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VHS Mag Pick Up – Leo Takayama

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Tokyo’s VHS MAG just released Leo Takayama’s sick as hell PICK UP video part today. Leo is an Osaka local who’s been ripping for a good minute, with a super deep bag of tech tricks as well as the ability to drop those hammers on command. In addition to the amazing skateboarding, one of the best things about footage from Japan is how different the terrain and spots look, giving Japanese skateboarding such a refreshing look. Not forgetting to mention that the way Japanese skaters approach spots is also totally unique, just like Leo’s patented backsmith backside bigspin out, gotta love creative thinking out of the box!

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Anyone who’s met Leo also knows he’s also a super rad dude with a great attitude and a big smile who really loves skateboarding. It’s great to see him getting some shine and picking up new sponsors. He’s definitely one to look out for in the future, so check out his new part below! Leo rips!

And if you’ve read this far, we’ve also included Leo’s Welcome to Chocolate Skateboards Japan intro video as a bonus below (peep the LA footy he filmed on his recent trip Stateside). Hell yeah Leo!! Ganbatte!!! – HK

Leo rides for Chocolate Skateboards (Japan), DVS, Expression Outfitters, The Bearings (Charlie Trading), Is Ollies and NQS skatepark.

Leo Takayama’s “VHS MAG: Pick Up”.

Leo’s “Welcome to Chocolate Skateboards Japan Team” video: