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  • Gap in MACBA in Barcelona
    History Clips, Skatespots

    MACBA Gap, Barcelona

    Last update: Nice one by @solalas – from the vault 🎥 @thcbomb – full #krakhistory clip down the #Macba gap on our Youtube channel 👉 +krakskate 👈 @s.o.s__skateboards @globebrand_europe @globebrand @carnagesocks @bladwellington…

  • Youness Amrani in Brussels
    History Clips, Skatespots

    MDA Hubba, Brussels

    Last update: New update down the MDA Hubba in Brussels, Belgium with this nice tailslide flip out by @_philippschuster 🎥 @damian_ski – check out our #krakhistory clip on Youtube 👉 +krakskate 👈…

  • History Clips, Skatespots

    Burbank 16, Los Angeles

    Last update: Nice ollie down Burbank by @jonathonallie in the @zeroskateboards ‘Dying to Live’ – check out the full #krakhistory clip down #Burbank on our Youtube channel 👉 +krakskate 👈 #krak #skatekrak…

  • Miles Silvas flip back tail
    History Clips, Skatespots

    University Hubba, Stanford

    Last update: That move is just unbelievable 😱 big up @coreyglick_ – from the @foundationskateboards #oddityvideo 🎥 @yerdone – full #krakhistory clip down #Stanford #Hubba on our Youtube channel 👉 +krakskate 👈…

  • Salabanzi in his Jart part
    History Clips, Skatespots

    Triple Set, Barcelona

    Last update: The rail was an idea 💡 big up @chasewebb 😱⚡️👊 go watch the @pizzaskateboards ‘Prepare The Video’ on @thrashermag – full #krakhistory clip down that triple set in Barcelona on…