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Turbo Wheels - Julien Bachelier

Introducing Turbo Wheels

Wheels are crucial to your skating. Period. And choosing the right hardness according to your style and preferences definitely takes some time. When we talked to Julien Bachelier (Antiz founder and now Turbo Wheels founder as well) back in issue 8 of KrakMag we were stoked to know they were just about to launch a new wheel brand. And we were even happier when we heard they used Urethane measured on a B scale: 83B. Julien told us he had been skating the same set of wheels for the past 3 months. We had to introduce them to you so we included some in the Euro Tour box and we hope you enjoyed riding them!

Turbo Wheels - Peter Molec

Peter Molec, switch f/s nosegrind. Photo: Fabien Ponsero

Here’s what Julien had to say back then: “We just received the wheels — there is still no website nor social media, but we got our stickers two days ago! As for the team: Peter Molec, Thanos Panou, Vincent Coupeau and Jerôme Chevalier have our back. Everything takes time, but what matters most is to offer a quality wheel. By the way, folks, you are the very first to ride them… we look forward to hearing what you think! This is how we’ll evolve.”

Now they have a website which you can check out here.

Turbo Wheels - Thanos Panou

Thanos Panou, f/s 50-50. Photo: Fabien Ponsero

Cover image: Julien Bachelier, b/s smith. Photo: Fabien Ponsero

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