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History Clip, Spot

History clip updated – Le Dome 3flat4, Paris

This double set has seen a fair amount of tricks done since our first spot retrospective! Here is the roll of honor:

Franck Barattiero – Ollie – Puzzle 8
Vincent Bressol – Bs 180 – Cliché ‘Europa’
Stephane Larance – Kickflip – Lordz ‘Conspiracy’
Mathieu Hilaire – Bs flip – Square ‘No Place Like Home’
Andrew Reynolds – Fs flip – Altamont ‘Foreigners’
Stefan Janoski – Switch flip – Expedition One ‘Alone’
Armand Vaucher – Wallie + bs 180 fakie fifty – Giddy #05
Yann Garin – No-comply up – Nozbone Welcome part
Flo Marfaing – Ollie up + flip up – Lordz ‘They don’t give a fuck about us’
Flo Marfaing – Fs nollie – 411VM 13.3
Chris Pfanner – Fakie ollie – Vans ‘Propeller’
Paul Trochu – Airwalk – Cosyride ’78 Jump Street’
Corey Duffel – Bs fifty – Homeboy part
Hermann Stene – Bs 360 – Instagram
Benjamin Garcia – Bs 360 – Instagram
Dashawn Jordan – Lazer flip – Next New Wave part
Na-Kel Smith – Pop shuvit – Pussy Gangster
Na-Kel Smith – Nollie hardflip – Supreme ‘Blessed’
Tyshawn Jones – Hardflip – Adidas ‘Away days’
Tyshawn Jones – Switch tre – Supreme ‘Blessed’

If you wanna ‘binge-watch’ again the very first El Toro clip we’ve made, follow this link:


Minute, Spot

Krak Minute – Meriadeck Hubba, Bordeaux

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Luy-Pa Sin – Fs tailslide – Lordz ‘They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us’
Ali Boulala – Flip noseslide – Flip ‘Sorry’
Mark Suciu – Fs 5-0 – Habitat ‘Search The Horizon’
Max Vergnaud – Bs 5-0 – Part 100% street
Max Genin – Bs smith – DC’s what we are
Adrien Bulard – Nollie heel & bs tail – Jart ‘The PROject’
Sergio Munoz – Treflip – Jart ‘The AM Project’
Benjamin Garcia – Bs 360 – Jart ‘The AM Project’
Danny Sommerfeld – Switch ollie – SHRN
Gauthier Rouger – Switch flip – Hélas ‘Fellas’

History Clip, Spot

HDV 3 Blocks, Creteil

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Antiz ‘OAF’: ollie to 50-50 by Sam Partaix
– Puzzle 1: kickflip & switch flip by Nao Nussbaum
– Lordz ‘They Don’t Give a Fuck About Us’: b/s flip by Nao Nussbaum; switch ollie & f/s nollie & fakie heelflip by Franck Barattiero; nollie b/s flip by Stephane Larance
– Puzzle 14: f/s flip & b/s nollie by Henning Braaten
– Cliché ‘Europa’: fakie f/s halfcab & fakie flip & f/s heelflip by Geoffrey Van Hove; full cab by Vincent Bressol
– Fried Fried West Tour: b/s 180 & fakie ollie & halfcab & heelflip & f/s shove-it & varial heelflip by Douwe Macare
– Instagram clip: hardflip by Alex Hermann; inward heelflip by Gaetan Le Gorbelec; f/s 180 late shove-it & fakie ollie late shove-it by Benjamin Garcia; b/s 180 late flip by Goekhan Eray
– Youtube clip: b/s bigspin by Daniel Ledermann
– Cliché ‘Bon Appetit’: halfcab flip & b/s heelflip by Vincent Bressol
– Square commercial: nollie heelflip by Thibaud Fradin
– Puzzle 6: nollie flip by Stephane Larance
– Behind The French Fred Scenes ‘Flip Team Visiting Tom Penny’: switch heelflip & switch f/s flip & nollie b/s heelflip & switch varial heelflip by Bastien Salabanzi
– Hawai Surf ‘Time For Some Action’: full cab flip by Bastien Salabanzi; 360 flip tailgrab by Pierre Borde; 360 shove-it & switch inward revert & switch 360 flip revert by Adrien Bulard
– Aeon commercial: switch bigspin heelflip by Franck Barattiero
– éS ‘Menikmati’: switch b/s flip by Rodrigo TX
– Adidas Skateboarding ‘Paris Feature’: switch f/s 180 & switch bigspin by Lem Villemin
– Adidas Skateboarding ‘Diagonal’: nollie b/s shove-it & nollie varial heelflip by Lem Villemin
– Chill video: nollie varial flip by Luy-Pa Sin; nollie cab & switch 360 flip by Florentin Marfaing
– Altamont ‘The Foreigners’: b/s 360 by Andrew Reynolds
– 411.13.3: switch f/s 360 by Florentin Marfaing
– Cliché ‘Freedom Fries’: fakie f/s flip by Cale Nuske; switch b/s heelflip Lucas Puig
– Adidas ‘Away Days’: fakie varial heelflip by Lucas Puig
– Nike SB ‘The Bird Is The World’: switch hardflip & lazer flip & switch f/s heelflip by Paul Rodriguez
– ‘Deux Jours a Paris’: 360 flip by Adrien Bulard
– Jart ‘Welcome to the Pro Team’: bigspin flip by Adrien Bulard
– Jart ‘Out of Frames’: switch inward by Adrien Bulard
– Blind ‘IOU’: switch late flip by Sewa Kroetkov