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Montgallet, Paris

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Lordz ‘Conspiracy’: 50-50 & 5-0 by Stephane Larance
– Lordz ‘They don’t give a fuck about us’: 5-0 revert by Thibaud Fradin; backside nosegrind by Luy-Pa Sin; tailslide & switch frontside 180 to 5-0 by Baptiste Myzor; switch backside 5-0 by Franck Barattiero
– Zero ‘Strange World’: smith by John Rattray
– Puzzle 17: backside 5-0 by Alexis Jauzion
– Puzzle 23: switch noseslide by Jeremie Daclin
– Puzzle 13: nollie 50-50 by Flo Marfaing
– Tikal Guideline: nollie noseslide by Charles Collet
– Puzzle 45: drop & backside blunt by Adrien Bulard
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: frontside noseblunt by Jamie Tancowny
– Nike ‘Chronicles vol.1’: backside 50-50 & backside noseblunt by Youness Amrani

Below is a backside smithgrind by Youness Amrani from the french skatemag Soma:


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