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The LOVE fountain gap

Last update:

We knew about the Walker’s switch bs flip but back then we couldn’t find the video. Now that Sabotage 4 is out there (you can buy the DVD here): here it is.

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– first line by Ishod Wair in “Sabotage 3”
– “On Video Winter 2004”: ollie by Vinnie Ponte; ollie by Bam Margera; ollie front by Jamie Thomas; flip by Kerry Getz; flip by Tim O’Connor; ollie airwalk by Donnie Bianco; switch ollie by Anthony Pappalardo; 36 front by Jeremie Wray
– Youtube: benihana by Willy Levine
– DC video: switch back by Brian Wenning
– Emerica “This is Skateboarding”: flip front by Andrew Reynolds
– Fallen “Ride the Sky”: 36 back by Chris Cole
– Transworld “In Bloom”: switch flip front & flip back by Chris Cole
– “Sabotage 3”: varial heel by Mark Suciu; fs shove by Ishod Wair
– Intro for Fourstar: heelflip by Ishod Wair
– Real “Since Day One”: switch flip by Ishod Wair
– Fourstar “Wair n Tear”: switch bigspin by Ishod Wair
– “Something Wild”: treflip by Eric Kunman; switch pop shove & bs bigspin by Ian Smith
– Transworld “Perpetual Motion”: hardflip by Jimmy Carlin
– Mystery “Color Theory”: switch heel & switch heel back by Tom Asta
– Transworld photo at the end: switch flip back by Walker Ryan