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“Encore” by Primitive skateboards

Primitive skateboards just got its new 46 minute long video out, straight to YouTube.

Most of the pro and amateurs have a full part, but the video also showcases new talents like Spencer Hamilton, who was recently added to the squad and Giovanni Vianna, with a full part to introduce him as the new Primitive rank.

The video ends on a high note with a part of the brazilian skater Tiago Lemos, who decided that he would pop higher and slide longer than anybody else right now.

Enjoy, and if the weather allows it, go skate!


Boof – A british vision of Paris

The british filmer and traveller James “DJ” Davidson went to Paris for a couple of days earlier this year. With his mighty VX1000 in his hands, and a crew composed of parisians and british friends, he managed to put out 5 minutes of good skateboarding around the capital. Five minutes in five days, that is  a good ratio if you ask me! So here is Boof (a reference to Boom?), a british vision of Paris.

Here is a list of a few spot shown in the video, available on the Krak map ( Available on our app ) :


       📍Léo Frankel

📍 Jussieu

📍 Creteil pyramids


📍 Quai de la gare




Strobeck’s Candyland

A Chadourne video last week, and now a 30 minute project by Strobeck straight to youtube?!

We are definetly spoiled with motivation before the beggining of winter, to say the least.

Enjoy 30 minute of classic Strobeck, with the now world-famous “head to toe” filming, for the opening of Supreme San Francisco.

Nice to see the tribute to Pablo Ramirez (P-spliff), a notorious GX1000 skater who died earlier this year and was already an SF local, and the new Supreme team member : Kader Sylla.

Review, Spot

Dickies X Titus concrete dreams

Titus and Dickies teamed up to help their rider Ben Botta pour some concrete in his local area, aka the Côte d’Azur , and produced a 7 minute long documentary by Patrick Schwarz.

The whole report is available on Titus’ website, and some VX clips from Remi Luciani are also available.

Hope the edit will make you want to smooth out some concrete this week end!

    bs tail by Thomas Prochaska – shot by Dennis Scholz


FS slash by Ben Botta – shot by Dennis Scholz


FS 5-0 by Ben Botta – shot by Dennis Scholz


5T new video: “Tony G”

And it’s out! The new “Cinquieme terrasse” video, called “Tony G” is online.

Lots of parisian skate spots, a nice filming and editing from Elliot Bonnabel and a lot of “under the radar” skaters that have been killing it for a few years now, showing that the future is bright.

Enjoy and go skate (or maybe party, depends if you refer to the tricks or the soundtrack)

•BOOM from BEN CHADOURNE on Vimeo.


“Boom”- the new video by Ben Chadourne

Ben Chadourne just posted his new edit, and it’s great to say the least: A near-perfect casting (Paul Grunt, Roman Gonzalez, Bobby De Keyzer, Kevin Rodrigues and much more…) went wild in the streets of Paris this summer!

A video with a crew-vibe, only that the actual crew is composed of some of the best skaters of the planet, and that Chadourne knows exactly what he is doing with his camera!

Enjoy, and go skate if the weather forecast allows it!


PRO BONO PROMO: We Are Blood – Brasil

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.08.09 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.08.12 AM

For this week’s PRO BONO PROMO, we feature Brain Farm Skate’s We Are Blood – Brasil promo. While the video has been out for a good minute, just in case you haven’t caught it yet, here’s the Brasil promo to whet your appetite.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.08.56 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.09.02 AM

Featuring a little narrative (in Portuguese and English) of the scene in Brazil, specifically Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as snippets of phenomenal skating from Tiago Lemos, Rodrigo Petersen, Alex Carolino, Danny Cerizini, Marcelo Formiga, Kaue Cossa, Vinicius Santos and many many more. Definitely conveys the energy of the Brazilian scene. And yes, you even get to peep two angles of Tiago’s ridiculous front pop shove! Check it out below. -HK


TYO/NYC – Prize Fighter in Tokyo

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.07.29 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.06.07 AM

One of the really special things about skateboarding is the lens it gives us to view cities in a totally different light from everyone else. Skateboarding through a city’s streets, up, on and down sidewalks makes us acutely attuned to the ebb and flow of a city unlike anyone else. We all can also easily relate to the sensation of discovery when we cruise through city streets where the journey is as much of the experience as the destination. This impromptu rawness that characterizes a night(or day) out street skating is captured beautifully in this edit from NYC’s Prize Fighter Cutlery while out in Tokyo’s streets.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.42.22 AM

Plenty of unconventional spots, and even more unconventional approaches to skating them. Featuring Katsumi Minami, Akihiro Iida, Hiroki Muraoka, Shogo Teranishi, Leo Valls, Connor Kammerer and friends: Eby Ghafarian, Kenshiro Yagi, Masanori Uruma, Mikey Cheah, Yoshi OPSB, Toriotoko.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.40.16 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.15.06 AM

Check out the edit, it’ll definitely stoke you and your crew to head out street skating! – HK