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Agenda Long Beach – Part 2: FTC

Established in 1986, FTC is the brainchild of Kent Ueyhara. Kent started out selling skateboards in the original FTC (Free Trade Commission) sporting goods store (owned by Kent’s pops) on Bush Street, before moving FTC first to its Shrader location and then to FTC’s Haight location in 1994. With San Francisco emerging as the ’90s mecca for skateboarding, FTC has long been associated with SF’s iconic spots like EMB, Hubba Hideout, Pier 7 and more through its iconic videos (Penal Code 101A, A Fine Line Between Love and Haight, Finally), and played a significant role in shaping and influencing the aesthetic and evolution of modern skateboarding. With franchises in Barcelona, Tokyo and Sendai; and with Western Edition Skateboards under the FTC family umbrella, the FTC brand has an enviable global reach with it’s carefully chosen collaborations as well as easily recognizable aesthetics and well thought out designs. I had the opportunity to spend some time at the FTC booth at Agenda 2015 Long Beach, and got to check out the upcoming line.

Lucas holding it down in the FTC booth. The Western Edition Route series decks for John Igei (green) and Jabari Pendleton (black) can be seen hanging up behind Lucas.


As expected, FTC’s upcoming line is amazingly clean, with the characteristically recognizable FTC logo interpreted creatively on each piece. Some of my personal favorites were the following two renditions of the classic FTC logo t-shirts.

IMG_5864 IMG_5863

Lucas walked me through their upcoming line and he and Kent also talked about some upcoming pieces that you’d definitely want to keep an eye out for. One of those pieces, the Hosoi Skateboards x FTC collaboration “Haight” Hammerhead t-shirt was especially cool, and definitely brought back that late-80s/early-90s vibe where transition skating was huge.

Lucas with the Hosoi Skateboards x FTC collaboration “Haight” Hammerhead t-shirt.


Another unusual item in the line definitely worth checking out is the FTC x Mac Dre t-shirt. Definitely needs no explanation here, but I bet these will sell out fast!

Lucas and Kent with the FTC x Mac Dre t-shirt.


I also got to pick up a copy of the FTC Chaodown DVD as well as hear about the Pier 7 DVD that will be dropping really soon, with apparently a whole load of unseen footage from one of SF skateboarding’s most formative and progressive periods. Remember all that epic Lavar, Stevie, Marcus, JB, Brad, Rob, Henry and Enrique footage and many more SF heads? You know I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of that  that! If it’s anything like what I’m hoping for, it’s gonna be crazy!


Thank you Lucas and Kent for taking the time to talk to me about FTC’s and Western Edition’s lines, everything’s looking really good! – HK