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Krak Minute – Gorge de Loup, Lyon

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Tom Penny – Kickflip & varial heel – Flip ‘Sorry’
Mark Appleyard – Blunt flip out – Flip ‘Really Sorry’
Ali Boulala – Bs 5-0 fs reverse – Flip ‘Really Sorry’
Diego Bucchieri – Bs tail – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
Sammy Winter – Fs 180 fakie 5-0 revers – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Flo Mirtain – Fs 5-0 to switch crook – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Zered Bassett – Fs blunt – Digital ‘Divercity’
Julien Merour – Nollie bs noseblunt – Lyontage Vol.1
Chris Haslam – Bs blunt to crook – Globe ‘United By Fate Episode 2’
Tyler Bledsoe – Fs blunt shuvit out – Etnies presents Paris Days
Flo Mirtain – Bs tail to switch fs crook – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Adrien Coillard – halfcab bs 5-0 bs revers – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Adrien Coillard – Switch fs 5-0 revers & switch noseblunt revers – Megamix
Max Geronzi – Fakie bs noseblunt – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Lucas Puig – Halfcab nosegrind – TWS Pro Spotlight
JB Gillet – Halfcab nosegrind revers – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
JB Gillet – Bs 180 switch 5-0 revers – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Flo Mirtain – Bigspin bs tail – Habitat Intro Part
Madars Apse – Fakie fs flip – Element ‘Peace’

History Clip, Spot

Macba Low To High Ledge, Barcelona


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Jeremy Reinhart – Bs 5-0 – Puzzle14
Lucas Puig – Bs 5-0 bs revers & bs 5-0 fs revers – Puzzle19
Rob Gonzales – Crook – Puzzle11
Thibaud Fradin – Bs nosegrind – Puzzle11
Thomas Kalbom – Bs nosegrind revers – Puzzle22
Austyn Gillette – Fs shuvit bs nosegrind – Habitat ‘Inhabitants’
Brandon Biebel – Nosegrind & nosegrind shuvit – Lakai ‘Beware Of The Flare’
Manu – Bs lip – Puzzle19
Stefan Bircher – Bs blunt to fakie – Puzzle19
Lucas Puig – Bs smith – Cliché ‘Bon Appetit’
JB Gillet – Bs tail – Lordz ‘Conspiracy’
Unknown – Noseslide nollie heel out – Macba life Macba VX1000 4
Alex Amor – Fs noseslide nollie heel out – Macba Life x Transworld Skateboarding #8 Best of 2017.
Janne Saario – Tailslide flip out – Puzzle20
Nilton Ferreira – Fs tailslide 270 – Puzzle11
Juanca Gracia – Fs tailslide to switch crook – Macba Life x Transworld Skateboarding #9
Wieger Van Wageningen – Inward heel tailslide – Puzzle22
Wieger Van Wageningen – Bs 180 nosegrind revers – Nike SB ‘Nothing But The Truth’
Wieger Van Wageningen – Fakie crook – The Firm ‘Can’t Stop The Firm’
Wieger Van Wageningen – Fakie heel crook – Nike SB ‘Nothing But The Truth’
Thibaud Fradin – Switch 5-0 – Puzzle19
Thibaud Fradin – Fakie 5-0 – Puzzle17
Carsten Rask – Nollie noseslide – Puzzle12
Sven Kilchenmann – Nollie noseslide to fakie – Monkey Business Project of a Lifetime
Sven Kilchenmann – Nollie crooks – Puzzle13
Henning Braaten – Nollie lipslide – Lordz ‘They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us’
JJ Rousseau – Nollie nosegrind – Puzzle 16
Todd Jordan – Nollie bs 5-0 – Nike SB ‘Nothing But The Truth’
Marc Johnson – Flip bs 5-0 – Lakai ‘Beware Of The Flare’
Tosh Townend – Flip bs 5-0 – Element ‘This Is My Element’
Dylan Sourbeer – Bs 5-0 flip out – Sabotage in Spain
Mark Appleyard – 5-0 to switch crook – Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’
Wilfried Mandereau – Switch crooks revers – Puzzle22
Jesus Fernandez – Switch lipslide – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Thibaud Fradin – Switch nosegrind – Lordz ‘They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us’
Raul Fernandes – Switch bs 5-0 – Puzzle17
JJ Rousseau – Switch bs tail – Lakai ‘Beware Of The Flare’
Marek Zaprazny – Switch bs tail flip out – Primitive part
Javier Suárez – Fifty up – Vans Spain part

History Clip, Spot

Sants ‘RIP’ Low To High Ledge, Barcelona

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Steffie Weiss – Bs fifty – Square ‘No Place Like Home’
– Rick McCrank – Bs nosegrind – Girl ‘Yeah Right’
– Brian Anderson – Bs nosegrind shuvit – Nike SB ‘On Tap’
– Bemo – Fs noseslide – Puzzle 17
– Gabriel Engelke – Bs tailslide & bs tailslide shuvit – Puzzle 16
– Louie Barletta – Fs 5-0 to switch crook – Osiris ‘Subject To Change’
– Henning Braaten – Fs tailslide to switch crook – Puzzle 31
– Henning Braaten – Fs tailslide to 5-0 – Square ‘No Place Like Home’
– Kerry Getz – Fs 180 fakie nosegrind revers – DVS ‘Skate More’
– Wieger Van Wageningen – Fs tailslide flip out – Nike SB ‘On Tap’
– Jerry Svensson – Fs tailslide heelflip out – Puzzle 20
– Rudy Johnson – Bs bluntslide – Girl ‘Yeah Right’
– Ryan Sheckler – Bs bluntslide to fakie – Almost ‘Round 3’
– Love Eneroth – Fs nosebluntslide & switch bs bluntslide – Puzzle 16
– Louie Barletta – Fs Bluntslide to fakie – Osiris ‘Subject To Change’
– Unknown – Switch tailslide & switch tailslide bigspin out – Puzzle 20
– Fred Gall – Switch 5-0 to tailslide – Habitat ‘Mosaic’
– Unknown – Nollie crook – Puzzle 22
– Johnny Layton – Nollie crook manny – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
– Scott Johnston – Fakie tailslide to manny – Girl ‘Yeah Right’
– Thomas Nielsen – Nollie nosegrind – Puzzle 30
– Vincent Bressol – Fakie 5-0 – Cliché ‘Freedom Fries’
– Lucas Puig – Halfcab 5-0 revers – Cliché ‘Freedom Fries’
– Kerry Getz – Halfcab crook – Habitat ‘Mosaic’
– Brian Anderson – Halfcab blunt & halfcab blunt to fakie – Nike SB ‘On Tap’
– Bertrand Soubrier – Fs shuvit bs nosegrind – Chill ‘Filming Crazy’
– Thibaud Fradin – Flip bs nosegrind – Square ‘No Place Like Home’
– Eero Anttila – Flip crook – Puzzle 26
– Kerry Getz – Flip crook to fakie – DVS ‘Skate More’
– Mike Taylor – Pop shuvit crook – DVS ‘Skate More’
– Jan Kliewer – Nollie bs 5-0 fs revers – Cliché ‘Bon Appetit’
– Torey Pudwill – Nollie flip bs 5-0 – DVS ‘Skate More’
– Alex Van Hoecke – Nollie bs bluntslide to fakie – Puzzle 29
– JB Gillet – Nollie fs 180 to switch 5-0 revers – Lordz ‘They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us’
– Josh Kalis – Switch crook – The Dc Video
– Thibaud Fradin – Switch nosegrind – Cliché ‘Bon Appetit’
– JJ Rousseau – Switch bs 5-0 – Puzzle 16
– Kenny Anderson – Switch bs 5-0 revers – Girl ‘Yeah Right’
– JJ Rousseau – Switch heel bs 5-0 – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
– Raymond Molinar – Switch fs crook – Habitat ‘Inhabitants’
– Florentin Marfaing – Switch bs 180 to bs 5-0 fs revers – Chill ‘Filming Crazy’
– Marc Johnson – Treflip noseslide – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’

History Clip, Spot

Hubba Montjuic, Barcelona

Barcelona is the mecca of skateboarding. You can understand why when you see spots like this everywhere. Enjoy.

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Andrius Bruzas – Lipslide – A Brief Glance (shot by Craig Dodds)

Filip Almqvist – Fs Noseslide – Adidas “Threee Episode 1”

Martin Sandberg – Fs Crook – Sour “Hella Dramatic”

Etienne Gagne – Double Tailslide – Alltimers “No idea”

Zach Panebianco – Tailslide Fs Shuvit Out – Sabotage In Spain

Will Kromer – Tailslide Fs Flip Out – TWS Video Checkout

Fred Plocque-Santos – Bs Lipslide Popup – @titigormit Instagram

Thierry Gormit – Bs 5-0 Fs 180 Out – @titigormit Instagram

JB Gillet – Bs Bluntslide – Nike-O-Mok Part

Brian Delaney – Bs Tailslide – Alltimers “No idea”

Charlie Munro – Nollie Heel Noseslide – Last Orders Part

Florentin Marfaing – Nollie Heel Noseslide Nollie Flip Out – Newold Clip

Gustav Tonnesen – Kickflip Crook – Desert Crew Sucks

Mike Deal – Noseslide – @titigormit Instagram

Kenny Reed – Bs Fifty – RAW TAPES Barcelona 2003 Episode 12

Nisse Ingemarsson – Crook – The Sour Solution

Yuri Facchini – Kickflip Noseslide – Almost “3.AM

Jose Vivero – Noseslide Shuvit – FTC Barcelona “Porfa”

Justin Sommer – Nollie Noseslide nollie Heelflip Out – justinsommer_ instagram

History Clip, Spot

RIP Conforama, Lyon

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Flip ‘Sorry’: backside 5-0 by Mark Appleyard; heelflip darkslide by Geoff Rowley; nollie 5-0 revert & fakie nosegrind revert & nollie heelflip noseslide to fakie & switch 180 to 5-0 by Arto Saari; drop 50-50 & noseslide heelflip out & switch crooked to noseslide by Ali Boulala
– Behind the French Fred Scene: crooked & tailslide & frontside noseslide by Paul Machnau; frontside nosegrind by unknown; blunt by Jeremie Daclin; 50-50 by Charles Collet; noseslide playing whith the cap & noseslide one foot & flip noseslide to fakie & flip crooked by Rodrigo TX; heelflip noseslide by Thibaud Fradin; pop shove-it 50-50 by unknown; nollie tailslide by Flo Marfaing; nollie 50-50 & variations of switch 180 to 5-0 by Arto Saari; over noseblunt by accident & frontside 180 nosegrind by Ali Boulala
– Cliche ‘Europa’: feeble by Jeremie Daclin; 50-50 to drop into the bank & halfcab noseslide by Pontus Alv; switch tailslide by JB Gillet
– Tony Hawk Pro Skater video: frontside boardslide by Steve Caballero
– eS ‘Menikmati’: flip backside grind & flip noseslide by Rodrigo TX
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: heelflip 5-0 to fakie by Chris Dobstaff
– Puzzle: 5-0 to fakie by Chris Dobstaff; nollie noseslide & nollie frontside noseslide & nollie flip noseslide by JJ Rousseau

Below is a noseslide by Jeremie Daclin from B-Side Magazine (1992!):



PRO BONO PROMO: Helas Sporting Club

Helas Polo Club Lucas Puig 1Helas Polo Club Lucas Puig

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard of Lucas Puig’s Helas Caps brand. Aside from bringing a totally new aesthetic to the skate hat game (with a clever play on the Polo aesthetic), Helas has been nothing short of an endless fountain of cream soda amazing skate edits. Whether it’s an edit of iPhone clips or VX throwaways, you can bet that every one of their shorts are top notch. The latest Helas Sporting Club edit is again no different, bringing the heat with four and a half minutes of goodness and is filmed primarily around Barcy with a couple of clips from Shanghai. Featuring Lucas Puig, Luypa Sin, Jesus Fernandez, Javier Sarmiento, Thierry Gormit, Marek Zaprazny, Roman Lisivka, Pedro Attenborough, Jose Vivero Diaz, JB Gillet, Max Geronzi, Charles Collet, Stephen Khou, Alex Maison, Kristian Krasimirov, JP Villa and Karl Salah.

Luy Pa Sin with a backtail shove out at MACBA.

Helas Polo Club Luy Pa SinDefinitely super psyched to see footage of Luy Pa Sin ripping, and his pop shove front crook at Plaza Universitat is worth a watch alone. Jesus Fernandez really lights up Sants with a fakie flip crooks, fakie pop shove switch 5-0 180 out followed up with a back 3 down the curb. Now say that again really quick. And if you blink you might miss Javier Sarmiento’s cameo at Sants as well!

Jesus Fernandez mid-line with a fakie flip crooks at Sants.

Helas Polo Club Jesus Fernandez

We all know that Marek Zaprazny is a beast on the board, and his kickflip over a Jersey barrier off flat followed by a high speed back tail is more than enough of a reminder of that fact.

Marek Zaprazny with a kickflip over a Jersey barrier off flat.

Helas Polo Club Marek Zaprazny

This whole edit is chock full of amazing skating and definitely proof that in this age of over saturated skateboard media content, sometimes less is more. And of course Lucas closes the video out with a banger! Peep the edit and get hyped already! – HK

Lucas Puig with a noseslide nollie backside heel out.

Helas Polo Club Lucas Puig 2