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Josh Kalis

Q&A: Josh Kalis of Plus Reserve Hardware

Josh Kalis needs no introduction. The thing is he’s not only the awesome skateboarder who put Philly’s Love Park on the map (and on his arm with a nice tattoo of the Love sculpture designed by Robert Indiana). He’s also a great entrepreneur and developed the most innovative hardware on the market today: Plus Reserve.

Plus Reserve Hardware features a custom head that works easily with both an allen key and a phillips screwdriver.

Josh nicely gave us some bolts last year when we were skating out at Jkwon in Los Angeles and we never stopped to use them ever since. High quality we can assure you.

Age: 39
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Number of years skating: 27 years
How did you start: saw a kid skating in the 6th grade. Mowed lawns all summer to buy my first board and took it from there.
Skate setup: DGK 7.8, Silver 8inch lows, gold 50mill, mob grip, plus reserve bolts, fkd bearings.

Josh Kalis

Josh Kalis, switch crook. Photo: Kirk Rocha

When did you launch Plus Reserve: About 1 year ago
How did the idea & this original design come up: I couldn’t find an Allen key when I needed to change out boards. So I thought it’d be sick to create a bolt that gives you either option: allen/phillips. I brought the idea to my buddy in the car world who does CAD design. He did some measurements and BOOM. The idea became reality.
Who’s on the team: I have been giving them to whoever wants them… And haven’t really locked down a actual team. Dane Vaughn, Mike Hoag, Morgan Smith, Dylan Sourbeer, a whole bunch of people are rocking them across the US.1 anecdote since the brand creation: My patent went through… So I won’t be nice to copy cats any longer.

Plus Reserve skate hardware

Plus Reserve skate hardware

Last video you watched: Sabotage 4
AM who should be pro: hard to say… I don’t make those choices, you know.
Favorite trick: 360 flip
Favorite spot: currently Jkwon. All time, LOVE PARK.

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CONS Project Los Angeles – Design & and build your own deck

On 4th April 2015, Converse CONS held a design and build a deck event as part of the CONS Project Los Angeles with the support of Create A Skate and Active. Create A Skate’s Chuck Hults, the brothers Cody and Jared Hager were on hand  to guide participants on how to design and shape their own decks, along with Slave’s Ben Horton and Lurkville‘s Dolan Stearns giving insights into the the process of  designing and making deck graphics. It was an all around amazing day for everyone!


The morning started off with an introduction into deck technologies and a brief overview into the correct design steps to make sure everyone got their deck dimensions exactly the way they wanted.

The introduction with Jared, Chuck and Codi.


With the help of Create A Skate template builders, this latter part of the process was made really easy, and the only real challenge was in deciding what kind of shape we each wanted, we were definitely spoiled for choice.

Active’s Eric is hyped for sure (Check his instagram for the sick Coffin Cruiser shape he designed. Heck yeah Eric!!).


The design template.

IMG_0286With a short break for lunch, we were back busily getting our decks cut and belt sanded. Chuck Hults and the Hager brothers really took care of us with this, patiently guiding us and showing us the proper technique. Definitely learned a lot, and hopefully we weren’t too terrible with the jigsaw.

Codi explaining how to cut our decks.


Chuck demonstrating the proper technique to get those complicated curves cut nicely. Thanks Chuck!


Jared helping round out the edges. Thanks Jared!


The afternoon session consisted of a talk by Slave’s Ben Horton on the process of designing deck graphics as well as him sharing some personal anecdotes on some of his favorite graphics. It was really cool to hear what inspires him, and to gain some insight into the whole artistic process. Lurkville’s Dolan Stearns was also on hand to share his artistic influences and also to craft a deck of his own design. Not only is Dolan a ripper(he nollied and then impossibled over a trash can at the event) but he’s a super talented artist in his own right. To see him go through the whole process in person was totally rad!

Dolan sharing the stoke with Josh.



Dolan with his finished deck. So friggin’ rad!!


Got to see so many amazing shapes and graphics that day. We loved what we saw for sure!! Thank you Converse CONS for organizing this, and to Create A Skate and Active for making this such a memorable day for everyone. Dreams do come true!!

Salvador’s sick board, check out his art here.






Time Capsule: Daniel Lebron

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.15.34 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 3.12.00 AM

In each Time Capsule, we salute those who have paved the way for modern skateboarding. In this second installment, we feature one of Spain’s favorite sons, Daniel Lebron.

Who is Daniel Lebron?

From Alicante, in the Southern coast of Spain, Daniel Lebron moved to Madrid in the mid-’90s so that he could spend more time skating. There in Madrid, he eventually met the brothers Alfonso and Jesus Fernandez at Corona Square and ultimately moved with them to Los Angeles to chase the dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. After a stint in the States, Dani moved back to Madrid and then to Barcelona in 2012, where he now resides. In addition to his amazing abilities on the board, Dani is also an accomplished Flamenco guitar player(he was admitted to the Conservatoire to study Flamenco guitar). Dani has also been quietly killin’ it on his skateboard for an unbelievably long career, and Dani’s classic parts in Neighboorhoods LaLa Land (1998) and the L.A. County(2000) videos are amazing even by today’s standards, definitely having stood the test of time.

Daniel in Neighborhood’s LaLa Land(1998).

The opening line in his L.A. County part sets the tone for what’s to come, with a backtail, a kickflip noseslide revert, a switch tre and a frontside halfcab heelflip all stomped as smooth as they come. The footage at the USC blocks alone is priceless, and Dani’s footage there is a prime example of the technical finesse and ledge wizardry he is known for.

Daniel in L.A. County(2000).

With stints on Neighborhood Skateboards, almost getting on Girl/Chocolate alongside Jesus Fernandez, a pro stint on Michael Leon’s short-lived Commonwealth Stacks(his welcome to Stacks video still remains one of our favorites for overall editing and feel), and now finally with a stable home on Boulevard skateboards, Dani shows no sign of slowing down with both his skateboarding and music careers.

Stacks Welcomes Dani Lebron(2011).

Dani for UNO#61.

Music and skateboarding go well together

Dani, Jesus Fernandez and Julian Lorenzo recently traveled around Andalucia in Southern Spain, skating perfect plazas by day and playing in Flamenco clubs by night, as part of the Flamenco Tour.

Not one to constantly overwhelm us with a barrage of footage, Dani quietly puts out quality parts that leave us asking for more. His latest part for Nike SB, “Not Bad At All” is a perfect showcase of the kind of technical skateboarding Dani has been known for, with one of the most perfect frontside heelflips on flat we’ve ever seen(at 2:43) mid-line after a switch frontside 180 over the first ledge, and ending with a fakie flip switch backside crooks. Talk about a crazy line!

Dani in Nike SB’s #notbadatall(2013)

Thank you Dani for the many years of inspiration and for changing our notions of longevity in a professional skateboarding career. Mil gracias!

Dani rides for Boulevard Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Bliss Wheel Co, Bones Bearings, Diamond, Grizzly Griptape and Nike SB.


Time Capsule: J.B. Gillet

In each Time Capsule, we salute those who have paved the way for modern skateboarding. In this first installment, we shine the spotlight on one of our favorite Frenchmen, J.B. Gillet.

Who is J.B. Gillet?

Back in the mid-’90s, if you were a skater from Europe trying to make it in skateboarding, it was a given that you had to head over to the US. Alongside Enrique Lorenzo, Daniel Lebron, Alfonso and Jesus Fernandez, Jean-Baptiste “J.B.” Gillet was among the first wave of European skaters that moved to California in search of smoother ground, year round summer weather and California’s legendary spots.

J.B. in the New Deal Promo “Ninety Six”(1996).

Learning English from listening to Tupac?

“Damn, that’s good shit.” – J.B. Gillet

Originally from Lyon, France, J.B. first arrived in San Francisco in ’96 in the final bust-free days of EMB and just as Pier 7 was starting to blow up. After learning English from listening to Tupac, plus a little help from the Pier 7 crew who doubled as English tutors, J.B. continued to pick up sponsors, stack footage and eventually moved down to Los Angeles where he became roomies with Enrique Lorenzo. From riding for New Deal, to Alien Workshop flow to a stint on World Industries and almost becoming a part of the Chocolate family, J.B. turned pro for Daewon Song’s Deca in 2000(that first pro model World Cup graphic was fire!).

J.B. in “Rodney vs Daewon: Round 2″(1999). Check out that switch front heel tailslide at HdV!

The master ledge technician, as evidenced by his ridiculous footage from Lyon’s Hôtel de Ville(HdV), Pier 7, the USC benches and the West L.A. Courthouse, J.B.’s been straight killin’ it for more than 20 years.

J.B. in Cliche’s “Freedom Fries”(2004).

Full circle

Now riding for Jeremie Daclin’s Cliché skateboards(now also part of the Dwindle family), J.B. has indeed come full circle. These few videos are just a tiny sampling of J.B.’s amazing skateboarding(you can see that he was way ahead of the times) and testament to his longevity. And yes, style really is everything.

J.B.’s “Day in the life”(2012) in China.

Thanks for the inspiration all these years, J.B., and for introducing a generation of skaters to French hip hop!!! Much respect!


Aldeanda, designer of the LA tee

Who are you bro?

Im Alfonso de Anda, also known as Alfonso de Anda.

call me a fool

What did you have for breakfast?

I had a bowl of honey bunches of oats and some blue berry/banana pancakes.

So Skateboarding & designing, uh?

Yeah, fun stuff you know?

fun stuff you know

Damn! So I heard you designed the LA Xmas Tees

Yeah, word on the street says I did.

Capture d’écran 2015-01-20 à 12.08.17

How do you feel about this iconic spot?

I think its pretty epic. Some gnarly tricks have been pulled off there and there is good food around also which, hands down, makes one of the greatest great combos.

Best autoportrait…


Thanks Dude! More about his stuff here

Get your Santa Monica Triple Set Tee-shirt here
& Have a look to his profile on the KRAK app 😉


Limited collector T-shirt / Santa Monica Triple Set

You’ve been waiting for it? We’ve been too!! We’re excited to introduce you to our very first, limited edition, Krak t-shirt, branded in L.A.! Hurry up, you just have 3 weeks!

Capture d’écran 2015-01-20 à 12.08.17

This design takes inspiration from one of the most iconic skate spot in Los Angeles. Remember having voted for your favorite? On Dec 14th, YOUR #1 was Santa Monica Triple Set!!

100% made in Los Angeles

designed & manufactured! –

Soft & resistant material, perfect for your skateboarding sesh (we’ve tried it on & it’s our favorite by far!)
American Apparel designs: boys (triblend) & chicks (tank).
25 USD each + delivery

This campaign starts today and will be running during 3 weeks only.
Limited edition.

How to get your L.A. tee?

  • Paypal / Credit Card >> Online
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    • Los Angeles: from Thursday 18th December to Sunday 21st December. Call/sms/whatsapp: 310.382.6865
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    • Paris: from Monday 5th January to Thursday 8th January. Call/sms/whatsapp: stay tuned!

Any question, contact Mathilde at:

 Merry Xmas everybody and keep on pushin’!!!



What’s your favorite skate spot in L.A.?

We are curious. Who said too much?! We’re dying to hear about your opinion on that easy, simple, straight-to-the-point question: “what is for you the best skate spot in Los Angeles”? The most iconic, legendary, emblematic skate symbol of L.A. The one that made & makes L.A. the mecca of skateboarding. Well, you get the point.

We’ve introduced some of them but this is an open list where you can happily bring up yours! In fact, we really much encourage that.

Because we love suspense and because we love surprises even more, we’ll be preparing you something rad for Xmas… On December 14th, midnight PST, we shall pick up the top of the list…

Capture d’écran 2014-12-10 à 11.08.36


West L.A. Courthouse

Thanks to Kev and Roy for the vid’.

The revival of a legendary spot

Good things are going on in L.A. and the reopening of the West LA Courthouse past July is one of them. During the late 90’s this street spot became really popular among skaters. Locals and pros were enjoying the multitude of ledges, empty fountain, four stair set and stage. Alec Beck, Aaron Snyder and the Stoner Skatepark Association were instrumental in making the Courthouse a legal skate spot again. They approached the city and Nike SB to make it all happen. So Nike took the occasion of the “Go Skateboarding Day” to restorate and re-opened to public this iconic spot.

Nike Opening past July 25, 2014.


Copyrights: John Pangilinan and Charlie Lopez (#axis_photography) courtesy of Nike SB. Featuring Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira, Theotis Beasley , Council members…etc.

>> More info by The Hundreds.

What the Homies say about it…

Brent Strittmater
“First thing that comes to mind is the perfect blue ledges there that the city actually made legal to skate and second… I don’t want to ever be there for any other reason besides skating haha”

Kevin Wisleder
“I picture it as the Nike spot for technical skaters who like to film ledge lines.”

Wanna see more? Find them on KRAK!