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Streets is Talkin’: Jonny Giger

In each installment of Streets is Talkin’, we showcase street parts that really get us hyped. In this installment, we present Gams, Switzerland’s Jonny Giger and his new street part.

Jonny Giger thumbNollie and switch inward heel reverts? WTH.

With the level of skateboarding getting pretty damn ridiculous these days, you’d think we would have seen it all in terms of progression, but evolution always has a way of surprising us and biting us in the ass. You probably remember Switzerland’s Jonny Giger as Joe #10 from Battle at the Berrics 7. He’s the Joe with the insane bag of tricks, including nollie and switch inward heel reverts and of course a crazy halfcab backfoot flip. You know what? Tre double flips are probably his warm up trick. Bet you didn’t know that he also throws it down hard in the streets right?

Jonny GigerWell, alongside all his recent amazing flatground footage(here and here), Jonny’s also been busy stacking street clips and has just released his 2015 street part. This part is totally insane and we guarantee you’ll have to watch it at least twice. How about this for a line in Prague’s Stalin Square: frontside halfcab heel, backside nosegrind, frontside 5-0 treflip out, and a frontside varial backfoot heelflip. DAAAMMMNNN!!! And you know what, the best thing is that he makes it all look like so much fun. Check the ender! Jonny rules!

Jonny rides for Revive Skateboards, Force Wheels and Silver Trucks.