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  • Kraken tee art
    Box, Mag

    Our very own Krak Tee

    Some of us are reaching the golden 30 years mark this year… which means that we’ve been thinking and breathing skateboarding for something like 17 years! In all the time we’ve been…

  • Quentin Alves, wallride. Photo: Hugo Bernatas
    Box, Mag

    Hugo Bernatas x Cool & The Bag

    We met Hugo in Lyon around Christmas 2014. He was probably one of the very first users of, what was back then, version 0 of the Krak App. Coming from and skating…

  • Yeah Girl capsule box

    Introducing the Yeah Girl capsule box

    Earlier this year we discovered Yeah Girl, an organisation that aims to document and celebrate women in skateboarding through events like their annual international skate photo exhibition that raises money for Skateistan.…