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Rincon, California

Rincon Middle School is like a skatepark for the elite. Monstrous block sets and high handrails made this spot famous in videos from the late 90s to now. Watch as the very best riders chuck themselves into skateboarding glory.

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

РYoutube clip: Ollie by Trae Montgomery
– Osiris “The Storm”:¬†B/s 180 by¬†Kanten Russell
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Airwalk by¬†James Brockman
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Kickflip, F/s Flip by¬†Ryan Smith
РPart 2013: Varial Heelflip by Austin Lenahan
РBaker 3: F/s Kickflip Shifty by Andrew Reynolds
РThe Assault Video: Impossible Tailgrab by Ace Pelka
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Tre flip by¬†Chris Cole
РNKA clip: Hardflip Indy by Vinnie Banh
– Foundation “That’s Life”:¬†Switch Ollie by¬†Corey Duffel
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Switch F/s 180 by¬†Jamie Thomas
РThe DC Video: Switch B/s 180 by Greg Myers
РVia Marina: Switch Pop Shuvit by Sierra Fellers
– Zero “Dying to Live”:¬†Fakie Ollie by¬†Kanten Russell
РDetroit Rock City: Fakie Kickflip, B/s Half Cab Flip by Austin Lenahan
РNatural Selection: F/s Half Cab Flip by Dave Bachinsky
РMag Minute: Full Cab by Sascha Daley
– DGK “Blood Money”:¬†Fakie Hardflip by¬†Darius Jackson
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Nollie by¬†John Rattray
– TWS “Hallelujah”:¬†Nollie Heelflip by¬†Ryan Decenzo
– Flip “Extremely Sorry”:¬†Nollie Flip by¬†Shane Cross
– DC Shoes “Skateboarding is Forever”:¬†Nollie B/s flip by¬†Greg Myers
– Digital “FYI”:¬†Nollie B/s Heelflip by¬†Magnus Hansen
РX-Games Real Street 2014: Nollie Inward Heel by Billy Marks
– Berry “Atmosphere”:¬†Switch F/s Heel by¬†Kevin Romar
РBoyish: Switch Bigheel by Jonathan Pierce
– Organika “Graduation”:¬†Switch Tre flip by¬†Walker Ryan
– Bones “New Ground”:¬†B/s 360 Kickflip by¬†Chris Joslin
– Foundation “WTF!”:¬†Switch B/s 360 by¬†Nick Merlino
– TWS “Not Another TransWorld Video”:¬†B/s Wallride by¬†Wes Kremer
– DC Shoes “The Wallon”:¬†F/s Wallride by¬†Madars Apse
– TWS “Interface”: Indy Tweak by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Toy Machine “Good & Evil”:¬†Tucknee by¬†Johnny Layton
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Stalefish by¬†Lindsey Robertson
– Zero “Misled Youth”:¬†B/s 180 by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Kickflip, F/s Flip by¬†Jon Allie
РThe Deathwish Video: B/s Flip by Furby
– Creature “Welcome To The Fiend”:¬†Fastplant by¬†Tyler Imel
РBoyish: Fakie Ollie by Evan Okeson
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Switch Ollie by¬†Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Cold War”:¬†F/s Nollie by¬†Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Strange World”:¬†Switch Kickflip by¬†Dane Burman
– City Stars “Street Cinema”:¬†F/s Boardslide by Caine Gayle
– Zero “Misled Youth”:¬†F/s Lipslide, F/s 5-O by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Toy Machine “Good & Evil”:¬†Nosegrind by¬†Josh Harmony
РDetroit Rock City: Crooked by Austin Lenahan
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Feeble by¬†John Rosenkranz;¬†B/s 5-0 by¬†JT Aultz
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†F/s Tailslide by¬†Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Cold War”:¬†B/s Bluntslide by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Birdhouse “The End”:¬†B/s 50-50 by¬†Steve Berra
– Girl “Yeah Right”:¬†B/s Lipslide by¬†Steve Berra
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†F/s Noseblunt by¬†Chris Cole
– Black Label “God Save The Label”:¬†F/s Feeble by¬†Chris Troy
– Zero “Strange World”:¬†B/s Overcrook by Jamie Tancowny
РStone Colden: B/s 180 Nosegrind by Trevor Colden
– Mystery “Color Theory”:¬†Bigspin F/s Boardslide by¬†Trevor Colden
– Blind “This Is Not A Test”:¬†Kickflip F/s Boardslide by¬†Filipe Ortiz
– Thunder “Alec Majerus Knows”:¬†Kickflip Crook by¬†Alec Majerus
РTrick Of The Year 2016 Submission: Tre flip Lipslide by Ryan Decenzo
– Zero “Cold War”:¬†Bigspin Heelflip Boardslide by¬†Ed Duff
– Osiris “Subject To Change”:¬†Switch F/s Boardslide by¬†Brandon Turner
– TWS “Hallelujah”:¬†Switch Feeble by¬†Ryan Decenzo
РMystery promo 2008: Switch F/s Lipslide by Pete Eldridge
– ATM CLICK “In Crusty We Trusty”:¬†Switch F/s Bigspin Boardslide by Chris Weissmann
РBlind X2 Vision: Switch B/s Lipslide by TJ Rogers
РRise & Shine: Kickflip B/s Lip by Nyjah Huston
– DC Shoes “Fade To Black”:¬†F/s 180 Switch Crook, Full Cab B/s Lipslide by¬†Nyjah Huston
– TWS “i.e.”:¬†F/s Lipslide by¬†Diego Bucchieri
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†B/s Lipslide by¬†Adrian Lopez
– Zero “Cold War”: F/s Lipslide, 5-0 the corner rail by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Kickflip over the rail by¬†Jamie Thomas
РMystery promo 2008: B/s 180 over the rail by Dennis Durrant
РYoutube clip: F/s Flip over the rail by Tony Tave


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History Clip, Spot

Carlsbad, California

The Carlsbad Gap, with it’s many cracks and uphill landing,¬† is a legendary spot. Carlsbad High School has been a stomping ground for pro’s since 1992 when it first appeared in videos. Kris Markovich was the first to step to the gap with a flip trick, beginning the 20 year annihilation. Since then, pros like Jeremy Wray, Tom Penny, Chris Cole, Andrew Reynolds, and countless others have made their mark with every trick imaginable. It was only fitting that Markovich would be the last to ollie the gap on February 23rd, 2012, when the spot was completely demolished. Enjoy this mix of every trick to go down at Carlsbad.

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

РOn Video: Switch Ollie by Rob Dyrdek
– Birdhouse “Feasters”: Ollie by¬†Jeremy Klein; Ollie the stairs by Tony Hawk
-Last time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Nosegrab Tweak by Evan Smith
– Toy Machine “Suffer The Joy”: Tuck-knee by Johnny Layton
– Baker 3: One foot by Antwuan Dixon
– May 09 Roger of the Month: Body Varial by Clint Walker
– Zero “New Blood”: Airwalk by Tony Cervantes
– On Video: Fakie Ollie by Chris Lambert
– Plan B Virtual Reality: Nollie by Danny Way
– Union Wheels “Right To Skate”: B/s 180 by Kris Markovich
– Dreams of Children: Kickflip by Kris Markovich
– 88 “Destroy Everything Now”: Finger Flip by Dave Coyne
– Youtube clip: Lateflip by Bradley Lane; Kickflip Grosman Grab by Shaan Harris; Kickflip Roastbeef by Billy Marks
РRodney Mullen vs Daewon Song Vol.2: Pop Shuvit & Heelflip over the rail by Josh Kasper
РTrilogy: Heelflip, Kickflip over the rail, Tre flip by Josh Kasper
РMuckmouth Video: Hardflip by Josh Kasper
РTWS Footage: Heelflip indy & Tre flip tailgrab by Josh Kasper
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Impossible by Josh Kasper
– Plan B “Second Hand Smoke”: F/s¬†Flip, Switch Back 180, F/s half-cab, Switch F/s 360, Switch F/s flip by¬†Jeremy Wray
РElement Tour: B/s Heel by Jeremy Wray
– TWS “In Bloom”:¬†B/s flip by¬†Alex Gall aka “Trainwreck”
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Front Shuv by Anthony Williams
РYoutube Clip: Varial Heelflip by Jordan Hoffart
– Blind “This Is Not A Test”:¬†Varial Flip by¬†Kevin Romar
– Vox “Black & Blue Vol.4”:¬†Inward heel by¬†Adrian Gepart
– Mystery “Black & White”:¬†Double Flip by¬†Jimmy Carlin
– Battle Commander part: B/s 360 shuv by Shane o’Neil
РBaker 3: B/s Bigspin by Erik Ellington
– Alien Workshop “Mindfield”:¬†Bigspin flip by¬†Tyler Bledsoe
РNetworking with Kappel: B/s 360 by Ernie Torres
– Zero “Dying to Live”:¬†B/s 360 the stairs by¬†Ryan Smith
– Globe “United By Fate 4”: Hardflip & Switch F/s Bigspin by¬†Luan Oliviera
– Expedition One “Alone”:¬†F/s 50-50 by Alphonso Rawls
– Duff Shoes “Wonder Years”:¬†F/s lipslide by¬†Alphonso Rawls
РBaker 3: F/s Board by Richie Belmont
Р1031 Best Of: F/s Tailslide by Dan Nepscha
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: B/s 180 over the rail by Unknown Kid
– Globe “United By Fate 1”: Nollie B/s 180 over the rail by¬†Jake Duncombe
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Double flip over the rail by Silent Mike; 360 flip over the rail by Nick Fiorini; F/s flip over the rail, Nollie B/s board & B/s lipslide by Nick Merlino; F/s Feeble, F/s Nosegrind by Dakota Servold
– Zero “Dying to Live”:¬†Nollie F/s half-cab over the stairs by¬†Jimmy Astleford
Р411VM #58: Nollie F/s half-cab by Florentin Marfaing
РThe Deathwish Video: Switch flip by Jim Greco
Р411VM 13.1: Switch Heel, Switch Varial Heel by Terrell Robinson
Р411VM 60: Switch F/s Heel by Chris Cole
Р411VM 11: Switch F/s Flip by Tom Penny
– DC “Skateboarding Is Forever”:¬†Switch Bs Flip by¬†Greg Myers
– Shorty’s “Guilty”:¬†Switch Hardflip by Brandon Turner
– Emerica “Stay Gold”:¬†Fakie F/s flip, Switch B/s Heel by¬†Andrew Reynolds
РBaker has a Deathwish: Switch B/s Shuv by Andrew Reynolds
– Emerica “This is skateboarding”: B/s Full-Cab by¬†Andrew Reynolds
РBaker 3: Nollie B/s Full-Cab by Andrew Reynolds
– Darkstar “Forward Slash”: Switch F/s 360 by¬†Ryan Decenzo
РToast part: Switch F/s 360 Boneless by Albert Mardrid
– TWS “Let’s Do This”:¬†Switch F/s Bigspin by¬†Devine Calloway
– Fallen “Ride the Sky”:¬†Switch Big Heel by¬†Billy Marks
– Toy Machine “Brainwash”:¬†Nollie Inward Heel by¬†Billy Marks
РBaker 3: Nollie Heel by Antwuan Dixon
РVia Marina: Nollie Flip, Nollie B/s Heel by Furby
РEric Lesar youtube channel: Nollie F/s heel by Nyjah Huston
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Nollie F/s Flip by Moose
РThe Deathwish Video: Nollie B/s flip by Jim Greco
– Digital “Smoke & Mirrors”:¬†Nollie Bigspin, Nollie Big Heel by¬†Cody McEntire
РThe Bones Video: Nollie F/s 360 by Kevin Romar
– Toy Machine “Suffer The Joy”:¬†Switch Tre flip by¬†Johnny Layton
– Bones “New Ground” & Last time contest at the Carlsbad gap:¬†Switch Big flip by¬†Trevor McClung
– Zero “Strange World”:¬†B/s 360 Kickflip by¬†Chris Cole
РRIP Carlsbad Gap: Last Ollie by Kris Markovich
Рcomputerblueart instagram: ??? by John McGuire

R.I.P Carlsbad Gap 1992 – 2012