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RIP Hubba Hideout, San Francisco

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– On Video: manual by Joe Valdez; flip up by Ryan Johnson; tailslide & 5-0 by Jeremy Wray; 5-0 revert by Jamie Thomas; fifty to lipslide by Tim Brauch; frontside crook & switch 50-50 by Gershon Mosley; backside noseslide 270 out by Dave Mayhew; frontside bluntslide to fakie by Brian Anderson
– Plan B ‘Questionable’: frontside noseslide to fakie by Rick Howard; frontside 180 nosegrind revert by Pat Duffy
– Logic 1: 1 foot noseslide by Bob Burnquist
– DTS video: crooked by Wade Speyer
– Sheep Shoes ‘Life of Leisure’: line with nosegrind and smith revert by Brian Anderson
– Plan B ‘Second Hand Smoke’: 50-50 both ways & backside 5-0 & switch noseslide & frontside 180 nosegrind & pop shove frontside 5-0 & fakie frontside nosegrind & switch frontside noseslide & backside tailslide by Jeremy Wray
– Transworld ‘Anthology’: frontside 270 switch frontside boardslide by Jeremy Wray
– Foundation ‘Rolling Thunder’: frontside salad by Heath Kirchart; 180 nosegrind shove-it both sides & backside 180 nosegrind & backside 180 nosegrind revert by Steve Olson
– Toy Machine ‘Welcome to Hell’: nosegrind revert by Jamie Thomas; frontside bluntslide to regular by Brian Anderson
– Osiris ‘The Storm’: tailslide shuvit by Chris Dobstaff; nollie backside tailslide & backside nosegrind revert by Jerry Hsu; heelflip noseslide by Chad Fernandez
– Mad Circle ‘Let the Horns Blow’: halfcab noseslide & nollie tailslide by Scott Johnston
– Plan B ‘Virtual Reality’: frontside noseslide & flip noseslide by Pat Duffy
– World Industries ‘Trilogy’: backside suski & backside tailslide to regular & heelflip backside 50-50 by Marcus McBride; switch crook & switch nosegrind revert & switch tailslide & switch 5-0 by Lavar McBride; nollie frontside 180 switch backside 50-50 by Jason Dill; frontside halfcab noseslide to fakie by Clyde Singleton
– Shorty’s ‘Fulfill the Dream’: switch noseslide & switch boardslide & switch 180 5-0 & switch backside 5-0 by Peter Smolik
– 411: switch frontside smith by Gershon Mosley; frontside noseslide 270 out by Karl Watson; nollie nosegrind by Cairo Foster; nollie heelflip noseslide by Rodrigo Tx
– Rodney vs Daewon Round 1: nollie frontside 180 switch crook by Lavar McBride
– World Industries ’20 Shot Sequence’: nollie frontside tailslide by Jason Dill
– Alien Workshop ‘Timecode’: frontside lipslide fakie & switch frontside lipslide & switch backside 180 backside 5-0 by Lennie Kirk; switch backside tailslide to fakie by Josh Kalis
– Rodney vs Daewon Round 2: noseslide nollie flip out by Marc Johnson
– Transworld ‘Uno’: nollie frontside 5-0 by Marc Johnson; nollie noseslide & switch tailslide by Eric Koston
– Tilt Mode Army ‘Man Down’: nollie backside 5-0 180 out by Jerry Hsu
– Maple ‘Black Cat’: backside lipslide shove by Jerry Hsu
– Transworld ‘The Sixth Sense’: backside tailslide shuvit & backside smith revert by Brian Anderson; bluntslide by Brad Staba
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’ bonus: hurricane by Brian Anderson
– Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: frontside feeble by Mike Carroll
– Chocolate ‘Las Nueve Vidas de Paco’: backside feeble by Mike Carroll
– Bay Area Roughneck Tour 2006: nollie shuvit 50-50 & nollie shuvit nosegrind & bluntslide to fakie & gap nosebluntslide by unknowns
– Chocolate Tour: backside noseblunt by Eric Koston
– Girl ‘Mouse’: nollie crook by Eric Koston
– Aesthetic ‘Ryde or Die Vol.1’: nollie frontside noseslide by Rob Welsh
– Zero ‘Misled Youth’: bigspin frontside noseslide by Erik Ellington
– Transworld ‘The Reason’: flip frontside noseslide by Gershon Mosley
– Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’: nollie flip backside noseslide by Danny Garcia
– Foundation ‘Cataclysmic Abyss’: kickflip frontside 5-0 & kickflip frontside lipslide by Corey Duffel
– Ojo De Pez 10: kickflip backside tailslide by Diego Bucchieri
– Sus Monts: kickflip backside smith by Ben Stewart
– City Crime In The City: switch frontside blunt & switch frontside 5-0 & switch frontside tailslide & kickflip backside 50-50 & switch frontside tailslide 270 by Eduardo Craig
– Transworld ‘And Now’: nollie noseblunt by Matt Miller
– Montage LDT: switch backside lipslide by Jack Curtin
– Thanks Camera 2: switch heelflip backside 50-50 by Tommy Wisdom
– Nike ‘Nothing but the Truth’: heelflip backside nosegrind by Wieger Van Wageningen
– eS ‘eSpecial’: inward heelflip 5-0 by Marquise Henry
– DVS ‘Dudes Dudes Dudes’: nollie heelflip crook by Torey Pudwill
– Bonus Round: backside flip fakie nosegrind by Jose Rojo
– Digital Imagine 2007: hardflip backside nosegrind by Andrew Pott
– Youtube clip: switch frontside flip 5-0 by Daniel Rivera
– gif: flip frontside nosegrind by Bryan Herman