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#3 – KRAKED!

What happened last week on KRAK?

Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) in the app. Some peeps seem to be accustomed to that level of quality and we congratulate them: Billy and Robin. They both made it to #1 and #2; we’re stoked.
Oh and we noticed a crew from Chattanooga, it worths the ‘follow’ trust us. Keep on pushin’

Check the videos:

Billy Bob at Skatepark of Rouen; man, you look really happy after your flip bs tailslide, congrats bro
Davin Daum at CSLA; I guess some peeps study there but I’d prefer the ones who shred! Demetrius Brooks is krakin’ there too w/ a pretty sick tre-flip
Drew Phillips at Chattown; and here is another member of the Nooga Crew
– Robin Fournier at Plaza de Armas; for a beautiful overcrook like we love
Allan Arma at DIY Spot de Port Louis; w/ some great tre-flip and switch tre-flip

And the best staff pics are:



Wanna see more? Find them on KRAK!