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Krak Minute – Tarzana Park, Los Angeles

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Andrew Allen – Fs noseslide to fakie – 411 ‘The 522 on the 411’
Mark Gutterman – Nosegrind – Digital ‘Divercity’
Josh Grossguth – Fs nosegrind revers – Proof
Rodrigo TX – Bs 5-0 revers – The Firm ‘Can’t Stop The Firm’
Kenny Reed – Bs smith – TWS ‘The Reason’
Dee Ostrander – Bs smith bs 180 out – Supra ‘Oscar & Friends’
Alex Olson – Bs lip – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Heath Kirchart – Bs tail bigspin – Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’
Jerry Hsu – Nollie bs tail – Emerica ‘Stay Gold’
Josh Matthews – Fs noseblunt – és welcomes Josh Matthews
Darrell Stanton – Bs noseblunt – P.rod ‘Proof’
Greg Lutzka – Fs 180 nosegrind revers – Globe ‘United By Fate 2’
Greg Lutzka – Flip bs nosegrind – Almost ‘Round 3’
Julian Davidson – Flip crook – Element ‘Future Nature’
Jack Olson – Tailslide flip out – Real ‘Through and Through’
Albert Nyberg – Tailslide heelflip – Prehistoric Part
Tom Karangelov – Hurricane – Zero ‘Cold War’
Ryan Lay – Switch hurricane – Etnies ‘Album’
Carlos Iqui – Switch flip bs tail – DC ‘Da Rua’
Carlos Ribeiro – Switch bs noseblunt – All For You

History Clip, Spot

Baxter Ledge, Los Angeles

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Youtube Clip: boardslide & boardslide manual & halfcab boardslide & boardslide manual revert by Leo Contreras & Daniel Davis; back 5-0 by Ronson Lombert; switch 50-50 by Javier Nunez
– Nike SB ‘Nothing but the Truth’: back 50-50 by Daniel Shimizu
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: boardslide to 5-0 by Jeron Wilson
– Zoo York ‘State of Mind’: lipslide by Lamare Hemmings
– TWS ‘Right Foot Forward’: frontside noseslide by Joey Brezinski
– Thrasher part ‘Big Bang’: backside tailslide by Torey Pudwill

And last but not least: here’s below the Frontside Boardslide by Rick McCrank. If by any chance you know where the footage is, please let us know in the comment section.