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IFO 3 AMS Promo

For this edition of Pro Bono Promo, we have the IFO Skateboards 3 AMAS video, which showcases their 3 newly minted AMS Hiroto Naito, Satoshi Ikeda and Shunpei Sato. Japan’s IFO Skateboards is the brainchild of former Japanese pro Soichiro Nakajima (who spent a stint on Element Skateboards in the late 90s) and it’s always super refreshing to see skateboarding from outside the US. Having always been interested in the Japanese skateboarding scene, this short 5 minute promo definitely does not disappoint.

Hiroto flipping out of a backtail.

IFO 3 AMS Promo 1

The light footed Hiroto  starts off the video with some super smooth tech, and his line consisting of a switch front tail revert followed by a kickflip backtail line is definitely a standout.

Shunpei with a picturesque frontboard.

IFO 3 AMS Promo 2

Shunpei is up next to bat with an amazingly lazy, slow mo’ style that makes everything look so good. I have no idea how he slows his flips like that, but his opening line of a backsmith, nollie backside noseslide and a backtail bigspin out seriously just oozes smoothness.

Satoshi with a nosegrind.

IFO 3 AMS Promo 3

The Krak homie Satoshi has last part in the video and he definitely delivers. We all know he’s on Stoner Plaza’s nollie late flip honor roll, but he also has one of the craziest lines at the West L.A. Courthouse with a nollie tre on flat followed by a nollie inward heel backtail. Whaattt?!!

If the future of IFO Skateboards in the hands of this talented trio, IFO’s future is definitely looking bright!¬† Check the video out below! – HK