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How To: Kickflip frontside crooked grind with Peter McClelland

“Just want to keep your weight right above the front truck, and keep your foot pinching the wheel on the ledge.”

Peter McClelland 1You might or might not have heard of Portland’s Peter McClelland. If you have, you probably know that Peter’s been quietly killin’ it with his crazy tech wizardry for a while now. Now an Oregon transplant to SoCal and an OG Stoner Local, Peter’s one of the humblest dudes you could ever meet, and definitely the friendliest. He has a sick how to video on kickflip frontside crooks up on the Transworld Skateboarding site right now. I’ve seen Peter put these down countless times, he definitely has those magic feet. You can be sure you’ll be seeing more of Peter in the future. Fittingly filmed at the now legal West L.A. Courthouse ledges, ladies and gentleman, may we present, Mr Peter McClelland. Click through the image to the Transworld video. Filmed by Joe Monteleone.