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Le Marbre, Brussels

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Homemade 1: line with kickflip on the double set & flip by Thibault Lenaerts; b/s flip by Brandon Turner; f/s flip by Geoffrey Van Hove; switch ollie by Wojciech Szlachta; noseslide by Lionel Krop
РSweet Skating 2: melon by Sami Ennabli; 50-50 flip out by Damien Delsaux
– Youtube part: b/s 180 by Max Sterno
– Puzzle 27: pop shove-it by Thibaud Fradin; varial heel by Gauthier Rouger
– Homemade 3: 360 flip & b/s heelflip by Dominik Dietrich; hardflip by Leon Huiskens; nollie f/s 180 James Ghekiere; ollie + f/s flip by Niels Van Der Zeew
– Homemade ‘Duo’: 360 f/s shove-it by Nassim Guammaz
– Carolozoo: double flip by Ludovic Jacquet; nollie heelflip by Jonathan Franc; nollie b/s shove-it by Kevin Vu; polejam & polejam melon by Romario; ollie + flip by Kamil Sienkiewicz
– Silence ‘Throwaways.2016’: fakie f/s 180 by Leo Fernandes
– Silence ‘ZAP.01’: fakie f/s flip by Leo Fernandes; drop by Rob Ingimarsson
– Puzzle 37: caballerial & b/s 180 late shove-it by Chris Pfanner; switch f/s shove-it by Peter Molec
– Homemade ‘Street Junkies’: bigspin heelflip by Rob Estberg; switch f/s flip by Kevin Tshala; nollie b/s heelflip by Jonathan Franc
– Kaak movie 2: 360 double flip by Antony Baclene
– Homemade 2: switch b/s 180 by Thomas Marchal; nollie & bluntslide by Lionel Krop
– Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: switch flip by Lucas Puig
– Cliche ‘Gypsy Life 2015’: switch varial heel by Paul Hart; 360 flip + hippy jump by Kevin Vu
– Puzzle 36: switch hardflip by Eero Antila; nollie b/s bigspin Kilian Heuberger
– Yallah: nollie flip by Valentin Agnus
– Skatestore ‘Ronde Van Vlandermore’: f/s bigspin & nollie f/s flip by Robbin De Wit; nollie inward by Shajen Williams
– Supra ‘Belgium Tour’: flip + ollie by Kevin Vu
– Motive ‘Lille, Brussels & Luxembourg Tour 2009’: ollie & b/s 5-0 to 50-50 by Barney Page
– Cliche ‘Freedom Fries’: ollie + b/s 360 by Franklin Stephens
– Almost ‘Almost a Part’: f/s 180 by Youness Amrani
– Area 02: tailslide by Julian Dykmans
– Puzzle 21: b/s tailslide by Julian Dykmans
– Puzzle 42: 50-50 to 50-50 by Jarne Verbruggen