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Tom Penny’s infamous San Diego Chain to Bank

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Creature ‘Creach Tube Montage”: boardslide the chain by Truman Hooker

Tom Penny killed this spot back in 1996 in the Tansworld skate video Uno. Rob Dyrdek said: “No one is ever going to skate it again”.


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Osiris ‘The Storm’: backside nosegrind on the ledge into the bank by Peter Smolik
– Plan B ‘Second Hand Smoke’: fakie ollie & nollie & flip & treflip & frontside flip & heelflip by Patt Duffy
– Etnies ‘High 5’: nollie flip & switch flip & switch popshuvit & nollie backside 180 by Dave Mayhew
– Transworld ‘Uno’: nollie heelflip by Rob Dyrdek; hippy jump & nollie & switch ollie & nollie frontside 180 & nollie backside 180 & nollie cab & full cab & switch flip & nollie flip cab & switch flip front & switch flip back (everything?) by Tom Penny
– Lib Tech commercial: nollie treflip by Alex Bland
– Maple ‘Seven Steps to Heaven’: nollie hardflip by Marc Johnson
– Best Of Youtube: switch hardflip by Brandon Turner
– Thrasher Lost Part: cab flip by Bastien Salabanzi
– Youtube ’10 from back when’: nollie backside 360 heelflip & cab heelflip by Chris Dobstaff
– Pig ‘Slaughterhouse’: nosemanny hippie jump by Adrian Mallory; inward heel manny by Shuriken Shannon
– Transworld ‘And Now’: hippie jump nosegrab (tailslide?) by Richie Jackson
– Transworld ‘Subtleties’: noseblunt by Kyle Leeper
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: half cab by Kanten Russel
– Transworld ‘First Love’: gap to nosemanny by JT Aultz