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Krak Minute – Vernon Yellow Bars

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Chico Brenes – Crooked grind – Girl ‘Mouse’
Keenan Milton – Switch noseslide – Girl ‘Mouse’
Eric Koston – Fs noseslide – Girl ‘Mouse’
Cooper Wilt – Switch fs board & switch fs board shuvit – Almost ‘Round 3’
Rodrigo Petersen – Halfcab crook – LRG ‘Give Me My Money Chico’
Marquise Henry – Fs 180 nosegrind revers – DGK ‘Blood Money’
Marquise Henry – Switch smith revers – DGK ‘Parental Advisory’
Luke Croker – Bennett grind – Krooked ‘LSD’
Mark Gutterman – Bs smith – Digital ‘Diversity’
Torey Pudwill – Back smith flip out – TWS ‘Hallelujah’
Matt Berger – Bs tail flip out – Etnies ‘Album’
Zack Doelling – Crook nollie inward – Blind ‘I AM Blind’
Ishod Wair – Switch crook flip out – Nike SB ‘Back on my BS’
Austyn Gillette – Switch fs noseslide flip out – for HUF Footwear
Alec Majerus – Fs noseslide bigspin – Flip ‘3’
Wade Desarmo – Bs 180 nosegrind revers – DGK ‘Parental Advisory’
Rodrigo TX – bs 180 nosegrind – LRG ‘Give Me My Money Chico’
Rodrigo TX – Flip fs noseslide & switch bs tail shuvit – Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’
Rodrigo TX – Switch flip bs tail – DGK ‘Parental Advisory’
Tiago Lemos – Switch flip bs smith – The DC Promo

History Clip, Spot

LA Downtown Triple Set

Last update:


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Jeremy Wray – Ollie – Plan B ‘Second Hand Smoke’
Jeremy Wray – Fakie ollie – TWS ‘The Reason’
Jeremy Wray – Ollie over the rail, nollie, bs nollie, fakie fs ollie – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Ed Selego – Switch Ollie & switch fs 180 – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Nate Jones – Bs 180 – Real ‘Real To Reel’
Don Nguyen – Kickflip – Foundation ‘Cataclysmic Abyss’
Don Nguyen – Heelflip – Baker ‘Bake & Destroy’
Luke Hampton – Bs flip – @luke_hampton
Andrew Reynolds – Fs flip – Indy commercial
Andrew Reynolds – Fullcab – Kill Tapes: Downtown LA Triple Set
Andrew Reynolds – Varial heel – TWS ‘Not Another Transworld Video’
Erik Ellington – Hardflip – The Deathwish Video
Chris Joslin – Ghetto bird – Behind The Clips
Mike Piwowar – Inward – @pwire314
Justin Brock – Treflip – Nike SB ‘Debacle’
Josh Sierra – Bigspinflip – “I Heart Skateboarding”
Yoshi Tanenbaum – Laser flip – Stereo ‘Stereophonic Sound: Volume 8’
Ishod Wair – Fs 360 – Nike SB ‘Chronicles vol.2’
Chris Colbourn – Bs 360 & switch fs heel – Cut & Dry
Auby Taylor – Fakie flip – Auby’s World
Sebo Walker – Switch flip – LAKAI CARROLL 5 ‘OUT OF CONTROL’
Sebo Walker – Switch fs flip & nollie flip – Lakai ‘PICO XLK FEATURE’
Trevor Colden – Nollie bs flip – PUSH part
Cody McEntire – Nollie bs heel & nollie bigspin – Blind ‘Damn’
Tj Rogers – Switch bigspin – Blind ‘Damn’
Justin Figueroa – Switch bs 180 & switch bs flip – Baker ‘Bake & Destroy’
Tyshawn Jones – Switch bs heel – Supreme ‘Blessed’
Paul Rodriguez – Switch Hardflip – Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 7 TV Commercial + behind the scenes
Shane O’Neill – Switch tre – Nike SB ‘Chronicles 2’

History Clip, Spot

Macba Big Low To High, Barcelona

Macba saw a few changes happening almost 10 years ago. The 4 blocks became 3 blocks, and this low to high ledge became the same low to high ledge but longer to grind because of the new stairs! Quite a lot of tricks were landed since then!


Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Héloïse Wathelet – Noseslide – Youtube 2015 part
Fred Plocque-Santos – Fs fifty canonball, fs layback boardslide & fs 5-0 nosegrab – @yeahleyeah Instagram account
Rodrigo Petersen – Fs nosegrind – LRG ‘Give Me My Money Chico’
Sebastian Carballo – Crooked tailgrab – Macba Life x Transworld Skateboarding #9
Vlad Esaulkov – Fs 5-0 revers & fs blunt – Selfish ‘Mi Amor’
Raphael Detienne – Fs 180 nosegrind revers – Element ‘Make It Count 2017’
Diego Stephan – Hurricane – Salamalako
John Pankus – Bs bennet grind – Element ‘Make It Count 2017’
Mark Suciu – Halfcab crook – Habitat ‘Search The Horizon’
Alex Sorgente – Halfcab fifty – GoPro Skate Best Moments of Spain’s MACBA Life 2018
Zion Wright – Fakie fifty revers – Real ‘By Any Means’
Barney Page – Bs smith revers – Salamalako
Kilian Zehnder – Bs 180 switch fifty – ‘Official’ part
Tristan Funkhouser – Bennett grind – The DC Promo
Thierry Gormit – Bs 180 nosegrind – This Is Klap
Alexandre Massotti – Nollie fs noseslide – Olho de Peixe ‘Especial Barcelona’
Marcos Mama – Flip fs noseslide & nollie fs crooked – Salamalako
Kilian Zehnder – Fs noseslide heelflip out – ‘K to Z’ part
Kilian Zehnder – Fs crook – This Is Klap
Ryo Motohashi – Fs crook shuvit out – Element ‘Make It Count 2017’
Martin Sandberg – Fakie crook – The Sour Solution II
Marek Zaprazny – Fakie 5-0 flip out – Primitive ‘International Ambassador’
Madars Apse – Fs nosegrind nollie flip out – Element ‘Madars is pro’
Manuel Margreiter – Fs tail flip out – DC ‘Where EU At?’
Jorge Simoes – Fs tail flip 270 out – Jart ‘AM Project’
Jorge Simoes – Fs 180 switch crook – Invicta part
Caio Guilherme – Fs 5-0 to switch crooked – Salamalako
Roger Silva – Nollie crooked – Salamalako
Adriel Parmisano – Halfcab noseslide heelflip out, nollie flip crooked & crooked nollie late flip – @adriel.skt Instagram account
Yuri Facchini – Hardflip bs nosegrind – Street Skating in Barcelona
Yuri Facchini – Fakie hardflip switch 5-0 revers – Almost ‘3.AM’
Joan Galceran – 5-0 treflip out – Welcome to Jart
Andrii Ryzhov – Blunt flip out – Raw Clips ‘Quick Fix’
Kyle Walker – Bs tail flip out – ‘No Other Way’ part
Javier Paredes – Kickflip bs tail – DC ‘Where EU At?’
Adrien Bulard – Kickflip bs tail bigspin out & halfcab noseslide 270 out – Jart ‘New Life’
Sean Rosenzvaig – Switch tail 270 out – Macba Life x Transworld Skateboarding #8 Best of 2017
Tiago Lemos – Switch pop shuvit nosegrind – The DC Promo
Sven Kilchenmann – Switch bs tail – Vans ‘Welcome to the Swiss pro team’
Miles Silvas – Switch heel bs tail – Numbers Edition 3
Carlos Ribeiro – Switch bs smith – Primitive part
Carlos Ribeiro – Switch flip crook – LRG ‘1947’
Ishod Wair – Switch fs blunt – Real ‘By Any Means’
Max Geronzi – Fakie ollie switch bs noseblunt – Cliché ‘Gypsy Life’
Javier Paredes – Bs noseblunt – DC ‘Where EU At?’
Trent McClung – Kickflip bs noseblunt – Primitive ‘Trent McClung goes pro’

History Clip, Spot

University Hubba, Stanford

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Transworld ‘Sight Unseen’: f/s 50-50 by John Cardiel
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: f/s boardslide by Louie Barletta
– Santa Cruz ‘Uprising’: f/s noseslide by Ron Whaley
– Tranworld ‘i.e.’: 5-0 & tailslide by Diego Bucchieri
– Osiris ‘Feed the Need’: f/s smith & ollie over by Caswell Berry; pop shove-it 5-0 by Corey Duffel
– Tiltmode Army ‘Shop Copy’: b/s 5-0 by Caswell Berry
– Youtube part ‘Bonus Round’: b/s tailslide by Jose Rojo
– Fallen ‘Ride the Sky’: b/s bluntslide by Chris Cole; flip noseslide by Billy Marks
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: f/s bluntslide by Heath Kirchart; nollie crooked by Leo Romero; b/s 180 fakie nosegrind by Justin ‘Figgy’ Figueroa
– Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: f/s noseblunt by Cairo Foster
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: b/s noseblunt by Sean Malto
– Enjoi ‘Oververt’: f/s feeble Zach Wallin
– Thunder ‘Know Future’: b/s smith revert by Jafin Garvey
– Flip ‘Sorry’: switch 180 wheelie by Mark Appleyard
– Enjoi ‘Bag of Suck’: switch f/s 180 to 5-0 by Jerry Hsu
– Thrasher ‘Timebomb’: switch 5-0 by Paul Hart
– ‘Bigly’: switch crooked by Frankie Spears
– Real ‘Since Day One’: f/s 180 switch crooked by Ishod Wair
– Youtube clip ‘Strong Sessions 2016’: nollie 180 nosegrind by Windsor James
– Alien Workshop ‘Life Splicing No. 006’: half-cab f/s 50-50 by John Fitzgerald
– Habitat ‘Origin’: switch b/s 50-50 by Daryl Angel
– Skate Mental ‘Am Chowder’: nollie b/s 50-50 by Daryl Angel
– Nike SB ‘Chronicles vol.2’: f/s 180 fakie 50-50 by Daryl Angel
– 411 ‘Volume 13, Issue 1’: fakie tailslide by Wieger Van Wageningen
– Transworld ‘Hallelujah’: flip crooked by Ryan Decenzo
– Emerica ‘Made’: flip 50-50 by Jeremy Leabres
– LRG ‘1947’: flip b/s tailslide & switch b/s smith by Miles Silva
– Adidas ‘Away Days’: 360 flip 50-50 by Alec Majerus

History Clip, Spot

The LOVE fountain gap

Last update:

We knew about the Walker’s switch bs flip but back then we couldn’t find the video. Now that Sabotage 4 is out there (you can buy the DVD here): here it is.

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– first line by Ishod Wair in “Sabotage 3”
– “On Video Winter 2004”: ollie by Vinnie Ponte; ollie by Bam Margera; ollie front by Jamie Thomas; flip by Kerry Getz; flip by Tim O’Connor; ollie airwalk by Donnie Bianco; switch ollie by Anthony Pappalardo; 36 front by Jeremie Wray
– Youtube: benihana by Willy Levine
– DC video: switch back by Brian Wenning
– Emerica “This is Skateboarding”: flip front by Andrew Reynolds
– Fallen “Ride the Sky”: 36 back by Chris Cole
– Transworld “In Bloom”: switch flip front & flip back by Chris Cole
– “Sabotage 3”: varial heel by Mark Suciu; fs shove by Ishod Wair
– Intro for Fourstar: heelflip by Ishod Wair
– Real “Since Day One”: switch flip by Ishod Wair
– Fourstar “Wair n Tear”: switch bigspin by Ishod Wair
– “Something Wild”: treflip by Eric Kunman; switch pop shove & bs bigspin by Ian Smith
– Transworld “Perpetual Motion”: hardflip by Jimmy Carlin
– Mystery “Color Theory”: switch heel & switch heel back by Tom Asta
– Transworld photo at the end: switch flip back by Walker Ryan

History Clip, Spot


Last update:

A 7min edit wasn’t too long for such a legendary spot. Still we really wanted to give you this awesome line-up. Gotta love skateboarding’s progression!

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Transworld ‘The Reason’: line with ollie top set + kickflip the second set by Cairo Foster; back 5-0 by Kenny Reed
– Real ‘Real to Reel’: nollie noseslide by Cairo Foster
– Antisocial video: fs flip by Rick McCrank
– ‘Is what it Is’: Layback bs boardslide by Scott Bourne
– Zero ‘Cold War’: impossible fifty by Jamie Thomas
– ‘Chomp on This’: fs board by Jamie Thomas
– Girl ‘Mouse’: fs fifty by Sean Sheffey; bs fifty by Eric Koston
– Element ‘Third Eye View’: fs 5-0 by Kris Markovich
– Shorty’s ‘Guilty’: line with tailslide + switch noseslide by Chad Muska
– Antihero ‘Cash Money Vagrant’: nosegrind by Frank Gerwer
– Girl ‘Yeah Right’: nollie back 5-0 by Eric Koston; nollie heel nose & nollie flip noseslide by Justin Eldridge
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: back fifty footplant by Jerry Hsu
– Real ‘Roll Forever’: back 5-0 revert & nollie bs noseblunt by Darell Stanton
– Transworld ‘Free your Mind’: transfert fs blunt & nollie fs180 to sw 5-0 by Darell Stanton; tailslide shuv by Van Wastell; nollie noseblunt by Jack Curtin; flip crook by Cale Nuske
– 411 .48: backtail by Anthony Mosley
– Baker ‘Bootleg 99’: bs lip by Heath Kirchart
– Transworld ‘Sight Unseen’: blunt by John Cardiel
– Flip ‘Sorry’: fs blunt by Arto Saari; sw tail & flip back 5-0 & nollie flip fifty by Mark Appleyard
– rookie 411 .37: noseblunt by John Rattray
– Youtube Clip: back noseblunt by Tommy Fynn; boneless tail by Justin Blake
– Berrics part ‘Gold Record Debut’: tre noseslide by Tommy Fynn
– The Firm ‘Can’t stop the firm’: fs crook by Jani Laitiala
– Shep Dawgs vol4: hurricane by Riley Hawk
– Baker 2G: fs180 fakie nosegrind by Dustin Dollin
– 411 14.2: bs 180 nosegrind by Daryl Angel
– Darkstar ‘Forward Slash’: bs 180 fakie fifty & sw 180 to 5-0 & ollie over to board & fs 180 sw crook by Ryan Decenzo; bigspin noseslide by Greg Lutzka
– ‘Bust or Bail 2’: fs 180 fifty by Daniel Lutheran; halfcab fifty & back 180 over by Tafari Whitter; fakie crook & fakie flip fifty & sw heel 5-0 by Paul Hart; nollie tail by Joey Ragali; hardflip over by Drake Johnson; sw fifty & sw shuvit boardslide by Justin Figueroa; flip over all by Aaron “Jaws” Homoki; sw back lip by Nick Merlino; shuvit fifty by Forrest Edwards; bigspin boardslide by Terrell Newell; bigspin backtail by Shane O’Neill; heelflip crook by Jonathan Perez
– Real ‘Since Day One’: alley oop front 180 sw back 50 by James Hardy; sw backtail by Chima Ferguson
– Flip ‘Really Sorry’: line with sw 180 fifty by Geoff Rowley
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: fakie fifty by Elijah Berle; boneless lip by Brian Anderson; sw bluntslide by Vincent Alvarez
– Thrasher part ‘Auby’s World’: fakie backtail & flip back over by Auby Taylor
– Deathwish video: fullcab noseslide by Brian “Slash” Hansen
– Think ‘iThink’: nollie front noseslide by Adam Dyet
– Real ‘Seeing Double’: nollie crook by JT Aultz
– 411 .60: transfert noseblunt by JT Aultz
– 19th Ave: nollie boardslide to fakie by Alex Conns; fs 36 over by Daniel Dubois
– Digital ‘Get Tricks or Die Tryin’: nollie 180 sw crook by Bjorn Johnson
– Plan B ‘True’: nollie flip fifty by Chris Joslin; transfert bs lip by Torey Pudwill
– LRG ‘Give me my money chico’: sw bs 5-0 by Jack Curtin
– FTC part: sw crook by Jack Curtin
– DGK ‘Parental Advisory’: sw flip fifty & sw back lip by Jack Curtin
– Instagram clip: lip to 5-0 revert by Sam Baker
– Meeps video: wallie boardslide & wallie fifty by George Klioriatis
– Black Label ‘God save the label’: wallie fs board by Jason Adams
– Dekline ‘True Blue’: sw wallie boardslide by Ryan Spencer
– ‘Static 4’: wallie fs fifty by Jake Johnson
– Thrasher Magnified: wallie crook by AJ Zavala; ollie over all by Milton Martinez
– Vox part: wallie blunt by Shawn Hale
– Pack of Hydes part: wallie 180 fakie 5-0 by Wes Kremer
– Death ‘Better than Life’: fastplant by Richie Jackson
– XGames 17 real street: nollie fastplant by Eli Reed
– ‘Mark and Matt Clipper Ledge Tricks’: 180 over by Mark
– On Video ‘Spring 02’: flip over by Caswell Berry
– Sus Monts: fs flip over by Ben Stewart
– Zero ‘Strange World’: flip front board & flip back over by Jamie Tancowny
– Think ‘Business as Usual’: sw flip over by Cody McEntire
– Birdhouse ‘The Beginning’: sw lip by Sean Eaton
– Habitat ‘Mosaic’: sw bs fifty by Anthony Pappalardo
– Nike SB ‘Chronicles 2’: sw front blunt by Ishod Wair
– Mystery Promo 2008: sw noseblunt by Pete Eldridge
– Slap ‘One in a million 2010 ep.13’: tre fifty by Forrest Edwards; flip 5-0 by Reuben Barrack
– Unhinged part: tre 5-0 by Forrest Edwards
– Circa ‘It’s time’: fs shuv 5-0 by Colt Cannon; flip tailslide by Jon Allie
– Supreme / Thrasher ‘Sickness’: shuvit fifty by Kevin Bradley
– Thrasher part ‘Last Call’: hardflip back 5-0 by Nyjah Huston
– The Berrics ‘Spring Fling’: bigheel noseslide by Greg Lutzka
– Epxedition One ‘Gone Fishin’: flip back noseblunt by Ryan Gallant


We still had some tricks in mind but didn’t succeed to find them – feel free to tell us where they are in the comments section:
– nollie fs blunt by Tommy Sandoval
– wallie bs 5-0 by Shawn Hale
– the first back noseblunt landed there by Darell Stanton (Thrasher cover when he was 16!)
– fakie tail by Jeremy Reeves

Interview, Kraken

Virgile (Paris, France)

Let me introduce you this guy, he’s our Krak homies in Paris.

What’s up Virgile?

Everything great thanks! Just back from a sesh in the north of paris at EGP, of course you can check it on the Krak app.

EGP north paris

Can you introduce yourself please.

I’m Virgile, I’m 24 years old, I’m from Lyon, France. I now live in Paris but I had the chance to live and skate in Montreal and Buenos Aires, which was awesome! On my spare time I write on Vida Skate a blog about local skate scenes and skate news in general. To finish, of course, I’m a Krak addict ;).

What do you do for a living?

I work at M6, one of the big local TV channel, I am in charge of a new Youtube channels launch. Our latest project is an acoustic cover channel called Cover Garden, here is the link if you want to check it out.

Why did you decide to join The Krak Homies?

When the Krak team first contacted me about a year ago, I thought the project was really cool and offered to get involved. So, when they offered me to be part of the Krak Homies I was really stoked and didn’t over think it, I said yes.

Your availability to hang out and skate?

Since I am working, I skate mostly at night and on the week ends of course. I’d definitely be happy to meet homies to skate and hang out.

Any favorite spot?

In Lyon, I’ve spent countless hours at Hotel de Ville, the spot is legendary where I had the chance to watch Cliché pros filming parts. In Paris, my favorite spot is Fougères skatepark at the East of Paris, cool locals and great curves, definitely recommend it (the spot is on the Krak app). In Buenos Aires, I really love the Converse skate plaza, it’s hard to get there but once you are there it’s like California in South America.

Hotel de Ville – Lyon
Hotel de ville

Converse skate plaza – Buenos Aires
Converse skate plaza

Fougères – Paris
Fougères Paris

Favorite skater?

Not very original but I am a huge fan of Eric Koston! The guy is a living legend.

Video part?

The Guy Mariano part in Pretty Sweet!

Anecdote about your worst session ever?

In Buenos Aires I remember going for an 1h30 bus drive to go to a skatepark and break my board on the second trick no skateshop around…That really sucked.

Foodporn: Baguette Cheese Saucisson or Burger?

Baguette, Cheese and Saucisson of course!

Tony Hawk Pro Skater or SKATE ?

Skate is cool but all the good memories go which Tony Hawk Pro Skater of course.

Thanks Bro!


Picture ©Helene Giansily
Left to Right: Antoine Bunel, Ishod Wair, Pierre Leroy & Virgile De Vile

Wanna see more? Find them on KRAK!