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History Clip, Spot

Baxter Ledge, Los Angeles

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Youtube Clip: boardslide & boardslide manual & halfcab boardslide & boardslide manual revert by Leo Contreras & Daniel Davis; back 5-0 by Ronson Lombert; switch 50-50 by Javier Nunez
– Nike SB ‘Nothing but the Truth’: back 50-50 by Daniel Shimizu
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: boardslide to 5-0 by Jeron Wilson
– Zoo York ‘State of Mind’: lipslide by Lamare Hemmings
– TWS ‘Right Foot Forward’: frontside noseslide by Joey Brezinski
– Thrasher part ‘Big Bang’: backside tailslide by Torey Pudwill

And last but not least: here’s below the Frontside Boardslide by Rick McCrank. If by any chance you know where the footage is, please let us know in the comment section.


History Clip, Spot

Best Tricks Over A Picnic Table

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Santa Cruz ‘Speed Freaks’: frontside 180 by Mike Vallely
– Life Skateboards ‘A Soldier’s Story’: backside 180 & half-cab & fakie ollie by Sean Sheffey
– Plan B ‘The Revolution’: pop shove-it & hippy jump & fakie frontside 360 by Jeremy Wray
– Plan B ‘Questionable’: ollie to nose manual by Matt Hensley
– H-Street ‘This Is Not The New H-Street Video’: caballerial by Matt Hensley
– Stereo ‘A Visual Sound’: flip by Mike Daher
– World Indutry ‘Trilogy’: heelflip & frontside heelflip by Clyde Singleton; frontside flip by Shiloh Greathouse; frontside nollie 180 by Kareem Campbell
– Baker ‘Baker3’: backside flip by Andrew Reynolds
– Chocolate ‘Las Nueve Vidas De Paco’: switch ollie by Paulo Diaz
– éS ‘Menikmati’: switch backside 180 by Rodrigo Tx
– Girl ‘Mouse’: switch flip by Keenan Milton
– LA County: switch heelflip & nollie frontside heelflip & switch frontside heelflip by Chris Franzen; nollie pop shove-it by Gino Perez
– The BLVD: switch mute & switch frontside pop shove-it by Chris Franzen
– Deca ‘2nd to None’: nollie inward heelflip by Brian Hoard
– Clip of the day: nollie flip by Brian Hoard
– Shorty’s ‘Guilty’: nollie backside heelflip by Toan Nguyen
– Primitive Apparel ‘Back to School Remix’: switch frontside flip & switch frontside 360 by Nick Tucker; fakie no comply bigspin by Jorge Ramirez; nose wheelie nollie heelflip by Joey Brezinski
– Plan B ‘Big Bang Video’: backside 360 & hardflip by Torey Pudwill
– TWS Outliers: flip footplant finger flip out by Brad Cromer
– Pro Part: nollie frontside bigspin by Brad Cromer
– Youtube clip: fakie bigspin kasper flip by Freddy Ernst
– Bake and Destroy: late front bigspin by Cyril Jackson
– Shake Junt ‘Ride or Die’: no comply backside 360 by Spencer Hamilton
– Cash On The Table Contest: flip footplant by unknown; nosebump & halfcab flip & switch ollie late shove-it by Dane Vaughn; switch one foot & body varial by Frankie Heck; fakie bigspin & nose wheelie nollie flip by TJ Rogers; fakie shove-it by Kelly Hart; nollie varial flip by Tiago Lemos; nollie bigflip by Shmatty Chaffin; switch backside flip & nollie backside flip & fakie hardflip by Carlos Iqui
– TWS The Cinematographer Project: Alien Workshop: no comply by Kevin Tarpening; impossible by Dylan Rieder
– Thrasher Firing Line: double flip by Dylan Rieder
– Supreme ‘Cherry’: switch backside heelflip by Dylan Rieder; switch pop shove-it by Eli Reed
– Girl and Chocolate ‘Pretty Sweet’: ollie over the long way & frontside 360 & ollie body varial & frontside shove-it by Alex Olson
– Black Label ‘Back in Black’: ollie over 2 by Pat Rakestraw
– DVS ‘360 Flips For Beginners’: 360 flip by Andrew Brophy
– Grizzly Griptape: nollie 360 flip by Danny Hamaguchi
– Supra Commercial: fakie 360 flip by Jim Greco
– Hammer Report: fakie heelflip by Oscar Rambao
– Untitled Pro Part: full cab flip by Shaun Hover
– Thrasher ‘Solo’ Part: full cab heelflip by John DeMar
– LRG ‘1947’: switch backside 360 by Carlos Ribeiro

And last but not least: here are few hot lines by Bryan Herman.


REVIEW: Andale Swiss Bearings

For each of our reviews we try to sift through the hype and give you our honest feedback on products before you shell out your hard earned cash on something you’ve never tried before. In this REVIEW, we look at Andale’s Swiss bearings which were tested over a 6 month period.

IMG_8667 IMG_8668









Andale is Joey Brezinski and Paul Rodriguez’s foray into the skateboard bearings market with bearings offered in ABEC 5, ABEC 7 and Swiss versions. With a stacked team, a strong social media push and pretty eye catching branding, Andale has definitely created quite a buzz in the industry.


Andale’s Swiss bearings come with a one-sided non-contact blue shield and semi-translucent plastic retainers (crowns). The bearings come pre-lubricated with a low viscosity oil and are pretty much good to go straight out of the box. The one-sided plastic shield is non-contact and installed on the side of the bearing where the balls sit in the crown. Note that the Swiss bearings do not come with bearing spacers, so you will have to purchase them separately. The bearings rolled true in the races when new and were pretty quiet when rolling.

Overall impressions

Having ridden these bearings for the past 6 months (with the shields on) for approximately 200+ hours, these bearings have been smooth, fast and required very little maintenance. They were skated in the streets as well as in smooth concrete plazas and bowls.


Here’s how they rated (10 being the best, and 1 being the worst):

Speed: 9

Durability: 8

Ease of maintenance: 9 (how easy was it to clean the bearings)

While the bearings were definitely fast and modestly priced for a set of Swiss bearings (Andale Swiss retails for approximately $36-$40), 2 of the retainers did break during the testing period, which was a little surprising (granted that skateboard bearings typically undergo a fair amount of abuse from repeated ollies, impact with various obstacles and also drops of various heights) since spacers were used in every wheel and the largest drop attempted was landing off a 1.5 foot high ledge. There also wasn’t a systematic pattern to which bearing (or in which wheel) the retainers typically broke. The initial breakage in the retainers usually started with a hairline split accompanied by a slowdown in the bearing plus some tell-tale noisiness in the spin. While this wasn’t a deal breaker, this did mean that either the retainer or the bearing had to be replaced which would be a minor inconvenience if you were in the middle of a session.

For maintenance, the bearings were oiled with 1 drop of speed cream once every 3 months, and this definitely kept them rolling smoothly. The blue shields were also pretty snug in keeping dirt out of the bearings and certainly prolonged the life of the bearings. The bearings were also easy to clean and reassemble. Overall the bearings remained satisfactorily fast and smooth over the 6 month trial period.

Overall, Andale Swiss Bearings are a modestly priced, fast Swiss bearings that are also fairly durable. They are definitely worth trying and I like these bearings enough that they are staying on my go to board! Do you want to see some Andale bearings in a future KrakBox? Let us know what you think! -HK