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Krak Minute – Place Henri Frenay, Paris

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Oscar Candon – Fs blunt + manny – Sour Solution II
Kevin Rodriguez – Double wallie + gap fifty – Supreme ‘Blessed’
Dennis Busenitz – Treflip manny drop + kickflip – Adidas ‘Diagonal’
Vincent Touzery – Nollie flip + heelflip – Supreme ‘Blessed’
Zered Basset – Switch tre + switch ollie – Converse ‘Purple’
Kevin Bradley – Halfcab drop + bs flip – Pussy Gangster
Na-Kel Smith – Nollie heel + bs bigspin – Supreme ‘Blessed’
Hermann Stene – Kickflip down + fs 360 – Adidas ‘Threee’ ep.1
Nassim Lachhab – Bs bigspin drop + switch bigspin heel – I AM Blind

Minute, Spot

Krak Minute – China Banks, San Francisco

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Satva Leung – Fs 5-0 & melongrab – Toy Machine ‘Welcome To Hell’
Dan Drehobl – Full cab line – TWS ‘Free Your Mind’
Rob Welsh – Bs 5-0 to fakie – Aesthetics ‘Ryde Or Die Vol.2’
Jarne Verbruggen – Crailslide – Thrasher ‘Never Skatebored’ part
Tom Remillard – Fs boardslide – Vitamin C
Mark Suciu – Bs 180 switch manny revers line – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Dennis Busenitz – Bs 180 fakie manny revers – Real ‘Through And Through’
Jereme Knibbs – Flip up line – Santa Cruz ‘AM Video’
Eli Reed – Switch wallride – Converse ‘Purple’
Rowan Zorilla – Nollie flip – Supreme ‘Blessed’

History Clip, Spot

Supreme Court, New York City

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Justin Giannuzzi – Canonball – Iphone clip
Danny Supa – Ollie – Zoo York ‘Mixtape’
Josh Kalis – Ollie over the barrer + Ollie – TWS ‘The Sixth Sense’
Danny Supa – Nollie – Zoo York ‘Peep This’
Yaje Popson – Fs nollie – The Green Diamond ‘Rich Mahogany’
Yaje Popson – Bs nollie – Quartersnacks ‘Law & Order: Skateboard Victims Unit’
Spencer Fujimoto – Fs shuvit – Zoo York ‘Peep This’
Rodney Torres – tré – Osiris ‘The Storm’
Shane Mcgrane – Tré tailgrab –
Luis Perez – Fs 360 – Thanks Camera ‘Jump the shark’
Nolan Lee – Bs heelflip – ‘Time to start over’
Nolan Lee – Halfcab heel – Pow X Slay Sundays:
Tyshawn Jones – Hardflip, varial heel, nollie inward, switch bs heel, Nollie varial heel – Supreme ‘Cherry’
Na-kel Smith – Nollie hardflip – Supreme ‘Cherry’
Tyshawn Jones – Nollie heel – Supreme ‘Cherry’
Tyshawn Jones – Nollie flip – Jason Dill and Tyshawn Jones by William Strobeck for Supreme (NYC 2012)
Leo Heinert – Nollie late flip – Torro! skateboards introducing clip
Fletcher Renegar – Nollie tré – Frick Squad
Eli Reed – Switch flip – Zoo York ‘State of Mind’
Unknown – Switch fs flip – Quartersnacks ‘Law & Order: Skateboard Victims Unit’
Bryce Golder – Switch bigspin – Habitat ‘Origin’
Josh Clark – Fakie flip – SBC Skateboard Spring 2011 Cover Video
Mark Suciu – Wallie 180 + fakie flip – Adidas Skateboarding ‘New York City’
Jake Johnson – Fakie fs flip – KCshred clip
Yoshi Tanenbaum – Fakie fs flip – Berrics Bang Yo Self 3 Contest
Frankie Spears – Fakie fs flip – Adidas ‘Broadway Bullet’
Kevin Phelps – Full cab flip – Culture Shock
Brandon Westgate – Bs nosegrind revers – Xgames 17 real street 2011
Zered Bassett – Switch bs 5-0 – Xgames 17 real street 2011
Airto Jackson – Flip manny – Zoo York ‘Heads’
John Williams – Nose manny to bs lip to 5-0 – Sponsor me 2013
Matt Militano – Nose manual to back lip to back tail –
Silas Baxter-Neal – Bs fifty – youtube clip
Airto Jackson – Crooked – Zoo York ‘Peep This’
Brett Land – Wallie – The Green Diamond ‘Rich Mahogany’
Tom Knox – Fs fifty bs bigspin out – New Balance ‘Pinnytown’
Sean Dugan – Tailslide – Welcome to Westside
Brad Cromer – Fs tailslide heelflip out – Quartersnacks Pro-Fi Remix
Kevin Phelps – Fs tailslide bigspin flip – Culture Shock
Tyshawn Jones – Lipslide switch crook bigspin – Downwopp
Unknown – Fs crook – Quartersnacks ‘Law & Order: Skateboard Victims Unit’
Javier Nunez – Fs crook to fakie – Zoo York ‘Est 2.0’
Zered Bassett – Fs crook to fakie sw 180 out – Xgames 17 real street 2011
Keith Hufnagel – bs lip – TWS ‘Interface’
Josh Kalis – Bs tail – TWS ‘The Sixth Sense’
Dan Forkin – Bs tail shuvit – The Green Diamond ‘Rich Mahogany’
Danny Falla – Bs nosegrind – Zoo York ‘Est 2.0’
Billy Roper – Bs nosegrind shuvit – Grizzly Griptape
Dennis Busenitz – Feeble & bs noseblunt – Adidas Skateboarding ‘New York City’
Danny Fuenzalida – Bs noseblunt – Think ‘Business as usual’
Mark Suciu – Bs blunt 270 out – Adidas Skateboarding ‘New York City’
Rodrigo TX – Flip bs tail & bs 180 switch fs crook – LRG ‘Give Me My Money Chico’
Jerry Fowler – 180 switch crooks – Zoo York ‘Peep This’
Spencer Fujimoto – Switch crook revers – Zoo York ‘Peep This’
Brian Wenning – Switch crook – IN absentia ‘Late 90’s B-roll’
John Shanahan – Fakie shuvit crook revers – DGK ‘Thoro’
Jack Curtin – Switch bs nosegrind – LRG ‘Give Me My Money Chico’
Unknown – Switch bs nosegrind revers – Quartersnacks ‘Law & Order: Skateboard Victims Unit’
Jimmy McDonald – Sw bs tail shuvit – 5Boro ‘Join or Die’
Lucas Puig – Switch flip bs tail – Adidas Skateboarding ‘New York City’
Zered Bassett – Switch heel manny – Xgames 16 real street
Unknown – Nose manny – Quartersnacks ‘Law & Order: Skateboard Victims Unit’
Walker Ryan – Nose manny nollie flip – TWS ‘Perpetual Motion’
Walker Ryan – 5-0 to manny – Organika ‘Concrete Jungle’
Kenny Hoyle – Bs nosegrind to manny – Expedition ‘Madness’
Joe Tookmanian – Bs tail to nose manny – 5boro ‘Join or Die’


Wanderlust: DLXHI – Haoles in Hawai’i feat. Busenitz, Gerwer and Anderson

Something different in this episode of Wanderlust with this fun little edit of Hawai’i from the good folks over at DLX with Dennis Busenitz, Frank Gerwer and Mike Anderson visiting the main island of O’ahu, skating classic spots like A’ala Park, Hawai’i Kai, plus plenty of shred action at the newly inaugurated DLXHI plant.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.28.59 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.28.38 PM

By the very title of “Haoles in Hawai’i”, you know that the trio of Busenitz, Gerwer and Anderson won’t be taking themselves too seriously, and the laugh factor is definitely high on this one, especially from the always entertaining Frank Gerwer (that green Anti-Haole t-shirt Frank is sporting is just genius). And if you aren’t sure what “haole” means, you need to look that up. Haha!! Just watch the video if you ever need any reminder not to take yourself (or life) too seriously. Of course, being that this group consists of representatives from DLX’s Real, Krooked and Antihero teams, the skating is guaranteed top notch. These guys are really ATFs and make everything they skate look like so much fun. Special props to Dennis for that ollie out to frontside 50-50 on the oververt wall railing at A’ala. That shit’s ridiculous!

Dennis Busenitz getting raw on the oververt wall at A’ala.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.31.46 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.35.00 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.45.12 PM

Mike Anderson casually annihilates Hawai’i Kai skatepark and Frank Gerwer shows us how to make those back lips and back feebs extra lazy, just how you’d like them.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.33.06 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.37.06 PM

This edit is highly recommended viewing, sit back, crack open a cold beverage of choice and enjoy. Island vibes guaranteed! -HK