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History Clip, Spot

Pop Over JKwon Ledge, Los Angeles

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Brett Sube – Ollie the high ones – Brett Sube Gracias Skateboarding Vol.1
Diego Najera – Fs 180 – AMMO Introduces Diego “SDiego” Najera
Andrew Reynolds – Kickflip – Baker ‘Bake & Destroy’
Yuri Facchini – Heelflip – Blind ‘Damn’
Cyril Jackson – Late fs shuvit – Deathlens Pro vol 1
Bobby De Keyzer – No Comply – DC Shoes ‘Defunkt Introducing Tristan Funkhouser & Bobby De Keyzer’
Jordan Trahan – 360 Flip – Instagram
Kelly Hart – Fakie tré – Instagram
Abbas Glass – Caballerial & double flip – the livin’ video
Myquel Haddox – Halfcab flip & fakie bigspin flip – Instagram
Myquel Haddox – Fakie varial flip – DGK ‘John Shanahan’
Matt Gotwig – Fs heelflip – Sabotage 4
Matt Gotwig – Switch bs flip – Aguora Lifestyle
Carlos Iqui – Switch fs flip – Firing Line
Nick Tucker – Switch fs 180 & switch heel – Birthday Session at JKwon
Nick Tucker – Switch fs heel, nollie inward & switch fs 360 – Primitive ‘Golden Hour’

History Clip, Spot

Best Tricks Over A Picnic Table

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Santa Cruz ‘Speed Freaks’: frontside 180 by Mike Vallely
– Life Skateboards ‘A Soldier’s Story’: backside 180 & half-cab & fakie ollie by Sean Sheffey
– Plan B ‘The Revolution’: pop shove-it & hippy jump & fakie frontside 360 by Jeremy Wray
– Plan B ‘Questionable’: ollie to nose manual by Matt Hensley
– H-Street ‘This Is Not The New H-Street Video’: caballerial by Matt Hensley
– Stereo ‘A Visual Sound’: flip by Mike Daher
– World Indutry ‘Trilogy’: heelflip & frontside heelflip by Clyde Singleton; frontside flip by Shiloh Greathouse; frontside nollie 180 by Kareem Campbell
– Baker ‘Baker3’: backside flip by Andrew Reynolds
– Chocolate ‘Las Nueve Vidas De Paco’: switch ollie by Paulo Diaz
– éS ‘Menikmati’: switch backside 180 by Rodrigo Tx
– Girl ‘Mouse’: switch flip by Keenan Milton
– LA County: switch heelflip & nollie frontside heelflip & switch frontside heelflip by Chris Franzen; nollie pop shove-it by Gino Perez
– The BLVD: switch mute & switch frontside pop shove-it by Chris Franzen
– Deca ‘2nd to None’: nollie inward heelflip by Brian Hoard
– Clip of the day: nollie flip by Brian Hoard
– Shorty’s ‘Guilty’: nollie backside heelflip by Toan Nguyen
– Primitive Apparel ‘Back to School Remix’: switch frontside flip & switch frontside 360 by Nick Tucker; fakie no comply bigspin by Jorge Ramirez; nose wheelie nollie heelflip by Joey Brezinski
– Plan B ‘Big Bang Video’: backside 360 & hardflip by Torey Pudwill
– TWS Outliers: flip footplant finger flip out by Brad Cromer
– Pro Part: nollie frontside bigspin by Brad Cromer
– Youtube clip: fakie bigspin kasper flip by Freddy Ernst
– Bake and Destroy: late front bigspin by Cyril Jackson
– Shake Junt ‘Ride or Die’: no comply backside 360 by Spencer Hamilton
– Cash On The Table Contest: flip footplant by unknown; nosebump & halfcab flip & switch ollie late shove-it by Dane Vaughn; switch one foot & body varial by Frankie Heck; fakie bigspin & nose wheelie nollie flip by TJ Rogers; fakie shove-it by Kelly Hart; nollie varial flip by Tiago Lemos; nollie bigflip by Shmatty Chaffin; switch backside flip & nollie backside flip & fakie hardflip by Carlos Iqui
– TWS The Cinematographer Project: Alien Workshop: no comply by Kevin Tarpening; impossible by Dylan Rieder
– Thrasher Firing Line: double flip by Dylan Rieder
– Supreme ‘Cherry’: switch backside heelflip by Dylan Rieder; switch pop shove-it by Eli Reed
– Girl and Chocolate ‘Pretty Sweet’: ollie over the long way & frontside 360 & ollie body varial & frontside shove-it by Alex Olson
– Black Label ‘Back in Black’: ollie over 2 by Pat Rakestraw
– DVS ‘360 Flips For Beginners’: 360 flip by Andrew Brophy
– Grizzly Griptape: nollie 360 flip by Danny Hamaguchi
– Supra Commercial: fakie 360 flip by Jim Greco
– Hammer Report: fakie heelflip by Oscar Rambao
– Untitled Pro Part: full cab flip by Shaun Hover
– Thrasher ‘Solo’ Part: full cab heelflip by John DeMar
– LRG ‘1947’: switch backside 360 by Carlos Ribeiro

And last but not least: here are few hot lines by Bryan Herman.


PRO BONO PROMO: Kelly Hart for Central

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.49.11 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.47.03 AM

One of the hardest working dudes in skateboarding, Kelly Hart just dropped a dope ass part for Central Skateboarding filmed and edited by none other than Manolo (of Manolo’s Tapes). Kelly has one of the cleanest styles, and textbook flick, and combined with the magic of Manolo’s filming and editing makes this part come together with a throwback feel from skate videos of yesteryear. The tricks, the beat, the angles, and you can bet that this part comes correct!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.48.43 AM 1Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.48.45 AM

Just in case you didn’t know, Kelly just turned pro for Central, all while holding down TM duties over at eS Footwear and judging Street League. Kelly’s part in the Kayo Corp’s “It’s Official” is still one of my favorite parts and I’m beyond stoked to see him finally get his name on a pro board. Thank you for all the inspiration Kelly and reminding us that hard work and undeniable talent always pays off! Well deserved homie!

And by the way, how the hell do you pop shove into a nose manny on the courthouse stage? That shit still makes no sense. Hit the link below and check his part yourself! – HK