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Besos Waves, Barcelona

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Volcom ’14 Munted Daze’: surfing by Darrell Stanton; f/s 180 by Shane Azar; f/s 180 stalefish by Trent Fahey
– Almost ‘Round 3’: ollie north by Chris Haslam; flip indy by Ryan Sheckler
– Sour ‘Sergio’: ollie north south by Albert Nyberg
– ‘Homemade 3’: nosebump & canonball by Lenard Vranckx
– Foundation ‘Cataclysmic Abyss’: crail tailsmash by Gareth Stehr
– Zero ‘New Blood’: mute by John Rattray
– Osiris ‘Feed the Need’: indy footplant by John Rattray
– Transworld ‘Substance’: footplant & ollie b/s sexchange by Tristan Funkhouser
– Redbull clip: ollie f/s sexchange by Brad Cromer
– Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’: late f/s shove-it by Diego Bucchieri; double flip by Billy Marks
– Lordz ‘They don’t give a fuck about us’: late b/s shove-it by Alexis Jauzion
– Converse ‘Thanks Jake’: no comply by Jake Johnson
– Quicksilver promo: ollie from flat into bump by Reese Forbes
– ‘Everywhere we go’: f/s 180 from flat by Luis Tolentino
– Landscape ‘Portraits’: b/s 180 by Joel Curtis
– Puzzle 11: flip by Thibaud Fradin
– Flip ‘Sorry’: heelflip by Bastien Salabanzi; f/s flip & f/s flip shifty by Tom Penny; b/s flip & 360 flip by Mark Appleyard; f/s 360 & f/s heelflip by Arto Saari
– Jart ‘All you need’: b/s double flip by Bastien Salabanzi
– Emerica ‘This is Skateboarding’: f/s shove-it by Tosh Townend; b/s flip shifty by Andrew Reynolds
– Sk8mafia/Sweet ‘Stee’: f/s flip shifty by Wes Kremer & Josef Scott Jatta; switch f/s flip by Gustav Tonnesen
– Adio ‘Rock Adio’: varial flip by Steve Nesser
– Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’: b/s 180 late shove-it & b/s 360 & nollie b/s bigspin by Mark Appleyard
– DVS ‘Skate More’: hardflip by Torey Pudwill
– Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: f/s bigspin by Mike Caroll
– Girl ‘Yeah Right!’: b/s bigspin by Eric Koston
– 4star ‘Super Champion Funzone’: crail grab & bigspin flip by Brian Anderson
– Element ‘Elementality’: nollie by Jake Rupp
– Habitat ‘Mosaic’: switch flip by Stefan Janoski
– Transworld ‘First Love’: switch heelflip by Stefan Janoski
– Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’: switch b/s flip by Josh Kalis
– Converse ‘Welcome part’: switch f/s shove-it & switch varial heel by Bobby de Keyzer
– Digital ‘FYI’: switch 360 flip by Ryan Oughton
– ‘Life & Times’ part: lazer flip by Boo Johnson
– DC ‘Where EU at’: b/s flip 360 by Josef Scott Jatta
– DC Shoes Introducing: bodyvarial revert by Bobby de Keyzer
– Transworld ‘The Cinematographer Project’: nollie cab by Gustav Tonnesen
– Plan B ‘True’: full cab flip by Ryan Sheckler