 7 and Swiss on display. We did a review of their Andale Swisses a while ago, and you can check that out here if you haven’t already.

Impact Light and Impact Plus


Within the Dwindle family, in addition to the standard Resin-7 construction, three additional tech board offerings are also available (of course there’s also the UBER construction method). Impact Light, Impact Support and Impact Plus. Many thanks to Nino over at Dwindle for explaining the differences between all three to us. Impact Light has a die-cut carbon-fiber top laminate insert on the top sheet, Impact Support has 2 carbon-fiber laminate discs at the truck-mounting stress-points on the underside of the deck and Impact Plus basically combines these two technologies. So these three alternatives give you various choices to enhance the life of your deck depending on how hard you skate and the type of skating you most enjoy. It’s always good to have options!

Thanks Nino for walking us through the board tech options.


Looking forward to seeing all these new products in the stores in the coming Fall! Stay tuned for the next installment of our 2015 Agenda Long Beach recap. – HK