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Sebo Walker – The Berrics 2UP entry

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If you’ve never seen Sebo Walker skate, you’re definitely missing out. Sebo has been killing it for so long and is one of the nicest dudes in skateboarding you could ever meet. Originally from Salem, Oregon, and now residing in Los Angeles, this super talented skateboarder is also equally adept as an artist, and has also been putting out a host of amazing Boardstix grip tape art for a minute (check out his @seboart page here).

He’s in this year’s Berrics 2UP contest and just put out a really remarkably mind-boggling part that showcases his creativity on a skateboard. If you’ve seen him skate(yes he skates as good in person) you know there’s going to be some step offs in there, but trust me when I say they’re next level. The opening step off wallie bonk nollie heel(or is it a flip, whatchamacall it?) to nose many pop into the quarter pipe makes absolutely no sense. You definitely don’t want to miss this! This will really change the way you perceive what’s possible on a skateboard.

Sebo rides for Krooked Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Bones Bearings, Lakai, and Official Hats.

Hit the link below! – HK


Inspiration: PJ Ladd in Jessup’s Home Movies

PJ Ladd 1PJ Ladd 2

Every one of us is a PJ Ladd fan, and it’s hard not to understand why. From when he first burst onto the scene in Coliseum’s “PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life”, to his “Really Sorry” part, we just can’t seem to get enough PJ footy(we still treat his footage in Boston Massacre as somewhat non-cannon). Well, the wait is over! While this isn’t his missing Plan B TRUE part, Jessup griptape did just release a cool 2 minute pluse B&W video of PJ skating around Lincoln skate plaza and the Hazard skate plaza(Diamond skate plaza). It seems to have been filmed in one day with one roll of film and has that ethereal home video feel and should satisfy all the PJ fans out there especially those still reeling from the shock that he didn’t have a part in Plan B’s TRUE. A lot of really mellow cruising footage but with all the textbook precision we can expect of PJ, this video has a nice vibe, which we’re sure you’ll be psyched to watch. Filmed by Rick Charnoski.


Time Capsule: Daniel Lebron

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.15.34 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 3.12.00 AM

In each Time Capsule, we salute those who have paved the way for modern skateboarding. In this second installment, we feature one of Spain’s favorite sons, Daniel Lebron.

Who is Daniel Lebron?

From Alicante, in the Southern coast of Spain, Daniel Lebron moved to Madrid in the mid-’90s so that he could spend more time skating. There in Madrid, he eventually met the brothers Alfonso and Jesus Fernandez at Corona Square and ultimately moved with them to Los Angeles to chase the dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. After a stint in the States, Dani moved back to Madrid and then to Barcelona in 2012, where he now resides. In addition to his amazing abilities on the board, Dani is also an accomplished Flamenco guitar player(he was admitted to the Conservatoire to study Flamenco guitar). Dani has also been quietly killin’ it on his skateboard for an unbelievably long career, and Dani’s classic parts in Neighboorhoods LaLa Land (1998) and the L.A. County(2000) videos are amazing even by today’s standards, definitely having stood the test of time.

Daniel in Neighborhood’s LaLa Land(1998).

The opening line in his L.A. County part sets the tone for what’s to come, with a backtail, a kickflip noseslide revert, a switch tre and a frontside halfcab heelflip all stomped as smooth as they come. The footage at the USC blocks alone is priceless, and Dani’s footage there is a prime example of the technical finesse and ledge wizardry he is known for.

Daniel in L.A. County(2000).

With stints on Neighborhood Skateboards, almost getting on Girl/Chocolate alongside Jesus Fernandez, a pro stint on Michael Leon’s short-lived Commonwealth Stacks(his welcome to Stacks video still remains one of our favorites for overall editing and feel), and now finally with a stable home on Boulevard skateboards, Dani shows no sign of slowing down with both his skateboarding and music careers.

Stacks Welcomes Dani Lebron(2011).

Dani for UNO#61.

Music and skateboarding go well together

Dani, Jesus Fernandez and Julian Lorenzo recently traveled around Andalucia in Southern Spain, skating perfect plazas by day and playing in Flamenco clubs by night, as part of the Flamenco Tour.

Not one to constantly overwhelm us with a barrage of footage, Dani quietly puts out quality parts that leave us asking for more. His latest part for Nike SB, “Not Bad At All” is a perfect showcase of the kind of technical skateboarding Dani has been known for, with one of the most perfect frontside heelflips on flat we’ve ever seen(at 2:43) mid-line after a switch frontside 180 over the first ledge, and ending with a fakie flip switch backside crooks. Talk about a crazy line!

Dani in Nike SB’s #notbadatall(2013)

Thank you Dani for the many years of inspiration and for changing our notions of longevity in a professional skateboarding career. Mil gracias!

Dani rides for Boulevard Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Bliss Wheel Co, Bones Bearings, Diamond, Grizzly Griptape and Nike SB.