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Inspiration: PJ Ladd in Jessup’s Home Movies

PJ Ladd 1PJ Ladd 2

Every one of us is a PJ Ladd fan, and it’s hard not to understand why. From when he first burst onto the scene in Coliseum’s “PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life”, to his “Really Sorry” part, we just can’t seem to get enough PJ footy(we still treat his footage in Boston Massacre as somewhat non-cannon). Well, the wait is over! While this isn’t his missing Plan B TRUE part, Jessup griptape did just release a cool 2 minute pluse B&W video of PJ skating around Lincoln skate plaza and the Hazard skate plaza(Diamond skate plaza). It seems to have been filmed in one day with one roll of film and has that ethereal home video feel and should satisfy all the PJ fans out there especially those still reeling from the shock that he didn’t have a part in Plan B’s TRUE. A lot of really mellow cruising footage but with all the textbook precision we can expect of PJ, this video has a nice vibe, which we’re sure you’ll be psyched to watch. Filmed by Rick Charnoski.