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History Clip, Spot

Paul Revere Elementary School, San Francisco


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Jamie Thomas – Ollie over rail, bs 50-50 – TWS ‘Modus Operandi’
Jamie Thomas – Bs Boardslide – Chomp on This
Scott Decenzo – fs board – Thrasher Bust or Bail
David Gravette & Justin Figueroa – 5-0 & fifty – Thrasher Bust or Bail
David Gravette – fifty indy & fs 5-0 fs 180 out – Thrasher Bust or Bail
John Cardiel – Fs smith – Anti-Hero ‘Cash Money Vagrant’
Heath Kirchart – Frontside Lipslide – Baker ‘Bootleg’
Chad Fernandez – lipslide to fakie, fakie lip – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Greg Lutzka – Bs Lipslide – Digital ‘Everyday’
Ryan Sheckler – Bs lip to fakie – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Josh Harmony – Fs tailslide & fs nosegrind – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
Andrew Langi – Crook, feeble fs blunt to fakie – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Jon Allie – Fs Noseblunt – Zero ‘New Blood’
Justin Figueroa – Fs feeble & nollie fifty – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Terrell Robinson – Nollie boardslide – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Bastien Salabanzi – Kickflip fs boardslide – Flip ‘Sorry’
Jesse Andres – Bs 180 – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Peter Ramondetta – Kickflip – Real ‘Seeing Double’
Andrew Reynolds – Frontside Flip – Emerica ‘This is Skateboarding’
Andrew Reynolds – Fs flip over & varial heel – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Grant Patterson – Nollie fs 180 – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Darrell Stanton – Switch bs 180 – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Luis De Los Reyes – Bs 360 – Thrasher Bust or Bail
Ryan Sheckler – Bs flip, tre & hardflip – Thrasher Bust or Bail

History Clip, Spot

MACBA Big 4, Barcelona

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Ali Boulala – Ollie with weird shoes – Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’
Jamie Thomas – Mute shifty, halfcab, flip – Zero ‘Misled Youth’
John Rattray – Fs 180 stalefish – Zero ‘Dying To LIve’
Dean Gostimirovic – Fakie ollie & fakie fs 180 – Damage
Mike Peterson – Fakie ollie north – 411 ‘Comin in hot’
David Gonzalez – Fakie airwalk – Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’
Lennie Burmeister – Switch Japan – 411 ‘The Firm road trip’
Jani Laitala – Bs nollie – 411 ‘The Firm road trip’
Caswell Berry – Late shuvit – Enjoi ‘Bag of Suck’
caswell berry – pressure flip – Osiris ‘Feed The Need’
Jake Duncombe – Benihana & nollie bigspin – Volcom Stone ’14 Munted Daze’
Cato Williams – Pop shuvit tailgrab – Team Ice Cream vol.1
Unknown – Heelflip – youtube clip (hpstm)
Jamie Thomas – Fs flip – Zero ‘Dying to live’
Ryan Smith – Bs flip – Zero ‘Dying To Live’
Josh Harmony – Bs heel – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
Danny Way – Bs 36 – The DC Video
Bryce Golder – Bs 360 nosegrab – Habitat ‘International Team clip’
Son Lorcan – Fs boneless 36 – Volcom Stone ’14 Munted Daze’
Darrell Stanton – Nollie, canonball 180, canonball 360, switch bs flip – Volcom Stone ’14 Munted Daze’
Ryan Smith –  Fullcab – The DC Video
Andrew Reynolds – Nollie cab & kickflip shifty – Emerica ‘This Is Skateboarding’
Kerry Getz – Double flip – DVS ‘Skate More’
Bryan Herman – Hardflip, nollie inward – Baker 3
Chris Cole – Tre, varial heel & nollie flip – Zero ‘Dying To Live’
Bastien Salabanzi – Nollie heel – Flip ‘Sorry’
Bastien Salabanzi – Halfcabflip – Flip ‘Really Sorry’
Chris Dobstaff – Halfcab heel – Darkstar ‘Battalion’
Colt Cannon – Fs half cab flip – 411vm 60
Spencer Sagles – Nollie bs flip – Volcom Stone ’14 Munted Daze’
Stephane Larance – Switch fs flip – Lordz ‘Conspiracy’
Mark Appleyard – bigspin flip – Wink Links
Mark Appleyard – Nollie bs heel – Flip ‘Sorry’
Mark Appleyard – Nollie big heel – Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’
Luan Oliveira – Switch big spin heel – Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’
Paul Rodriguez – Bigspin heel – youtube clip
Eric Koston – Fakie tré – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Tony Tave – Nollie tré – Circa ‘It’s Time’
Johnny Layton – Switch tre – Toy Machine ‘Suffer the joy’
Felix Polo May – Fakie varial kickflip – Calligraphy 2
Ryan Decenzo – Fakie hardflip – Globe ‘United by fate ep.3’
Arto Saari – Switch flip – 411vm 60
Arto Saari – Fakie flip – Flip ‘Sorry’
Jerry Hsu – Fakie heel – Osiris ‘Subject to Change’
Brian Wenning – Switch ollie – Bro Cam part
Brian Wenning – switch heel – The DC Video
Brian Wenning – Switch fs shuvit – Plan B Promo
Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long – Switch bigspin – Emerica ‘This Is Skateboarding’
Terry Kennedy – Switch bs 180 – Baker 3
Adelmo Jr – Switch bs heel – Kayo ‘It’s Official’
Magnus Hansen – Switch fs heel – ‘Un Momentum, Por Favor’
Jacob Walder – Switch variel heel – Team Ice Cream vol.1
Kevin Booker – Nollie fs heel – Team Ice Cream vol.1
Richie Stewart – Nollie fs flip – Re-Play
Shadi Charbel – Switch inward – Videoparte 2013
Cian Eades – Nollie hardflip – youtube clip
Dave Bachinski – Nollie late flip – Oackley ‘Our Life’
Justin Sommer – Body varial, fs bigspin & varial flip – Volcom Stone ‘Back to the 4’
Aurelien Giraud – Ghetto bird & bs 36 Kickflip – Volcom Stone ‘Back to the 4’ + Aurelien’s instagram
Chris Haslam – Switch laser flip – youtube clip
Adrian Lobos – Fakie bs gazelle heelflip – youtube clip

History Clip, Spot

Rincon, California

Rincon Middle School is like a skatepark for the elite. Monstrous block sets and high handrails made this spot famous in videos from the late 90s to now. Watch as the very best riders chuck themselves into skateboarding glory.

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Youtube clip: Ollie by Trae Montgomery
– Osiris “The Storm”: B/s 180 by Kanten Russell
– Zero “New Blood”: Airwalk by James Brockman
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Kickflip, F/s Flip by Ryan Smith
– Part 2013: Varial Heelflip by Austin Lenahan
– Baker 3: F/s Kickflip Shifty by Andrew Reynolds
– The Assault Video: Impossible Tailgrab by Ace Pelka
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Tre flip by Chris Cole
– NKA clip: Hardflip Indy by Vinnie Banh
– Foundation “That’s Life”: Switch Ollie by Corey Duffel
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Switch F/s 180 by Jamie Thomas
– The DC Video: Switch B/s 180 by Greg Myers
– Via Marina: Switch Pop Shuvit by Sierra Fellers
– Zero “Dying to Live”: Fakie Ollie by Kanten Russell
– Detroit Rock City: Fakie Kickflip, B/s Half Cab Flip by Austin Lenahan
– Natural Selection: F/s Half Cab Flip by Dave Bachinsky
– Mag Minute: Full Cab by Sascha Daley
– DGK “Blood Money”: Fakie Hardflip by Darius Jackson
– Zero “New Blood”: Nollie by John Rattray
– TWS “Hallelujah”: Nollie Heelflip by Ryan Decenzo
– Flip “Extremely Sorry”: Nollie Flip by Shane Cross
– DC Shoes “Skateboarding is Forever”: Nollie B/s flip by Greg Myers
– Digital “FYI”: Nollie B/s Heelflip by Magnus Hansen
– X-Games Real Street 2014: Nollie Inward Heel by Billy Marks
– Berry “Atmosphere”: Switch F/s Heel by Kevin Romar
– Boyish: Switch Bigheel by Jonathan Pierce
– Organika “Graduation”: Switch Tre flip by Walker Ryan
– Bones “New Ground”: B/s 360 Kickflip by Chris Joslin
– Foundation “WTF!”: Switch B/s 360 by Nick Merlino
– TWS “Not Another TransWorld Video”: B/s Wallride by Wes Kremer
– DC Shoes “The Wallon”: F/s Wallride by Madars Apse
– TWS “Interface”: Indy Tweak by Jamie Thomas
– Toy Machine “Good & Evil”: Tucknee by Johnny Layton
– Zero “New Blood”: Stalefish by Lindsey Robertson
– Zero “Misled Youth”: B/s 180 by Jamie Thomas
– Zero “New Blood”: Kickflip, F/s Flip by Jon Allie
– The Deathwish Video: B/s Flip by Furby
– Creature “Welcome To The Fiend”: Fastplant by Tyler Imel
– Boyish: Fakie Ollie by Evan Okeson
– Zero “New Blood”: Switch Ollie by Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Cold War”: F/s Nollie by Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Strange World”: Switch Kickflip by Dane Burman
– City Stars “Street Cinema”: F/s Boardslide by Caine Gayle
– Zero “Misled Youth”: F/s Lipslide, F/s 5-O by Jamie Thomas
– Toy Machine “Good & Evil”: Nosegrind by Josh Harmony
– Detroit Rock City: Crooked by Austin Lenahan
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Feeble by John Rosenkranz; B/s 5-0 by JT Aultz
– Zero “New Blood”: F/s Tailslide by Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Cold War”: B/s Bluntslide by Jamie Thomas
– Birdhouse “The End”: B/s 50-50 by Steve Berra
– Girl “Yeah Right”: B/s Lipslide by Steve Berra
– Zero “New Blood”: F/s Noseblunt by Chris Cole
– Black Label “God Save The Label”: F/s Feeble by Chris Troy
– Zero “Strange World”: B/s Overcrook by Jamie Tancowny
– Stone Colden: B/s 180 Nosegrind by Trevor Colden
– Mystery “Color Theory”: Bigspin F/s Boardslide by Trevor Colden
– Blind “This Is Not A Test”: Kickflip F/s Boardslide by Filipe Ortiz
– Thunder “Alec Majerus Knows”: Kickflip Crook by Alec Majerus
– Trick Of The Year 2016 Submission: Tre flip Lipslide by Ryan Decenzo
– Zero “Cold War”: Bigspin Heelflip Boardslide by Ed Duff
– Osiris “Subject To Change”: Switch F/s Boardslide by Brandon Turner
– TWS “Hallelujah”: Switch Feeble by Ryan Decenzo
– Mystery promo 2008: Switch F/s Lipslide by Pete Eldridge
– ATM CLICK “In Crusty We Trusty”: Switch F/s Bigspin Boardslide by Chris Weissmann
– Blind X2 Vision: Switch B/s Lipslide by TJ Rogers
– Rise & Shine: Kickflip B/s Lip by Nyjah Huston
– DC Shoes “Fade To Black”: F/s 180 Switch Crook, Full Cab B/s Lipslide by Nyjah Huston
– TWS “i.e.”: F/s Lipslide by Diego Bucchieri
– Zero “New Blood”: B/s Lipslide by Adrian Lopez
– Zero “Cold War”: F/s Lipslide, 5-0 the corner rail by Jamie Thomas
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Kickflip over the rail by Jamie Thomas
– Mystery promo 2008: B/s 180 over the rail by Dennis Durrant
– Youtube clip: F/s Flip over the rail by Tony Tave


Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!
History Clip, Spot

UC Davis Gap, California

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– On Video: ollie by Jamie Thomas
– Transworld ‘And Now’: tucknee by Devin Appelo
– Transworld ‘Hallelujah’: b/s 180 by Schuyler Ricketts; switch f/s 180 by Ryan Decenzo
– Osiris ‘Feed the Need’: f/s 180 by Corey Duffel
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: flip by Andrew Reynolds
– EPN Live: flip melon by Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki
– Plan B ‘True’: 360 flip by Chris Joslin

History Clip, Spot

Hollywood High 16, Los Angeles

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Youtube clip: ollie by Chris Joslin; b/s 180 by Ryan Richards; half cab by Greg Harris; f/s blunt by Vincent Nava; f/s blunt to fakie by Nyjah Huston
– Zero ‘New Blood’: indy tweak by Chris Cole
– Pig Wheels ‘Slaughterhoue’: stalefish by Anthony ‘Ragdoll’ Scalamare; smith tailgrab & 50-50 canonball by Samy Baca
– Black Label ‘Black Out’: jump on board by Anthony ‘Ragdoll’ Scalamare
– Instagram clip: benihana by Alex Lewis; weird shit by Lizard King; pop shove-it tailgrab by Dustin Bell; f/s nollie 180 by Andrew Fiene
– Zoo York ‘Vicious Cycle’: boneless 180 by Zered Bassett
– Baker 2G: f/s 180 & kickflip by Andrew Reynolds
– Darkstar Battalion: pop shove-it by Paul Machnau
– Zero ‘Dying to Live’: heelflip by Lindsey Robertson; f/s noseblunt by Jon Allie
– BNQT: f/s flip by Dan Roberts
– part for Baker: b/s flip by Dee Ostrander
– Baker 3: f/s flip over the rail by Andrew Reynolds; b/s blunt fakie by Dustin Dollin
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: varial heel by Andrew Reynolds
– Transworld ‘Hallelujah’: hardflip by Ryan Decenzo; b/s overcrooked by Taylor Bingaman
– Plan B ‘True’: 360 flip by Ryan Sheckler
– part for Element Brasil: full cab by Sascha Daley
– The Deathwish video: b/s 360 by Luis ‘Moose’ De Los Reyes; f/s noseslide by Lizard King
– Digital ‘Imagine’: switch ollie by Ramiro ‘Furby’ Salcedo
– Blind ‘This is not a Test’: nollie & switch 180 by Kevin Romar
– Blind ‘IOU’: b/s nollie 180 by Kevin Romar
– ‘Allergic to Awesome’: switch heelflip by Auby Taylor
– Mag Minute: switch flip by Ricky Webb; nollie f/s boardslide by Norman Woods; flip f/s boardslide by Woody Woelfel
– ‘Ta-ha’: nollie heelflip by Derrick Wilson
– Foundation ‘WTF’: nollie flip by Nick Merlino
– Blind ‘Damn’: switch f/s 360 by TJ Rodgers
– Status ‘Allowed’: ollie over the fence by Jim Bates
– X Games 17 ‘Real Street’ part: switch ollie over the fence by Eli Reed; f/s flip over the fence by Ryan Decenzo
– Blind ‘What If?’: kickflip melon over the rail by Aaron Artis
– Jackass The Movie: drop 50-50 by Johnny Knoxville
– Zero ‘Misled Youth’: f/s boardslide by Geoff Rowley; b/s lipslide by Jamie Thomas
– Osiris ‘The Storm’: b/s feeble & b/s salad & f/s 5-0 & f/s nosegrind & crooked by Chad Fernandez
– Digital ‘Everyday’: smith by Evan Hernandez; f/s tailslide by Joey Poirez
– Birdhouse ‘The End’: lispslide by Andrew Reynolds
– Ambiguous ‘Skate Movie’: b/s 50-50 on the side rail by Clint Walker
– ‘Ground Control’: f/s smith on the side rail by Roy Foner
– Youtube part: b/s feeble fakie by Steven Lemos; halfcab feeble by Brian Sawyer
– 411VM: f/s feeble by Matt Ball
– ‘Through Being Nice’: b/s smith by Sean Malto
– Girl ‘Yes We Canada’: b/s salad 180 out by Sean Malto
– Foundation ‘That’s Life’: f/s salad by Matt Allen
– Powell ‘Fun’: b/s tailslide by Dallas Rockvam
– DC Shoes Signature shoe video: b/s noseblunt by Nyjah Huston
– Thrasher ‘In Hart We Trust’: b/s noseblunt to fakie & fakie b/s lipslide by Paul Hart
– ‘Proof’: nollie b/s boardslide by Terrell Robinson
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’ B-Side: nollie 50-50 by Justin ‘Figgy’ Figueroa
– Flip ‘Sorry’: switch f/s boardslide by Arto Saari
– ‘Morno 3931’: switch lipslide by Geoff Cook
– Zero ‘Cold War’: switch 50-50 by James Brockman; kickflip boardslide by Ed Duff
– Real ‘Through and Through’: switch feeble by Jack Olson
– Element ‘Rise and Shine’: kickflip b/s lipslide & b/s 270 lipslide by Nyjah Huston
– Thrasher ‘Magnified’ clip: bigspin f/s boardslide by Zachary ‘Ducky’ Kovacs
– Transworld ‘Outliers’: kickflip crooked by Timmy Knuth
– wallride by Bart Simpson!

History Clip, Spot

RIP Hubba Hideout, San Francisco

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– On Video: manual by Joe Valdez; flip up by Ryan Johnson; tailslide & 5-0 by Jeremy Wray; 5-0 revert by Jamie Thomas; fifty to lipslide by Tim Brauch; frontside crook & switch 50-50 by Gershon Mosley; backside noseslide 270 out by Dave Mayhew; frontside bluntslide to fakie by Brian Anderson
– Plan B ‘Questionable’: frontside noseslide to fakie by Rick Howard; frontside 180 nosegrind revert by Pat Duffy
– Logic 1: 1 foot noseslide by Bob Burnquist
– DTS video: crooked by Wade Speyer
– Sheep Shoes ‘Life of Leisure’: line with nosegrind and smith revert by Brian Anderson
– Plan B ‘Second Hand Smoke’: 50-50 both ways & backside 5-0 & switch noseslide & frontside 180 nosegrind & pop shove frontside 5-0 & fakie frontside nosegrind & switch frontside noseslide & backside tailslide by Jeremy Wray
– Transworld ‘Anthology’: frontside 270 switch frontside boardslide by Jeremy Wray
– Foundation ‘Rolling Thunder’: frontside salad by Heath Kirchart; 180 nosegrind shove-it both sides & backside 180 nosegrind & backside 180 nosegrind revert by Steve Olson
– Toy Machine ‘Welcome to Hell’: nosegrind revert by Jamie Thomas; frontside bluntslide to regular by Brian Anderson
– Osiris ‘The Storm’: tailslide shuvit by Chris Dobstaff; nollie backside tailslide & backside nosegrind revert by Jerry Hsu; heelflip noseslide by Chad Fernandez
– Mad Circle ‘Let the Horns Blow’: halfcab noseslide & nollie tailslide by Scott Johnston
– Plan B ‘Virtual Reality’: frontside noseslide & flip noseslide by Pat Duffy
– World Industries ‘Trilogy’: backside suski & backside tailslide to regular & heelflip backside 50-50 by Marcus McBride; switch crook & switch nosegrind revert & switch tailslide & switch 5-0 by Lavar McBride; nollie frontside 180 switch backside 50-50 by Jason Dill; frontside halfcab noseslide to fakie by Clyde Singleton
– Shorty’s ‘Fulfill the Dream’: switch noseslide & switch boardslide & switch 180 5-0 & switch backside 5-0 by Peter Smolik
– 411: switch frontside smith by Gershon Mosley; frontside noseslide 270 out by Karl Watson; nollie nosegrind by Cairo Foster; nollie heelflip noseslide by Rodrigo Tx
– Rodney vs Daewon Round 1: nollie frontside 180 switch crook by Lavar McBride
– World Industries ’20 Shot Sequence’: nollie frontside tailslide by Jason Dill
– Alien Workshop ‘Timecode’: frontside lipslide fakie & switch frontside lipslide & switch backside 180 backside 5-0 by Lennie Kirk; switch backside tailslide to fakie by Josh Kalis
– Rodney vs Daewon Round 2: noseslide nollie flip out by Marc Johnson
– Transworld ‘Uno’: nollie frontside 5-0 by Marc Johnson; nollie noseslide & switch tailslide by Eric Koston
– Tilt Mode Army ‘Man Down’: nollie backside 5-0 180 out by Jerry Hsu
– Maple ‘Black Cat’: backside lipslide shove by Jerry Hsu
– Transworld ‘The Sixth Sense’: backside tailslide shuvit & backside smith revert by Brian Anderson; bluntslide by Brad Staba
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’ bonus: hurricane by Brian Anderson
– Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: frontside feeble by Mike Carroll
– Chocolate ‘Las Nueve Vidas de Paco’: backside feeble by Mike Carroll
– Bay Area Roughneck Tour 2006: nollie shuvit 50-50 & nollie shuvit nosegrind & bluntslide to fakie & gap nosebluntslide by unknowns
– Chocolate Tour: backside noseblunt by Eric Koston
– Girl ‘Mouse’: nollie crook by Eric Koston
– Aesthetic ‘Ryde or Die Vol.1’: nollie frontside noseslide by Rob Welsh
– Zero ‘Misled Youth’: bigspin frontside noseslide by Erik Ellington
– Transworld ‘The Reason’: flip frontside noseslide by Gershon Mosley
– Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’: nollie flip backside noseslide by Danny Garcia
– Foundation ‘Cataclysmic Abyss’: kickflip frontside 5-0 & kickflip frontside lipslide by Corey Duffel
– Ojo De Pez 10: kickflip backside tailslide by Diego Bucchieri
– Sus Monts: kickflip backside smith by Ben Stewart
– City Crime In The City: switch frontside blunt & switch frontside 5-0 & switch frontside tailslide & kickflip backside 50-50 & switch frontside tailslide 270 by Eduardo Craig
– Transworld ‘And Now’: nollie noseblunt by Matt Miller
– Montage LDT: switch backside lipslide by Jack Curtin
– Thanks Camera 2: switch heelflip backside 50-50 by Tommy Wisdom
– Nike ‘Nothing but the Truth’: heelflip backside nosegrind by Wieger Van Wageningen
– eS ‘eSpecial’: inward heelflip 5-0 by Marquise Henry
– DVS ‘Dudes Dudes Dudes’: nollie heelflip crook by Torey Pudwill
– Bonus Round: backside flip fakie nosegrind by Jose Rojo
– Digital Imagine 2007: hardflip backside nosegrind by Andrew Pott
– Youtube clip: switch frontside flip 5-0 by Daniel Rivera
– gif: flip frontside nosegrind by Bryan Herman



Founder’s Interview – Skateistan’s Oliver Percovich

The following interview was originally featured in the print Krak Mag issue 3 that shipped with KrakBox #3 in August 2015. Don’t want to miss the next issue of the print Krak Mag? Want to receive epic skateboarding product every two months? Check out the KrakBox now!

Founded in 2007 as a skateboarding school in Kabul, Afghanistan, Skateistan has grown phenomenally in the past 8 years into a full-fledged non-governmental organization that works with youth in several locations around the world. Spreading change through our troubled world by bringing the simple joy of skateboarding and the associated life skills of determination, resilience and self-learning that skateboarding fosters, Skateistan is changing the lives of youth in challenging circumstances one board at a time. We got to interview Skateistan’s founder, Oliver (Ollie) Percovich about Skateistan and listen to him share about its history, challenges and plans for the future. Be inspired. – HK

jamie and ollie rooftop_photoby_ChadForeman



Ollie Percovich and Jamie Thomas. Photo: Chad Foreman.




HK: Hi Ollie, we’re really excited to be working with Skateistan for this KrakBox. You guys are doing something pretty unique, and it’s definitely awesome to see skateboarding used as a positive force for change in the world. For the benefit of our readers, can you tell us a little more about Skateistan?

Established in Kabul in May 2007, ‘Skateistan’ is an independent, neutral non-governmental organization (NGO) that works with youth from a range of ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds to build trust and provide empowerment through a unique combination of skateboarding and educational activities. We work in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa.

Our mission is to use skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth and changing lives – to create new opportunities and the potential for change.

Our aim is to grow a sustainable organization that is 100% administrated by local staff and recognized for changing the lives of youth through skateboarding and quality programs.


Why did you choose to use skateboarding to effect change via Skateistan?

Because once kids latch onto skateboarding, much more is possible; education, community, leadership. Sport, especially skateboarding, transcends deep seeded social and cultural barriers. In Afghanistan it is considered inappropriate for girls to ride bikes, but skateboarding is so new that there’s no stigma attached to it. Children from different backgrounds and tribes are also able to form strong friendships inside the skatepark.

Skateboarding is non-competitive, requires minimal supervision and resources, and can be practiced anywhere there is a smooth surface. Achievements in skateboarding occur on an individual level and depend on balance, creativity and personal expression. Admiration and team building occurs between skateboarders as they see each other progress and overcome personal hurdles. Skateistan’s programing provides a supportive environment that encourages these relationships and uses them to build understanding between children of diverse backgrounds, develop confidence and grow leadership skills. The relative novelty of skateboarding compared to more mainstream sports has been especially beneficial in countries or areas where skateboarding does not yet exist or is inaccessible.

Skateistan is able to help tackle social issues, focusing on the promotion of gender equality, empowerment, social inclusion, self-esteem, health and education.


That’s well put. Where are Skateistan’s main locations? I understand you’ve expanded beyond Afghanistan itself.

Firstly, we began in Kabul, Afghanistan. Skateistan began as a grassroots ‘Sport for Development’ project on the streets of Kabul in 2007. On October 29, 2009, Skateistan completed construction of an all-inclusive skatepark and educational facility on 5428 square meters of land donated by the Afghan National Olympic Committee in Kabul. Skateistan Kabul is Afghanistan’s first skateboarding school, and is dedicated to teaching both male and female students in separate classes.

We also have our Skateistan school in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan that was built in 2013. This facility is truly unique in Afghanistan, where safe spaces for children are exceptionally rare… And a place – just for kids – with skateparks, indoor and outdoor, classrooms and a climbing wall? Unthinkable. Until now!

More recently we’ve expanded into Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Skateistan Cambodia works in partnership with local NGOs such as Friends International and the Cambodian Women’s Development Agency to bring skateboarding, arts and leadership opportunities to girls and boys of all backgrounds and abilities in the nation’s capital. After a year and a half of street outreach activities and sessions at the PSE skate park, taught by Khmer and foreign volunteers, Skateistan Cambodia opened its own facility in September 2012, and now works with 150 – 200 youths each week.

Johannesburg, South Africa is the newest project location. Begun in 2014, it is a flagship skateboard-based educational and cultural project for at-risk youth in Johannesburg’s Central Business District. The South Africa project builds on the lessons learned and working manual from Skateistan’s existing programs to develop similar skateboard-based educational programming for the South African and regional context. Currently over 100 youths participate weekly through street outreach programming, and we expect that weekly participation will reach 200-300 youths weekly once the new facility is completed.


I know you went out to Kabul in 2007, what prompted your trip to Afghanistan? Was it your first trip? It probably wasn’t at the top of everyone’s list as a skate destination back then.

I went to Afghanistan because my ex-girlfriend had a job there and I wanted to check the place out. It was my first time to Afghanistan but not my first trip overseas. I had travelled to 42 countries before going to Afghanistan.


What made you decide to start a skateboarding school out there in Kabul and eventually push it for NGO status?

It was the fact that there are so many young people in Afghanistan with so little opportunities. 70 percent of the population is under 25 and Afghan has the most school-aged children out of any country in the world per capita. When girls started skating in the streets in Kabul, I was so excited. Hardly any girls skate anywhere and here were girls skating in Kabul. I saw skateboarding as something that could make their lives a little better. After the skate sessions developed and I got to know the kids better, I helped some of them get back to regular school. At that point it was clear that this was an idea that needed to be expanded and we applied for NGO status.


What do you think of Patrik Wallner’s “Meet the Stans” installment in his Visual Traveling series?

It’s rad to see the Stans on the skate map. Patrik is an awesome guy and I’m a big fan of the whole Visual traveling crew.

Why do you think girls have taken to skateboarding as much as they’ve done in Kabul?

Skateboarding is the biggest organized sport for girls in Afghanistan and Skateistan has always prioritized girls in our programs. We put 80% of our resources into getting 50% girls participation. We provide transport for girls and not boys and we do a lot of follow up with the families to help them understand what skateboarding is and what the kids are learning in the classrooms.


That’s rad! How many youths have been through Skateistan’s programs since it’s inception?

Globally, we have 1500 registered students right now and we run classes every day of the week. In Afghanistan, Friday and Saturday is off and in Cambodia Sunday is off. Well over 5000 kids have taken part in Skateistan’s programs since we started. Children can start with us when they are 5 years old and stay with us for up to 12 years. All classes are free. We are much more interested in having less kids stick with us for 10 years, than just doing one session with 100,000 different kids. The value is in the relationship that is built over time and the community that can form from skateboarding and arts based classes.


That’s totally true, so much of what makes skateboarding amazing is the communities it builds through skateboarding. I know Jamie Thomas and Chad Foreman went out to Kabul in 2014 to visit the Skateistan schools. What was your favorite memory from their visit?

We had a really amazing time the whole trip, but the hill bomb from Paghman down to lake Qargah was super fun. Some of our staff members, Rachmat, Sulaiman and Hamdullah, who are cousins, invited us to their family’s house for dinner and that was a very interesting cultural exchange between the Afghans and their American guests, Chad and Jamie. Jamie filming me skateboarding was pretty nerve wracking, but I landed some stuff that I had never done before so that was cool.


What has been your biggest challenge with running Skateistan?

The biggest challenge was losing 4 students in a suicide bombing in Kabul in 2012. They were outside of an army base when a young boy with a suicide vest on detonated right next to them. Parwana, Khoshid, Nawab and Easa were very unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and we’ll never forget them.


Oh man, I remember hearing about that. We live in a troubled world.

Beside that, staffing is really hard to get right. It can take some time and experience to get the right people for all the different positions we have. Also, learning to work across many different cultures is tricky but important to master.


I think it’s genius that you’re using skateboarding which used to have a huge counter culture element in the public’s perception to do good in very challenging circumstances for these youths. What has the public perception and reception of Skateistan been like on the ground in Kabul?

Overall it has been very positive. Skateboarding is fun and because the children love it so much, that makes everyone happy. Everyone likes to see their kid happy.


If someone would like to get involved in helping Skateistan, how could they do so?

You can make a monthly donation, buy a t-shirt or other merchandise that we have on our online shop, buy co-branded Skateistan products like the Impossible film for Polaroids that we just released, hold a fundraiser for Skateistan or look out for jobs that come up from time to time on our website. Following Skateistan on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and sharing our content is also a great way to let your friends know that you support Skateistan.


I know you have offices in Berlin. Why did you choose to be located there?

It is in a similar time zone as all our project sites and we really needed a solid base after starting in Kabul. In Kabul we didn’t have consistent power, water, heat, internet or a postal system. The electricity and internet would drop out for hours every day and it was impossible to receive donations to our bank account there. Since opening up our headquarters in Berlin, our students quadrupled and our locations have doubled. It was a good move.


That makes sense. So coming back to the skate questions, when did you start skateboarding?

I started skateboarding in 1980 in Melbourne Australia when I was almost 6. My cousin Alex gave me his old skateboard which he had ridden in the 70s. As soon as I first fell off it I was hooked for life. I brought it along when we moved as a family to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and got skateboarding banned at both the primary schools that I went to there. Due to not having many smooth surfaces in PNG besides at school I didn’t get past learning to tic tac and doing 180 kick turns. Then we moved back to Australia and the first film I saw at a cinema ever was Back to the Future in 1985. That made me take skateboarding seriously again.


That’s quite a skateboarding backstory. I’m pretty sure Back to the Future influenced a whole generation to start skateboarding! Who were your favorite skateboarders and video parts growing up?

My favorite skateboarders are my friends that I grew up skating with – my brother Chris and my friend Tim Bartold. In terms of famous skaters, in 1986 it was Cab, Gator and Hosoi. Locally it was Lee Ralph.


There’s a Lee Ralph documentary being made right now actually (Barefoot – The Lee Ralph Story), he’s definitely a legend. I still remember his Vision graphic. What about favorite skaters right now?

My skating peaked in about 1996 and my favorite video part is Jamie Thomas’s in Welcome to Hell. Right now it’s those giving the most back in terms of building the culture. Tony Hawk and Jim Thiebaud are very inspiring in all they do for skateboarding. I’m stoked on seeing the girls skate scene develop. Lizzie Armanto is especially cool.


Yeah Lizzie rips! I know Skateistan has now expanded to Cambodia and South Africa. Can you elaborate on why Skateistan chose to expand to these two places first?

We wanted to be on different continents and to understand how to spread Skateistan all over the world. It is very hard to run the project in Afghanistan and consequently we were learning slowly. We have built our organizational knowledge and the complexity of our programs and staff by expanding to Cambodia and South Africa.

New story telling from back in the day_photoby_ChadForeman




Story telling from back in the day. Photo: Chad Foreman.




Any new places we can expect to see Skateistan expanding to in the next year?

We would like to use our existing projects as a hub and do some smaller satellite projects near Phnom Penh and Johannesburg.


If you could give the youth today a message, what would it be?

Believe in your own ideas and don’t worry too much about what others think of them. With persistence you can knock down any door.


Thanks Ollie! All the best with Skateistan’s work in the future!

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History Clip, Spot

The LOVE fountain gap

Last update:

We knew about the Walker’s switch bs flip but back then we couldn’t find the video. Now that Sabotage 4 is out there (you can buy the DVD here): here it is.

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– first line by Ishod Wair in “Sabotage 3”
– “On Video Winter 2004”: ollie by Vinnie Ponte; ollie by Bam Margera; ollie front by Jamie Thomas; flip by Kerry Getz; flip by Tim O’Connor; ollie airwalk by Donnie Bianco; switch ollie by Anthony Pappalardo; 36 front by Jeremie Wray
– Youtube: benihana by Willy Levine
– DC video: switch back by Brian Wenning
– Emerica “This is Skateboarding”: flip front by Andrew Reynolds
– Fallen “Ride the Sky”: 36 back by Chris Cole
– Transworld “In Bloom”: switch flip front & flip back by Chris Cole
– “Sabotage 3”: varial heel by Mark Suciu; fs shove by Ishod Wair
– Intro for Fourstar: heelflip by Ishod Wair
– Real “Since Day One”: switch flip by Ishod Wair
– Fourstar “Wair n Tear”: switch bigspin by Ishod Wair
– “Something Wild”: treflip by Eric Kunman; switch pop shove & bs bigspin by Ian Smith
– Transworld “Perpetual Motion”: hardflip by Jimmy Carlin
– Mystery “Color Theory”: switch heel & switch heel back by Tom Asta
– Transworld photo at the end: switch flip back by Walker Ryan

History Clip, Spot

Tom Penny’s infamous San Diego Chain to Bank

Last update:

Last update:

Last update:

Creature ‘Creach Tube Montage”: boardslide the chain by Truman Hooker

Tom Penny killed this spot back in 1996 in the Tansworld skate video Uno. Rob Dyrdek said: “No one is ever going to skate it again”.


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Osiris ‘The Storm’: backside nosegrind on the ledge into the bank by Peter Smolik
– Plan B ‘Second Hand Smoke’: fakie ollie & nollie & flip & treflip & frontside flip & heelflip by Patt Duffy
– Etnies ‘High 5’: nollie flip & switch flip & switch popshuvit & nollie backside 180 by Dave Mayhew
– Transworld ‘Uno’: nollie heelflip by Rob Dyrdek; hippy jump & nollie & switch ollie & nollie frontside 180 & nollie backside 180 & nollie cab & full cab & switch flip & nollie flip cab & switch flip front & switch flip back (everything?) by Tom Penny
– Lib Tech commercial: nollie treflip by Alex Bland
– Maple ‘Seven Steps to Heaven’: nollie hardflip by Marc Johnson
– Best Of Youtube: switch hardflip by Brandon Turner
– Thrasher Lost Part: cab flip by Bastien Salabanzi
– Youtube ’10 from back when’: nollie backside 360 heelflip & cab heelflip by Chris Dobstaff
– Pig ‘Slaughterhouse’: nosemanny hippie jump by Adrian Mallory; inward heel manny by Shuriken Shannon
– Transworld ‘And Now’: hippie jump nosegrab (tailslide?) by Richie Jackson
– Transworld ‘Subtleties’: noseblunt by Kyle Leeper
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: half cab by Kanten Russel
– Transworld ‘First Love’: gap to nosemanny by JT Aultz

History Clip, Spot


Last update:

A 7min edit wasn’t too long for such a legendary spot. Still we really wanted to give you this awesome line-up. Gotta love skateboarding’s progression!

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Transworld ‘The Reason’: line with ollie top set + kickflip the second set by Cairo Foster; back 5-0 by Kenny Reed
– Real ‘Real to Reel’: nollie noseslide by Cairo Foster
– Antisocial video: fs flip by Rick McCrank
– ‘Is what it Is’: Layback bs boardslide by Scott Bourne
– Zero ‘Cold War’: impossible fifty by Jamie Thomas
– ‘Chomp on This’: fs board by Jamie Thomas
– Girl ‘Mouse’: fs fifty by Sean Sheffey; bs fifty by Eric Koston
– Element ‘Third Eye View’: fs 5-0 by Kris Markovich
– Shorty’s ‘Guilty’: line with tailslide + switch noseslide by Chad Muska
– Antihero ‘Cash Money Vagrant’: nosegrind by Frank Gerwer
– Girl ‘Yeah Right’: nollie back 5-0 by Eric Koston; nollie heel nose & nollie flip noseslide by Justin Eldridge
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: back fifty footplant by Jerry Hsu
– Real ‘Roll Forever’: back 5-0 revert & nollie bs noseblunt by Darell Stanton
– Transworld ‘Free your Mind’: transfert fs blunt & nollie fs180 to sw 5-0 by Darell Stanton; tailslide shuv by Van Wastell; nollie noseblunt by Jack Curtin; flip crook by Cale Nuske
– 411 .48: backtail by Anthony Mosley
– Baker ‘Bootleg 99’: bs lip by Heath Kirchart
– Transworld ‘Sight Unseen’: blunt by John Cardiel
– Flip ‘Sorry’: fs blunt by Arto Saari; sw tail & flip back 5-0 & nollie flip fifty by Mark Appleyard
– rookie 411 .37: noseblunt by John Rattray
– Youtube Clip: back noseblunt by Tommy Fynn; boneless tail by Justin Blake
– Berrics part ‘Gold Record Debut’: tre noseslide by Tommy Fynn
– The Firm ‘Can’t stop the firm’: fs crook by Jani Laitiala
– Shep Dawgs vol4: hurricane by Riley Hawk
– Baker 2G: fs180 fakie nosegrind by Dustin Dollin
– 411 14.2: bs 180 nosegrind by Daryl Angel
– Darkstar ‘Forward Slash’: bs 180 fakie fifty & sw 180 to 5-0 & ollie over to board & fs 180 sw crook by Ryan Decenzo; bigspin noseslide by Greg Lutzka
– ‘Bust or Bail 2’: fs 180 fifty by Daniel Lutheran; halfcab fifty & back 180 over by Tafari Whitter; fakie crook & fakie flip fifty & sw heel 5-0 by Paul Hart; nollie tail by Joey Ragali; hardflip over by Drake Johnson; sw fifty & sw shuvit boardslide by Justin Figueroa; flip over all by Aaron “Jaws” Homoki; sw back lip by Nick Merlino; shuvit fifty by Forrest Edwards; bigspin boardslide by Terrell Newell; bigspin backtail by Shane O’Neill; heelflip crook by Jonathan Perez
– Real ‘Since Day One’: alley oop front 180 sw back 50 by James Hardy; sw backtail by Chima Ferguson
– Flip ‘Really Sorry’: line with sw 180 fifty by Geoff Rowley
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: fakie fifty by Elijah Berle; boneless lip by Brian Anderson; sw bluntslide by Vincent Alvarez
– Thrasher part ‘Auby’s World’: fakie backtail & flip back over by Auby Taylor
– Deathwish video: fullcab noseslide by Brian “Slash” Hansen
– Think ‘iThink’: nollie front noseslide by Adam Dyet
– Real ‘Seeing Double’: nollie crook by JT Aultz
– 411 .60: transfert noseblunt by JT Aultz
– 19th Ave: nollie boardslide to fakie by Alex Conns; fs 36 over by Daniel Dubois
– Digital ‘Get Tricks or Die Tryin’: nollie 180 sw crook by Bjorn Johnson
– Plan B ‘True’: nollie flip fifty by Chris Joslin; transfert bs lip by Torey Pudwill
– LRG ‘Give me my money chico’: sw bs 5-0 by Jack Curtin
– FTC part: sw crook by Jack Curtin
– DGK ‘Parental Advisory’: sw flip fifty & sw back lip by Jack Curtin
– Instagram clip: lip to 5-0 revert by Sam Baker
– Meeps video: wallie boardslide & wallie fifty by George Klioriatis
– Black Label ‘God save the label’: wallie fs board by Jason Adams
– Dekline ‘True Blue’: sw wallie boardslide by Ryan Spencer
– ‘Static 4’: wallie fs fifty by Jake Johnson
– Thrasher Magnified: wallie crook by AJ Zavala; ollie over all by Milton Martinez
– Vox part: wallie blunt by Shawn Hale
– Pack of Hydes part: wallie 180 fakie 5-0 by Wes Kremer
– Death ‘Better than Life’: fastplant by Richie Jackson
– XGames 17 real street: nollie fastplant by Eli Reed
– ‘Mark and Matt Clipper Ledge Tricks’: 180 over by Mark
– On Video ‘Spring 02’: flip over by Caswell Berry
– Sus Monts: fs flip over by Ben Stewart
– Zero ‘Strange World’: flip front board & flip back over by Jamie Tancowny
– Think ‘Business as Usual’: sw flip over by Cody McEntire
– Birdhouse ‘The Beginning’: sw lip by Sean Eaton
– Habitat ‘Mosaic’: sw bs fifty by Anthony Pappalardo
– Nike SB ‘Chronicles 2’: sw front blunt by Ishod Wair
– Mystery Promo 2008: sw noseblunt by Pete Eldridge
– Slap ‘One in a million 2010 ep.13’: tre fifty by Forrest Edwards; flip 5-0 by Reuben Barrack
– Unhinged part: tre 5-0 by Forrest Edwards
– Circa ‘It’s time’: fs shuv 5-0 by Colt Cannon; flip tailslide by Jon Allie
– Supreme / Thrasher ‘Sickness’: shuvit fifty by Kevin Bradley
– Thrasher part ‘Last Call’: hardflip back 5-0 by Nyjah Huston
– The Berrics ‘Spring Fling’: bigheel noseslide by Greg Lutzka
– Epxedition One ‘Gone Fishin’: flip back noseblunt by Ryan Gallant


We still had some tricks in mind but didn’t succeed to find them – feel free to tell us where they are in the comments section:
– nollie fs blunt by Tommy Sandoval
– wallie bs 5-0 by Shawn Hale
– the first back noseblunt landed there by Darell Stanton (Thrasher cover when he was 16!)
– fakie tail by Jeremy Reeves