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Footy Dump: Something Sinister B-Sides/Extras

Something Sinister Stephen Khou 1  Something Sinister Dan Leung 2

The Legion of Sorts crew has been releasing a bunch of amazing B-sides/Extras footy from Tommy Zhao’s “Something Sinister” video(which by the way, if you’ve never heard of that video, which rock have you been living under for the past year?). You all remember how crazy that video was(and with a lineup of Lucas Puig, Dan Leung, Stephen Khou, Jay Meador, Brian Dolle, Mark Del Negro, and Brian Peacock you know it’s gonna come correct). And while it might have been your first introduction to the Brian Peacock Show, you gotta remember that one of Delaware’s finest has been killin’ it for a really long while already(Chill, we’ll get into that in an upcoming post!). We thought we’d put together a handy little compilation of the B-sides for your viewing pleasure, and just so you can realize how ridiculous the actual video is if these are the B-sides. And yes, Dan Leung wins the award for making bailing a handrail look like a trick with the most casual/nonchalant walk down a handrail ever. Shanghai’s skatespots look totally amazing and Shanghai Love Park is a definite spot on our list. Go support independent skate videos!

In no particular order:

Stephen Khou’s B-sides.

Dan Leung’s B-sides.

Jay Meador’s B-sides.

Timi McMeel’s Extras.