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Remix: Dennis Durrant – All You Need To Know

Dennis Durrant and Tony TaveThe lads over at The Bay Skate have just dropped “All You Need To Know”, a remix of epic proportions with 10 minutes of Dennis Durrant footage from over the years. If you’re not familiar with Dennis you’ve probably been living under a rock for quite a while. This Aussie powerhouse has been quietly killin’ it for well over a decade. Following stints on Popwar, Mystery and Circa, and with a repertoire that includes Dennis Durrant ollieone of the best kickflips in the game, as well as fakie flip switch front crooks on rails on lock,  the eternal question that remains is “why isn’t Dennis pro?” With footage from the US, China and of course Australia, this remix presents a really terrific retrospective of Dennis’ career. Recently added to the Adidas Skateboarding International Team and getting his name on an Adi Ease shoe, Dennis’ career definitely seems to be picking up steam. Dennis Durrant switch heel watergapWith his addition to the Element Australia team, here’s hoping that 2015 brings big things for Dennis Durrant. With cameos by Tony Tave, Tommy Fynn and Windsor James. Remix was edited by Kane Stewart.

Dennis rides for Adidas Skateboarding, Element Australia, Thunder Trucks, the Picture Wheel Company and Modus Bearings.