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History Clip – Wallenberg, San Francisco

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Wallenberg. The spot that needs no introduction. When you think of the lyrics to the song “I left my heart in San Francisco”, you might want to add “and left a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and some skin at Wallenburg.” This legendary four block has been a fixture in skateboarding for years. And at 22 feet 6 inches long, is the epitome of intimidating. The Gonz really opened our minds to what’s possible when he ollied it back in 1991. And with change being the only constant, more and more took up the gauntlet and tried something down the big, long 4 block.

Wallenberg Andrew Reynolds 1

With the floodgates opened by Gonz’s ollie, we saw skateboarding’s ABD list extended in increasingly quick succession with Diego Bucchieri’s backside 180, Frank Gerwer’s kickflip, Danny Gonzalez’s kickflip melon and more. We’ve compiled a list of ABDs below and you can peep our video compilation of those very tricks above. It’s 2015, and as “Shane Goes”, Wallenberg has now been nollie back heeled. Gotta love skateboarding’s progression!

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Video Days (1991): ollie by Mark Gonzales
– backside 180 by Diego Bucchieri
– 411: kickflip by Frank Gerwer
– Transworld’s “The Reason” (1999): kickflip melon by Danny Gonzalez
– 411vm 66: pop-shove by Steve Nesser
– Youtube: pop-shove melon by Jeremy Reeves
– Transworld’s “Free Your Mind”: switch frontside 180 by Tony Manfre
– Thrasher’s “High Noon at the Big Four” (2004): frontside flip by Andrew Reynolds; switch backside 180 by Darrell Stanton; heelflip by Lindsey Robertson
– Thrasher’s “Back to the Berg” (2009): varial heel by Jordan Hoffart; switch heel by Nick Merlino; backside 360 & switch frontside flip by Chris Cole; backside bigspin by Cody McEntire; hardflip by Andrew Pott; backside heelflip by Lindsey Robertson; one-footed backside 180 and stair clip & airwalk by Lizard King
– Zero “New Blood”: treflip by Chris Cole
– Emerica “Stay Gold”: backside flip by Andrew Reynolds
– Thrasher: switch flip by Forrest Edwards; switch backside flip by DJ Gaudin; nollie backside heelflip by Shane O’Neill
– Enjoy “Oververt”: backside nollie 180 by Zach Wallin