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Wanderlust: Visual Traveling – The Edge of Arabia


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For this installment of Wanderlust, we take you on a magic carpet ride(your skateboard doh!) to the land of the Arabian Nights. You might have heard 0f Patrik Wallner’s Visual Traveling project where he leads a group of skateboarders to the less traveled destinations around the world (less traveled is probably the understatement of the year) to skate spots that are in every sense “off the beaten trail.” While exotic destinations alone do not a skate video make, Patrik’s uncanny eye for the unusual makes each installment of Visual Traveling both equal parts visually stunning and culturally eye opening as the viewer is transported to locales one typically only dreams of visiting.

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The latest installment in his Visual Traveling series is titled “The Edge of Arabia”, and like it’s predecessors, it definitely adds another refreshing page to the encyclopedia of skate video cinema. With first rate skate (plus almost surely never before seen) footage from Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon, we follow Gosha Konyshev, Walker Ryan, Michael Mackrodt, Tobias Ulbrich and Laurence Keefe as they journey through the Arabian peninsula.

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There’s some really good lines in there, my two favorites are Walker’s kickflip over a bench, front tail on a ledge, nollie tre, and wallie crooked grind revert; and Michael’s ollie over the pole, Jersey barrier wallride and kickflip footplant over another pole. And yes, Laurence Keefe has nose mannys for days! And Gosha does something super badass on a roll in bank that you’ll just have to watch for yourself! Peep the Thrasher Mag link below and get inspired!

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