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Geoff Rowley

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    Walnut High School, California

    Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor: – Flip ‘Sorry’: boardslide by Geoff Rowley – Real ‘Since Day One’: f/s boardslide by Chima Ferguson – Toy Machine ‘Brainwash’: 50-50 by Daniel Lutheran…

  • History Clips, Skatespots

    Hollywood High 16, Los Angeles

    Last update: 🔥 Zyon Wright 🔥 Half-Cab Crook in the @realskateboards "By Any Means" video!! Check the full History Clip on youtube 👉 skatekrak 👈 A post shared by Krak (@skate_krak) on…

  • History Clips, Skatespots

    RIP Conforama, Lyon

    Last update: Found a new one down Conforama by @chany1 ?? This has been filmed in the @osirisshoes #Aftermathtour – we found it in the #411 55 – full #krakhistory clip is…

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    Santa Monica Triple Set

    Last update: @chrisjoslin_ destroying everything in his @xgames 'Real Street' trailer – here down the triple set in Santa Monica – full #krakhistory clip at 👉 👈 #krak #krakmag #skatekrak #skateboard…

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    Last update: Always a pleasure to watch @greglutzka in action – big up dude ⚡️👊 repost "Throw back SF clipper Hubba 🎥#skateboarding #SF " – check out the #krakhistory clip down #clipper…

  • History Clips, Skatespots

    Foch, Lyon

    Last update: @wallstreetskateshop video for the #vansshopriot – link in their bio – w/ @adriencoillard @colucheese & @steeveramy 🎥 @colucheese – full #krakhistory clip down #foch at 👉 👈 #krak #krakmag…