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Footy Dump Friday: Paul Rodriguez at Sixth and Mill

P-Rod_sixthandmillGold board? Check. Nollie front foot flip? Check.

In each episode of Footy Dump, we’ll take a look at previously lost or never before seen footage of skateboarding radness. In this installment, we check out some unseen footage of Paul Rodriguez at Nike SB’s Sixth and Mill facility from 7 July 2013. This was right at the beginning of the renaissance of front foot flips, at the launch of the P-Rod 7 Skate Safari, and before there was even Primitive Skateboarding. P-Rod_sixthandmill 2 P-Rod took it to a whole other level with a backside crooked grind to nollie front foot flip out. Yep, you read that right!! Say that fast three times. BOOM!!! Yes, this is PRETTY DAMN KRAKED! Definitely a face melter right there and the Krak team was lucky enough to have been there to witness this. As a bonus, this was also one of the first sightings of P-Rod’s infamous “Gold” boards. We still got a couple more clips from that day stacked, so check out the clip below and stay tuned!


Images: © Krak