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Greetings from Holland!

A few weeks ago, the guys from SKATE48 organized the CreatingLines2018 in Rotterdam, a pretty big event with picture/film exhibitions and talks about the Holland Skateboarding History. As we are trying to keep track of Skateboarding History ourselves here at Krak, we can only salute this kind of initiative!
SKATE48 was already such a good concept! The guys were making a 2 days event with skateboarding, filming, photography and music every year for the last couple of years and it was even including a street video contest!

This year, they managed to raise almost 2000 euros for Concrete Jungle Foundation and their current project in Luanda, Angola, the first skatepark in the country.

Despite the shitty winters, cobblestones and high THC levels, Holland has a really rich Skateboarding History, a great number of talented skaters and a lot of motivation! We love to see the work of Sami El Hassani and Mr ‘Memory ScreenJan Maarten Sneep with their Bombaklats soldiers! Most of the guys in this crew are pretty famous! Some are pro like Rob Maatman (Frank Skateboards), Daan Van Der Linden (Anti-Hero Skateboards) or more recently Nassim Guammaz (Element Skateboards).

Tim Zom is also part of the crew and is a major Rotterdam and Holland character and if you never heard of him, I highly recommand you to check out this movie about his life:

It all reminded me of that edit I made back 11 years ago (fuck I’m getting old!) of the Vans World Championship that took place in Rotterdam in 2007. It was a crazy weekend of skateboarding and such a pleasure for the eyes for me who was for the first time filming on the course of such a big contest. Arto was there, and he won the contest! David Gravette was there too, Adam Dyet, Mark Appleyard, young David Gonzalez, Curren Caples and Axel Cruysberghs, the flip guys on tour basically along with lots of Euro dudes coming from everywhere, Belgium, Holland, England, France, Spain, Portugal..