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Krak Minute – EASD, Valencia

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Richard Angelides – Switch fs 180 manny bs revers – TWS ‘First Love’
Kerry Getz – Halfcab nose manny revers – Habitat ‘Inhabitants’
Gerard Soley – Nollie shuvit manny – Marble
Michael Magalhaes – Pop shuvit nose manny – Venture ‘Awake’
Sean Pablo – Impossible manny – Converse ‘Purple’
Flo Mirtain – Tre nose manny – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Madars Apse – Nose manny nollie fs flip out – DC ‘Where EU At’
Anthony Lopez – Switch heel nose manny – DC ‘Where EU At’
Stefan Janoski – Switch flip nose manny – Habitat ‘Inhabitants’
Max Geronzi – Switch flip nose manny flip out – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Austyn Gillette – Bs 180 fakie manny – Habitat ‘Inhabitants’
Bobby De Keyser – Fs flip fakie manny – Converse ‘Purple’
Tyler Surrey – Nollie fs flip switch manny revers – Sk8Mafia ‘Brain Gone’
Mark Suciu – Nollie fs flip fakie manny – Verso
Sylvain Tognelli – Nose manny up – Carhartt ‘TAV’

Minute, Spot

Krak Minute – Gorge de Loup, Lyon

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Tom Penny – Kickflip & varial heel – Flip ‘Sorry’
Mark Appleyard – Blunt flip out – Flip ‘Really Sorry’
Ali Boulala – Bs 5-0 fs reverse – Flip ‘Really Sorry’
Diego Bucchieri – Bs tail – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
Sammy Winter – Fs 180 fakie 5-0 revers – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Flo Mirtain – Fs 5-0 to switch crook – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Zered Bassett – Fs blunt – Digital ‘Divercity’
Julien Merour – Nollie bs noseblunt – Lyontage Vol.1
Chris Haslam – Bs blunt to crook – Globe ‘United By Fate Episode 2’
Tyler Bledsoe – Fs blunt shuvit out – Etnies presents Paris Days
Flo Mirtain – Bs tail to switch fs crook – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Adrien Coillard – halfcab bs 5-0 bs revers – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Adrien Coillard – Switch fs 5-0 revers & switch noseblunt revers – Megamix
Max Geronzi – Fakie bs noseblunt – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Lucas Puig – Halfcab nosegrind – TWS Pro Spotlight
JB Gillet – Halfcab nosegrind revers – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
JB Gillet – Bs 180 switch 5-0 revers – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Flo Mirtain – Bigspin bs tail – Habitat Intro Part
Madars Apse – Fakie fs flip – Element ‘Peace’

History Clip, Spot

Macba Big Low To High, Barcelona

Macba saw a few changes happening almost 10 years ago. The 4 blocks became 3 blocks, and this low to high ledge became the same low to high ledge but longer to grind because of the new stairs! Quite a lot of tricks were landed since then!


Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Héloïse Wathelet – Noseslide – Youtube 2015 part
Fred Plocque-Santos – Fs fifty canonball, fs layback boardslide & fs 5-0 nosegrab – @yeahleyeah Instagram account
Rodrigo Petersen – Fs nosegrind – LRG ‘Give Me My Money Chico’
Sebastian Carballo – Crooked tailgrab – Macba Life x Transworld Skateboarding #9
Vlad Esaulkov – Fs 5-0 revers & fs blunt – Selfish ‘Mi Amor’
Raphael Detienne – Fs 180 nosegrind revers – Element ‘Make It Count 2017’
Diego Stephan – Hurricane – Salamalako
John Pankus – Bs bennet grind – Element ‘Make It Count 2017’
Mark Suciu – Halfcab crook – Habitat ‘Search The Horizon’
Alex Sorgente – Halfcab fifty – GoPro Skate Best Moments of Spain’s MACBA Life 2018
Zion Wright – Fakie fifty revers – Real ‘By Any Means’
Barney Page – Bs smith revers – Salamalako
Kilian Zehnder – Bs 180 switch fifty – ‘Official’ part
Tristan Funkhouser – Bennett grind – The DC Promo
Thierry Gormit – Bs 180 nosegrind – This Is Klap
Alexandre Massotti – Nollie fs noseslide – Olho de Peixe ‘Especial Barcelona’
Marcos Mama – Flip fs noseslide & nollie fs crooked – Salamalako
Kilian Zehnder – Fs noseslide heelflip out – ‘K to Z’ part
Kilian Zehnder – Fs crook – This Is Klap
Ryo Motohashi – Fs crook shuvit out – Element ‘Make It Count 2017’
Martin Sandberg – Fakie crook – The Sour Solution II
Marek Zaprazny – Fakie 5-0 flip out – Primitive ‘International Ambassador’
Madars Apse – Fs nosegrind nollie flip out – Element ‘Madars is pro’
Manuel Margreiter – Fs tail flip out – DC ‘Where EU At?’
Jorge Simoes – Fs tail flip 270 out – Jart ‘AM Project’
Jorge Simoes – Fs 180 switch crook – Invicta part
Caio Guilherme – Fs 5-0 to switch crooked – Salamalako
Roger Silva – Nollie crooked – Salamalako
Adriel Parmisano – Halfcab noseslide heelflip out, nollie flip crooked & crooked nollie late flip – @adriel.skt Instagram account
Yuri Facchini – Hardflip bs nosegrind – Street Skating in Barcelona
Yuri Facchini – Fakie hardflip switch 5-0 revers – Almost ‘3.AM’
Joan Galceran – 5-0 treflip out – Welcome to Jart
Andrii Ryzhov – Blunt flip out – Raw Clips ‘Quick Fix’
Kyle Walker – Bs tail flip out – ‘No Other Way’ part
Javier Paredes – Kickflip bs tail – DC ‘Where EU At?’
Adrien Bulard – Kickflip bs tail bigspin out & halfcab noseslide 270 out – Jart ‘New Life’
Sean Rosenzvaig – Switch tail 270 out – Macba Life x Transworld Skateboarding #8 Best of 2017
Tiago Lemos – Switch pop shuvit nosegrind – The DC Promo
Sven Kilchenmann – Switch bs tail – Vans ‘Welcome to the Swiss pro team’
Miles Silvas – Switch heel bs tail – Numbers Edition 3
Carlos Ribeiro – Switch bs smith – Primitive part
Carlos Ribeiro – Switch flip crook – LRG ‘1947’
Ishod Wair – Switch fs blunt – Real ‘By Any Means’
Max Geronzi – Fakie ollie switch bs noseblunt – Cliché ‘Gypsy Life’
Javier Paredes – Bs noseblunt – DC ‘Where EU At?’
Trent McClung – Kickflip bs noseblunt – Primitive ‘Trent McClung goes pro’

History Clip, Spot

Besos Waves, Barcelona

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Volcom ’14 Munted Daze’: surfing by Darrell Stanton; f/s 180 by Shane Azar; f/s 180 stalefish by Trent Fahey
– Almost ‘Round 3’: ollie north by Chris Haslam; flip indy by Ryan Sheckler
– Sour ‘Sergio’: ollie north south by Albert Nyberg
– ‘Homemade 3’: nosebump & canonball by Lenard Vranckx
– Foundation ‘Cataclysmic Abyss’: crail tailsmash by Gareth Stehr
– Zero ‘New Blood’: mute by John Rattray
– Osiris ‘Feed the Need’: indy footplant by John Rattray
– Transworld ‘Substance’: footplant & ollie b/s sexchange by Tristan Funkhouser
– Redbull clip: ollie f/s sexchange by Brad Cromer
– Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’: late f/s shove-it by Diego Bucchieri; double flip by Billy Marks
– Lordz ‘They don’t give a fuck about us’: late b/s shove-it by Alexis Jauzion
– Converse ‘Thanks Jake’: no comply by Jake Johnson
– Quicksilver promo: ollie from flat into bump by Reese Forbes
– ‘Everywhere we go’: f/s 180 from flat by Luis Tolentino
– Landscape ‘Portraits’: b/s 180 by Joel Curtis
– Puzzle 11: flip by Thibaud Fradin
– Flip ‘Sorry’: heelflip by Bastien Salabanzi; f/s flip & f/s flip shifty by Tom Penny; b/s flip & 360 flip by Mark Appleyard; f/s 360 & f/s heelflip by Arto Saari
– Jart ‘All you need’: b/s double flip by Bastien Salabanzi
– Emerica ‘This is Skateboarding’: f/s shove-it by Tosh Townend; b/s flip shifty by Andrew Reynolds
– Sk8mafia/Sweet ‘Stee’: f/s flip shifty by Wes Kremer & Josef Scott Jatta; switch f/s flip by Gustav Tonnesen
– Adio ‘Rock Adio’: varial flip by Steve Nesser
– Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’: b/s 180 late shove-it & b/s 360 & nollie b/s bigspin by Mark Appleyard
– DVS ‘Skate More’: hardflip by Torey Pudwill
– Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: f/s bigspin by Mike Caroll
– Girl ‘Yeah Right!’: b/s bigspin by Eric Koston
– 4star ‘Super Champion Funzone’: crail grab & bigspin flip by Brian Anderson
– Element ‘Elementality’: nollie by Jake Rupp
– Habitat ‘Mosaic’: switch flip by Stefan Janoski
– Transworld ‘First Love’: switch heelflip by Stefan Janoski
– Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’: switch b/s flip by Josh Kalis
– Converse ‘Welcome part’: switch f/s shove-it & switch varial heel by Bobby de Keyzer
– Digital ‘FYI’: switch 360 flip by Ryan Oughton
– ‘Life & Times’ part: lazer flip by Boo Johnson
– DC ‘Where EU at’: b/s flip 360 by Josef Scott Jatta
– DC Shoes Introducing: bodyvarial revert by Bobby de Keyzer
– Transworld ‘The Cinematographer Project’: nollie cab by Gustav Tonnesen
– Plan B ‘True’: full cab flip by Ryan Sheckler


History Clip, Spot

Double Set La Defense, Paris

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Lords ‘Conspiracy’: switch ollie by Franck Barattiero
– Puzzle 13: nollie front by Flo Marfaing
– Flip ‘Sorry’: backside flip by Bastien Salabanzi
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: switch heelflip by Jerry Hsu; frontside bigspin by Marquis Preston
– Facebook: switch bigspin by Charlie Munro
– Cliche ‘Gyspsy Life’: switch pop shove-it by Max Geronzi
– Vans ‘Propeller’: switch treflip by Chima Ferguson


PRO BONO PROMO: Helas Sporting Club

Helas Polo Club Lucas Puig 1Helas Polo Club Lucas Puig

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard of Lucas Puig’s Helas Caps brand. Aside from bringing a totally new aesthetic to the skate hat game (with a clever play on the Polo aesthetic), Helas has been nothing short of an endless fountain of cream soda amazing skate edits. Whether it’s an edit of iPhone clips or VX throwaways, you can bet that every one of their shorts are top notch. The latest Helas Sporting Club edit is again no different, bringing the heat with four and a half minutes of goodness and is filmed primarily around Barcy with a couple of clips from Shanghai. Featuring Lucas Puig, Luypa Sin, Jesus Fernandez, Javier Sarmiento, Thierry Gormit, Marek Zaprazny, Roman Lisivka, Pedro Attenborough, Jose Vivero Diaz, JB Gillet, Max Geronzi, Charles Collet, Stephen Khou, Alex Maison, Kristian Krasimirov, JP Villa and Karl Salah.

Luy Pa Sin with a backtail shove out at MACBA.

Helas Polo Club Luy Pa SinDefinitely super psyched to see footage of Luy Pa Sin ripping, and his pop shove front crook at Plaza Universitat is worth a watch alone. Jesus Fernandez really lights up Sants with a fakie flip crooks, fakie pop shove switch 5-0 180 out followed up with a back 3 down the curb. Now say that again really quick. And if you blink you might miss Javier Sarmiento’s cameo at Sants as well!

Jesus Fernandez mid-line with a fakie flip crooks at Sants.

Helas Polo Club Jesus Fernandez

We all know that Marek Zaprazny is a beast on the board, and his kickflip over a Jersey barrier off flat followed by a high speed back tail is more than enough of a reminder of that fact.

Marek Zaprazny with a kickflip over a Jersey barrier off flat.

Helas Polo Club Marek Zaprazny

This whole edit is chock full of amazing skating and definitely proof that in this age of over saturated skateboard media content, sometimes less is more. And of course Lucas closes the video out with a banger! Peep the edit and get hyped already! – HK

Lucas Puig with a noseslide nollie backside heel out.

Helas Polo Club Lucas Puig 2

History Clip, Spot

Bercy, Paris

Last update:

You might have heard of the name “Bercy” being thrown around as one of those legendary European spots on the list of every visiting American pro, or even remember Andrew Reynold’s  superhuman frontside flip down the Bercy 4 block (and his even more ridiculous backside heel down the 5). Bercy has seen some very significant moments in skateboarding history and deserves its place in skateboarding’s rich cultural history. Historically, Bercy is primarily a wine warehousing neighborhood.

In 1982, the City launched a vast program to revitalize the east of Paris, starting with the official opening in early 1984 of the Bercy Arena (originally known as ‘Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy’), which is primarily an indoor sports arena and concert hall. But as skateboarders, it’s this aspect of Bercy’s architecture that specifically interests us.


The Arena itself is shaped like a pyramid with its walls covered with grass. Remember when Ali, Bastien and Arto butt slid down the grass wall in the Flip ‘Sorry’ intro (see 1:12 in the link below).

This feature offered the perfect playground for the inner street skater inside each of us. I went to Bercy the first time I went skating in Paris, and I was hyped! Although there were a lot of people, due to the size of the place you were still able to enjoy it and also have enough space to try stuff.

While the Bercy ledges are world famous and frankly pretty insane, it was really the blocks (4 then 5) that attracted  pros from all around the world.

Unfortunately, the Bercy complex is now truly part of skateboarding’s history books in a very literal sense because the area is being redeveloped but should reopen at the end of the year. Treasure every spot now, as you’ll never know when they will become a ghost of skateboarding’s seasons past!


Agence DVVD / Populous


Featured image = © Steve Shupe

History Clip, Spot

Le Dome, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Last update:

Le Dome is the name that Paris skaters gave to the spot in front of Le Palais de Tokyo, a modern and contemporary art museum. Calling this spot an icon of the Paris street skating scene is probably a gross understatement. Which is why we decided to make this little edit featuring Jereme Rogers, Vincent Bressol, Arto Saari, Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Chris Cole, Colt Cannon, Alex Carolino, Rodrigo Teixeira, Thibaud Fradin, Flo Marfaing, Max Geronzi and Mark Suciu.

When you think of Le Dome what probably comes to mind is the 3-flat-3 double set and the pairs of huge hubbas down the stairs. But let’s also not forget that since marble has the sweetest pop, the marble ground there makes the spot also really epic for flatground. This spot became a must visit spot for visiting pros in the late 90s and early 2000s, and some really heavy tricks went down there. When you visit the spot, the sheer size of the hubba alone is certain to intimidate anyone attempting anything here, so it was so crazy to see Flo actually put down two back-to-back tricks(a backside noseslide followed by a front tail) as part of a line on both hubbas and the 3-flat-3. Flo shut down the spot for sure!!! Eric Koston’s backside 5-0(in those eS Koston 3s no less!) was straight up gnarly!! Another classic memory was from the Transworld Videoradio era, with Chad Muska hyping the crowd up as Chris Cole skated the hubba. Remember Brian Anderson’s two trick line here in Yeah Right? That was one stylish bigflip.

(hmm it’s also interesting to note that one of the best street spots in Paris is in front of a contemporary art museum like in Barcelona w/ the MACBA)

es-mccrank-tsm-jan10I first went to Le Dome when I was 13 years old. To get hyped before each session, I would watch the eS Menikmati video, and this played a huge part in building my memories of this spot and those sessions. Back then you would often meet the world’s best pros there; and I met Bastien Salabanzi there quite a few times too.

Today, the spot is in pretty bad shape given the march of time. But it’s still always a great spot to start a session because you’ll always find someone to skate with down there and it remains a go to meet up spot.

eS Footwear used to be super active at this spot too, and even held the french final of their eS game of skate here in 2009.

Peep our edit of some the heaviest tricks at Le Dome and recognize the amazing progression that has gone down at this spot.

Featured image = © Patrick Wallner