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#KrakBox September Contest Questions!


So you wanna win a #KrakBox? Here are the contest rules:

1. Follow us @skate_krak on Instagram.

2. Like and share this contest photo.

3. Tag #krakbox and @skate_krak in your shared photo.

4. EMAIL 1) your answers to the contest questions below, 2) your full name, and 3) your Instagram username to:

Contest ends Sunday 27 Sep 2015 at 11:59pm PST.

NOTE: Open only to US residents!

The first two ALL correct entries received via email to (and correctly following ALL the rules above) each wins an October 2015 KrakBox!!



1. Which former Shut rider did a NBD down Wallenberg? What was the trick he did?

 Santa Monica triple set and Wallenberg

2. Name one skater who did the same NBD trick down both Wallenberg and the Santa Monica Triple set. Name a second skater who also did the same NBD trick (but obviously different from the previous skater’s trick) down both Wallenberg and the Santa Monica Triple set. (Hint: There are some tricks missing from our history clips! Dig deeper guys!)


3. Who wore a “Wu-Tang Killa Beez” shirt while pulling a NBD down Clipper? What was the trick? Where is this skater originally from?

Le Dome

4. Which former Seek rider has a 4 trick line in the Le Dome history video? Name all the tricks.

Love Fountain gap

5. Name the skater who wore a Volcom T-shirt while attempting a NBD down the Love Fountain gap in the Love Gap history clip? Name the trick he attempted?

Good luck everyone! Dig deeper into skateboarding!