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MDA Hubba, Brussels

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Dickies ad: smithgrind by Timothy Deconynck
– Puzzle 02: noseslide by Julian Dykmans
– Element ‘Rise Up’: f/s 50-50 by Evelien Bouilliart
– Homemade 2: f/s 5-0 by Gregory Bomboko; ass-slide by Pieter Jacobs
– Homemade 1: f/s tailslide by Mucky Rutzig; crooked by Fabian Verhaeghe; noseslide + noseslide & noseslide + noseslide nollie 360 flip out by Thibault Lenaerts
– Yallah: b/s 5-0 by Kevin Vu
– ‘The other side of Axel’: lipslide by Axel Cruysberghs
– Volcom ‘Europe summer tour 2011’: lipslide revert back by Axel Cruysberghs
– ‘The fantasy world of Robbi’: switch noseslide by Rob Ingimarsson
– ‘Sweet skating 2’: nollie tailslide by Adam Dyet
– Homemade 3: fakie shove-it tailslide & f/s 180 fakie nosegrind revert by Vincent Heyte
– Cliche ‘Bon Voyage’: switch tailslide by Sammy Winter
– Puzzle 22: flip noseslide & nollie noseslide by Lucas Puig
– Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: nollie heelflip noseslide by JJ Rousseau
– Puzzle 28: flip noseslide nollie heelflip out by Dany Hamard
– ‘La classe AmericRennes’: noseslide nollie bigspin heel out by Dany Hamard
– ‘Noorder Light’: flip noseslide bigspin out by Thibault Lenaerts
– Youtube clip: nollie shove-it noseslide by Mathieu Aime
– Facebook clip: 360 flip noseslide by Luan de Oliveira
– Globe ‘EU trippin tour’: tailslide bigspin out by Ryan Decenzo; switch tailslide 270 out by Anton Myhrvold; nollie crooked by Mark Appleyard
– Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’: switch 180 f/s 50-50 nollie back out by Mark Appleyard
– Behind the French Fred Scene: flip b/s 50-50 by Charles Collet
– Cliche ‘Gypsy Life’ video bonus: f/s boardslide to fakie by Paul Hart
– Antiz ‘OAF’: b/s blunt by Samu Karvonen
– ‘Almost a part’: b/s tailslide by Youness Amrani
– photo by Vincent Coupeau: b/s lipslide by Eniz Fazliov
– Homemade ‘Street Junkies’: b/s 50-50 the double hubba by Fabian Verhaegue
– Youtube part 2013: f/s 50-50 + f/s 5-0 by Ben Botta