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Go Skateboarding Day 2015 – West Los Angeles Courthouse

Go Skateboarding Day (aka GSD) falls on 21st June and coincides with the longest day in the northern hemisphere. In the tradition of previous GSDs, Nike SB organized an event at the West Los Angeles Courthouse to coincide with the unveiling of the newly rebuilt courthouse fountain. First of, the very existence of the courthouse legal skate spot is due to the tireless efforts of Alec Beck and Aaron Snyder. So if you ever run into these guys, you owe them a HUGE high five!! They’ve both been instrumental in persuading the city that this OG spot should be liberated as a legal skate spot as well as working a lot behind the scenes to keep the spot clean and presentable, so that we can continue to skate there. Thank you guys!


As part of this year’s Go Skateboarding Day 2015 festivities, the courthouse ledges were also given a new coat of red paint to mark the occasion, and you can bet that scores turned out to the event. Of course, the event was graced by the skating of Eric Koston, Shane O’Neill, Blake Carpenter, Nick Boserio, Carlos Ribeiro, Sean Malto and many more (including winners of the Nike SB app “Best Day Ever contest”). Starting at 3pm, participants checked in to receive their event t-shirts and wristbands before a best trick contest went down on the courthouse Stage, the courthouse ledges, and the 4 stair (4 up 4 down). Needless to say, it was total chaos but with some heavy tricks going down.




Antonio Evan was in the (Court)house!!!



Pat Cannon (in blue) with a 50-50 treflip out in the ledge best trick contest.




Alexander Loren with a nollie flip off the stage in the stage best trick contest.


The highlight of the day really of course belonged to the newly rebuilt courthouse fountain 2.0, with an update of banked inside walls, angled iron on the edges and recessed into the ground so that the exterior outside walls are a little lower than the original fountain. Definitely a fun addition to an already amazing spot.


Eric Koston at the inauguration of the new fountain.


Of course Eric Koston got to properly inaugurate the new courthouse feature with a backside flip into the fountain as the first trick. The Nike SB team then proceeded to put on a little demo with a loop line from the fountain, by the inside ledges, to the courthouse stage and back into the fountain. Carlos Ribeiro was a definite standout at the demo with a huge popped nollie front heel into the fountain. Another standout was Yuri Facchini with a massive fakie flip into the fountain. Shane O’Neill of course landed everything with ease and even peppered each of his lines with a couple of flatground tricks in the fountain between tricks into and out of the fountain. And of course, courthouse OG Eric Koston also nailed a pretty sweet switch heel into the fountain showing the young bucks that you can be more than 20 years deep in your pro career and still put it down. Once the demo ended at 6.30pm, it was  a free for all for all present to get a little session in the fountain. Lots of fun was had by all, and this new addition to the courthouse marks another new page in courthouse skateboarding history. Get there and skate this amazing feature already!! If you haven’t already, you should really check out Trilogy for some of the sickest Courthouse footage from back in the day. By the way, Manolo (of Manolo’s tapes) will also be putting out a Courthouse video later this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

And special shout out goes to #StonerLoc Pat Cannon (aka sk8erpat) for killing it in the best trick contest. He landed a backside 50-50 treflip out on the ledge a total of 3 times but didn’t get any love from the judges! C’mon guys!?! Watch out for this kid, he rips! – HK









CONS Project Los Angeles – Design & and build your own deck

On 4th April 2015, Converse CONS held a design and build a deck event as part of the CONS Project Los Angeles with the support of Create A Skate and Active. Create A Skate’s Chuck Hults, the brothers Cody and Jared Hager were on hand  to guide participants on how to design and shape their own decks, along with Slave’s Ben Horton and Lurkville‘s Dolan Stearns giving insights into the the process of  designing and making deck graphics. It was an all around amazing day for everyone!


The morning started off with an introduction into deck technologies and a brief overview into the correct design steps to make sure everyone got their deck dimensions exactly the way they wanted.

The introduction with Jared, Chuck and Codi.


With the help of Create A Skate template builders, this latter part of the process was made really easy, and the only real challenge was in deciding what kind of shape we each wanted, we were definitely spoiled for choice.

Active’s Eric is hyped for sure (Check his instagram for the sick Coffin Cruiser shape he designed. Heck yeah Eric!!).


The design template.

IMG_0286With a short break for lunch, we were back busily getting our decks cut and belt sanded. Chuck Hults and the Hager brothers really took care of us with this, patiently guiding us and showing us the proper technique. Definitely learned a lot, and hopefully we weren’t too terrible with the jigsaw.

Codi explaining how to cut our decks.


Chuck demonstrating the proper technique to get those complicated curves cut nicely. Thanks Chuck!


Jared helping round out the edges. Thanks Jared!


The afternoon session consisted of a talk by Slave’s Ben Horton on the process of designing deck graphics as well as him sharing some personal anecdotes on some of his favorite graphics. It was really cool to hear what inspires him, and to gain some insight into the whole artistic process. Lurkville’s Dolan Stearns was also on hand to share his artistic influences and also to craft a deck of his own design. Not only is Dolan a ripper(he nollied and then impossibled over a trash can at the event) but he’s a super talented artist in his own right. To see him go through the whole process in person was totally rad!

Dolan sharing the stoke with Josh.



Dolan with his finished deck. So friggin’ rad!!


Got to see so many amazing shapes and graphics that day. We loved what we saw for sure!! Thank you Converse CONS for organizing this, and to Create A Skate and Active for making this such a memorable day for everyone. Dreams do come true!!

Salvador’s sick board, check out his art here.