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Krak Minute – Pyramid Ledges, New York City

Last Update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Jake Johnson – Switch flip bs nosegrind – Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’
Ian Reid – Nollie nosegrind & nollie nosegrind revers – Aesthetics ‘Ryde Or Die Vol.1’
Walker Ryan – Fs tailslide shuvit – ABD NYC
Unknown – Fs tail bigspin heel – Adidas ‘Broadway Bullet’
Josh Kalis – Bs bigspin bs tail – Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’
Mark Suciu – Bs tail fs shuv – Adidas Introducing Suciu ADV II
Mark Suciu – Bs noseblunt – Habitat ‘Inhabitants’
Kauê Cossa – Fs shuv bs nosegrind – The (L) Train
Felipe Oliveira – Noseslide nollie flip – The (L) Train
Sean Malto – Bs nosegrind nollie flip – DC King of New York
Unknown – fs blunt flip out – Adidas ‘Broadway Bullet’
Franky Spears – Fs flip fakie nosegrind & bs flip fakie nosegrind – Alien Workshop ‘Control Room Sovereign Sect Ep.1’
Bobby De Keyser – Flip bs nosegrind revers – Converse ‘Purple’
Dave Willis – Flip fs 5-0 – TWS ‘The Cinematographer Project’
Mike York – Nollie half cab 5-0 – Chocolate ‘Hot Chocolate’
Josh Kalis – Switch bs tail shuvit – DC King of New York
Mark Suciu – Switch bs tail fs shuvit, switch bs fifty fs bigspin out, fs fifty bs 360 out, bs blunt to 5-0 revers & switch flip bs tail – Verso
Tyshawn Jones – Nollie bs noseblunt – Supreme ‘Blessed’