About Krak.

“We’re a bunch of skateboarders with one and only one religion: KRAK THE WORLD!

Every street is a playground, there are stairs, lines, curves, and something new to try. In every street there is excitement, style, creativity and pain.

In a second of pure genius (at least) we called our first product ‘Krak’. This is a free app totally dedicated to skateboarding. Use it to share photos, videos and spots with your friends and community. Build your catalog, create your crew, follow skaters, share your achievements, save your favorite spots, get noticed!

Krak app new version

Yep you read it right, we said ‘our first product’ and you know why? Cause we’re already working on plenty of other ones, BANG!

We can’t tell more right now but we promise you 2 (two) things: they all serve the same mission + it’s gonna be outrageously FUN!

Here is the team:

Team name

Check us out onto KRAK app > Menu > Find Skaters

The truth is: we’re way more than 5 (five) thanks to the homies who pop up all around the world and thanks to YOU!

Los Angeles, London, Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, Berlin, this is just a beginning, Krakens are coming to life everywhere.

Join the movement, KRAK THE WORLD!

The Krak team.

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