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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Transworld ‘Sight Unseen’: f/s 50-50 by John Cardiel
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: f/s boardslide by Louie Barletta
– Santa Cruz ‘Uprising’: f/s noseslide by Ron Whaley
– Tranworld ‘i.e.’: 5-0 & tailslide by Diego Bucchieri
– Osiris ‘Feed the Need’: f/s smith & ollie over by Caswell Berry; pop shove-it 5-0 by Corey Duffel
– Tiltmode Army ‘Shop Copy’: b/s 5-0 by Caswell Berry
– Youtube part ‘Bonus Round’: b/s tailslide by Jose Rojo
– Fallen ‘Ride the Sky’: b/s bluntslide by Chris Cole; flip noseslide by Billy Marks
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: f/s bluntslide by Heath Kirchart; nollie crooked by Leo Romero; b/s 180 fakie nosegrind by Justin ‘Figgy’ Figueroa
– Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: f/s noseblunt by Cairo Foster
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: b/s noseblunt by Sean Malto
– Enjoi ‘Oververt’: f/s feeble Zach Wallin
– Thunder ‘Know Future’: b/s smith revert by Jafin Garvey
– Flip ‘Sorry’: switch 180 wheelie by Mark Appleyard
– Enjoi ‘Bag of Suck’: switch f/s 180 to 5-0 by Jerry Hsu
– Thrasher ‘Timebomb’: switch 5-0 by Paul Hart
– ‘Bigly’: switch crooked by Frankie Spears
– Real ‘Since Day One’: f/s 180 switch crooked by Ishod Wair
– Youtube clip ‘Strong Sessions 2016’: nollie 180 nosegrind by Windsor James
– Alien Workshop ‘Life Splicing No. 006’: half-cab f/s 50-50 by John Fitzgerald
– Habitat ‘Origin’: switch b/s 50-50 by Daryl Angel
– Skate Mental ‘Am Chowder’: nollie b/s 50-50 by Daryl Angel
– Nike SB ‘Chronicles vol.2’: f/s 180 fakie 50-50 by Daryl Angel
– 411 ‘Volume 13, Issue 1’: fakie tailslide by Wieger Van Wageningen
– Transworld ‘Hallelujah’: flip crooked by Ryan Decenzo
– Emerica ‘Made’: flip 50-50 by Jeremy Leabres
– LRG ‘1947’: flip b/s tailslide & switch b/s smith by Miles Silva
– Adidas ‘Away Days’: 360 flip 50-50 by Alec Majerus