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Remember the Kirchart Street Gap? Discover the best tricks that have been done there.

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Adio ‘Going Forward’: treflip by Jordan Hoffart
– Zero ‘Strange World’: hardflip by Dane Burnman; pop shuv it by Garrett Hill
– Toy Machine ‘Brainwash’: heelflip by Billy Marks
– Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’: flip & bs flip by Heath Kirchart
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: fs flip by Heath Kirchart
– Blind ‘This is not a test’: varial heel by Filipe Ortiz
– ‘No Hope’: bs bigspin by Josh Gormez
– Osiris ‘Feed the Need’: bs 180 by Diego Bucchieri
– Real ‘Since Day One’: late shoved it by James Hardy


We heard that Andre Genovesi may have done switch ollie but we still don’t find it so if someone here knows where that it, please feel free to tell us.