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Pro Bono Promo: Hockey

John Fitzgerald Hockey

This has been out for a minute, but in case you missed it, you definitely want to give the Hockey promo a watch ASAP. Straight out of the minds of Jason Dill and AVE of FA World Entertainment, Hockey Skateboards dropped one hell of a promo featuring John Fitzgerald and Donovan Piscopo. No filler, just straight up RAW skateboarding. We all know John Fitzgerald rips, but he seriously drops hammers repeatedly on this one. A 50-50 down a hubba to gap out over the last 6 stairs, a fakie ollie 50-50 down a 13 stair rail, a beastly banked wallride frontboard going about Mach 10, and a front tail down a tall hubba on the 10 are just some of what the throws down in the promo.

Donovan Piscopo Hockey 1

The super underrated Donovan Piscopo demonstrates a textbook switch flip over a hydrant and an insane line at 3rd and Army consisting of a nosegrind on the round rail (off flat) followed up by a frontside lipslide round the curved round rail! Straight up ridiculous!

Donovan Piscopo Hockey 2

And that Lockwood line of a frontside 180 fakie 5-0 to regs on the bank bench followed by the kickflip backsmith on the bank to fence bar is like a 90s throwback line updated to 2015. Pure gold! And they both skate so damn fast. This promo will definitely hype you up to get out there and shred. Peep it below!