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Streets is talkin’: Brian Peacock’s LA Nights feat. Devine Calloway

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Primitive Skateboarding is definitely pulling no punches and just dropped a new edit of Brian Peacock skating JKwon at night. As you might expect, the latest installment of the Brian Peacock Show, “Brian Peacock’s LA Nights” filmed and edited by Kyle Steneide definitely doesn’t disappoint. JKwon is one of those all time spots, that has seen a huge scene resurgence in the past couple of years. As usual, Brian skates casually, but drops some heavy lines here. With an opening line of a nollie frontside 270 backlip on the JKwon block, a nollie tre followed by a frontside 180 switch manny to switch backside 360 out on the block, you know this edit’s gonna be chock full of tech hammers. Also super digging the little Karl Watson homage with the front nose frontside 270 out on the Bell ledge! And of course, who doesn’t love a little Devine Calloway footage! And Brian, mind telling us the cheat code on those nollie frontside 180 switch backside nosegrind reverts?

This edit’s the shit, you know the JKwon block is hot! Peep the vid below and get out there now!- HK